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Ciara posted a few teeny weeny bikini pics recently as she celebrates a wave of success on radio and tv with her latest track "Got Me Good."  See the photos inside....



Pop singer Ciara, who'll release One Woman Army next year, soaked up the sun in Dubai recently.  And she showed fans pics of her red hot flower petal tiny bikini.  She tweeted, "Anotha TB Pic In Dubai..Feelin Good! Nobody Can Make Me Feel Like Dancin Up All Night!:) #GotMeGoodOnItunes!

Her latest single, "Got Me Good" is doing well and getting lots of airplay, proving Ciara may have a hit album on the way.  In the meantime, she jokingly showed fans her "Ghetto Pose:) #GMG."


BONUS: Speaking of beach time...


As she prepares to have her "wizbud," Amber Rose tweeted a pic yesterday from her "Beach day."  We're not sure if the photo is new since her hair is darker and her belly looks a lot smaller.  But she's absolutely glowing.




Looks like someone got some

Looks like someone got some new tatas ~ don't recall them being that "upfront" in previous bikini photos. Ciara Please Don't wait until you're 30 to make a career change ~ time is of the essence. Good looks and partial talent will get you but so far. Unless you're a Kardashian ~ and we all know you're not.
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Much success and happiness to

Much success and happiness to both.
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Wave of success? Show me

Wave of success? Show me RECEIPTS of album sales. Billboard don't lie!
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I guess when all else FAILS

I guess when all else FAILS (as in FAILURE to sell albums) throw on a bikini & pretend you have a job! The fake cha chas look stiff! Oh Amber, smh!!
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Dubai must be poppin! But I

Dubai must be poppin! But I would still be a little wary of going there. Glad to see Amber & Ciara blessed and enjoying life.
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Welp thats a really Cute

Welp thats a really Cute kini... But It won't help that ONE FLOP ALBUM!!
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Dubai is a place where all

Dubai is a place where all the GREASY, EVIL Arabs pay for Ciara & Bey-Z to show up.....so they can fondle their goodies and have "fun" with the American's like SEX TOYS! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
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