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VIDEO FAB: Brandy's "Wildest Dreams"


Brandy just dropped her "Wildest Dreams" video...and she brought her dancing skills to a warehouse in L.A. for the occasion.  Check out her video for the song inspired by her boyfriend Ryan inside...

B Rocka put on her short denim shorts and rocked the stage in a warehouse in front of an audience of friends for her new video for "Wildest Dreams."  The YBF chick says the song was inspired by the love she has for her boo Ryan Press.

"Wildest Dreams" was the second single off her sixth studio album Two Eleven, which now tops the Billboard R&B charts.

Check it.




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I swear Beyonce fans are

I swear Beyonce fans are delusional. Brandy worked with Framk Gatson on her first album Brandy, and She worked with Frank Ocean on Human. So clearely beyonce is trying to associate herself with the people that Brandy birthed not the other way around.
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Fab video well done b rocka

Fab video well done b rocka love all the way from london...fyi her talent speaks for itself goooo brandy

I was feelin this song I saw

I was feelin this song I saw her club performance andf thought this song was a hit and reminiscent of her Angel of Mine CD. Brandy is a true artist like Monica she loves making music and just wants to sing.

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I kinda like it... Brandy

I kinda like it... Brandy doesn't look a day over 25
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Brandy needs to really hang

Brandy needs to really hang it up. She's so not the trendsetta anymore. She basically worked with all of the people Bey did and tried to make it hot. The album is good though- I'll give her that..but her days of selling 15 mil on 1 album are gone. Next time don't lie to your fans
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Here's a truth about Brandy

Here's a truth about Brandy that people who aren't loyal fans or supporters, don't get: Brandy has NEVER been caught up in the numbers, even when she was selling 15 mil. She's an artist that has, and always will, place the love of her music and talent FIRST, unlike some of these money-hungry, starved-for-attention "artists" you see today. As far as her working with "Bey's people": Beyonce doesn't own anyone in the industry so Brandy can work with whomever she chooses. And for the record: Frank Gatson contacted Brandy, NOT the other way around. I mean, it's cool that you may not like Bran but when people spout stuff they have no clue about, it just shows off their ignorance. Whether Brandy is selling 66k or 15 mil, she's doing it for the love of music FIRST. The rest just follows. P.S. Brandy lying happened over 10 years ago. When are YOU going to let it go? Her fans and everyone else who support her have moved on. Once again, it's the non supporters who have nothing else to say except to drudge up 10-year-old news while Brandy is continuing to do Brandy.
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Love B-Rocka!

Love B-Rocka!
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I'm taking a shit on this

I'm taking a shit on this
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…pooping much? … Well, I hope

…pooping much? … Well, I hope you’re not planning on showing us another dreadful Avatar, with your physical outlet on it, because that would really be painful to watch! … And just for the Record, Brandy is a very good Singer, and Actress!
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Thanks but no thanks.

Thanks but no thanks.
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