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IT'S ELECTION DAY! Why TheYBF.com Supports President Barack Obama


Election Day is finally here!  And if you're like us, you're glad the day is finally here.  We can stop focusing on the overwhelming ads and negativity, and after today, we can hopefully focus on moving FORWARD with President Obama.


Check out TheYBF.com's Top 5 reasons why WE are voting to RE-ELECT Obama, and why we believe YOU should too....

Here's what matters to us:

1.  President Obama believes women's health decisions should be made by women themselves, NOT the government.

President Obama says, "I believe women are perfectly capable of making their own decisions about their bodies."

This belief encompasses a woman's right to choose, but it's not limited to only that.  This is the United States of America.  We pride ourselves on non barbaric, non-forced ways of human beings in this country doing what they feel is best for THEIR own bodies.  A woman's medication, contraception, reproductive rights and preventative screenings and healthcare decisions should be left up to YOU. Singling out women's medication & screenings to not be covered by insurance companies is not fair or healthy for this country.  And a woman's reproductive decisions being made for her by a government, or any man who will NEVER be able to relate to a woman's health care issues, is simply unacceptable for us.  President Obama agrees. 

Willard Mitt Romney said he would "be delighted" to ban laws giving women the choice over their reproductive decisions, and will also make contraception & preventative healthcare logistically harder to get for millions of women.


2.  President Obama TOOK ACTION on Fair Pay for women.

The very first bill the President signed into law was The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. He's not just talking about fair pay for women, he's being about it.  This act superseded the Supreme Court's decision that put limits on when and how women can file an equal-pay lawsuit regarding pay discrimination.  So the President made the enforcement of the rule easier and more forceful for women.

This law does not just affect women.  It affects the economy as a whole.  It was reported that hundreds of millions of dollars could be put back into the economy if women were paid equally and fair for doing the same job as their male counterparts.

When Romney was asked about joining in on this act, he declined to take action.  And when asked how he feels about fair pay, he avoided the question and brought up the women he hired in his own administration years ago (which has nothing to do with how they were paid) after having to resort to finding "qualified women" in binders.



3.  President Obama pushes the government to take responsibility in education. 

Obama said, "A higher education can't be a luxury--it's an economic imperative that every American should be able to afford."  Some in the black community have criticized Obama for "not doing enough for blacks."  Well, education is one of the best equalizers of race.  It indeed is one of the most important and most effective necessities.  When we give everyone an equal shot at higher education, we are indirectly helping our community as well.

Romney, on the other hand, said the way to circumvent the excessive costs of higher education many socioeconomic groups are priced out of, is to "ask their parents for the money."  Sorry Mitt--that's not a guaranteed option for 99% of America.


4.  President Obama does not use war as a means to make money, unnecessarily intimidate, or to boost his and this country's ego.

The President said he would end the war in Iraq...and he did.  He said he would end the reign of Bin Laden...and he did.  The USA has gained more respect with the rest of the world than we have had in years.  And President Obama has repaired the diplomatic relationships ruined by President Bush and others.  Diplomacy can be effective with the right person in office. 

Mitt Romney wants to go back to the same "fear & intimidation" tactics that got us in trouble with the rest of the world during the last administration.  Bad relationships lead to a worse economy and more wars. We're with our President on this one.


5. President Obama knows the REAL definition of small business, and how it affects job creation in this country.

Small businesses are the heartbeat of America.  Mom & Pop stores, regional stores, and local stores/marketplaces give more jobs to certain communities and with black women on the rise with starting businesses, this is a big issue for us. 

Mitt Romney likes to say he is for helping small businesses, but his definition of small business is a billion dollar company like Trump, Inc. and Bain Capital.  At least we know what we're getting with the taxes our President wants to place on businesses.  But we don't have time for Mitt's trickery that will likely kill most businesses.



There are obvious, clear cut, fundamental differences between both candidates.  And it comes down to what you feel is right.  For example, we simply do not feel it is right to turn back the hand on the health care reformation the President has put forward.  Not everyone can just "pull up their bootstraps" if they never had any boots or bootstraps to begin with.  No matter how much money you have, taking care of everyone with the basics in life, and those who cannot care for themselves, is our duty as Americans and human beings.  Period.

For these reasons, we support President Barack Obama.  VOTE TODAY!



Confirm your polling place HERE.





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hooklookping's picture

It's very rich of Natasha to

It's very rich of Natasha to spill all this foolishness about things she's clearly ignorant about. There's no reason why we should spend ridiculous amounts of money on education if we don't improve the education techniques we use in this country. U.S spends more money on education than any country in the world, for example Sweden is one of the leading countries when it comes to education. They beat the U.S in maths and science. Yet they spend 1/4 amount of money we spend here on our education. It's not all about the money, its about finding effective ways of educating our children, and encouraging them in areas like math and science. We can spend all the money in the world, and we'll continue to produce 17-18 year-olds coming out of high school and still can't read and do simple arithmetic. It's really sad that for politics sake, they'll put emphasis on money spending.
Livey's picture

Why Natasha is wrong on each

Why Natasha is wrong on each of the 5 reasons: 1. Romney's position is that people, for faith reasons, shouldn't be forced to pay for a woman's decisions about her body. For that reason alone he disagrees the government should be using tax-payer dollars for these individual choices, not the right to choose. Obama wants Catholics, Muslims, Christians etc. to pay for things that go against their religion. Instead of Obama telling the truth about what the debate is really about, he purposely misrepresents Romney's position. 2. The laws on the books about fair pay for women have been in place for decades, The Lilly Ledbetter legislation won't change the foundational statute and anything regarding fair pay for women is unchanged by it. 3. The U.S. spends more per capita for education than most countries in the world. Romney is in favor of making closer observation of what works and what doesn't, not how much is being spent because we're one of the world's leaders in education spending. 4. Bush signed an agreed end to the Iraq War with Nouri Al-Maliki (Iraq's head of state) in late 2008, because of that agreement we still have troops in Iraq. The end of military operations was announceed by Bush during his term. Obama did not get Bin Laden. The orders, enhanced intelligence gathering (which Obama opposed) and Navy Seals open mission to get Bin Laden was all put in place by Bush. Obama contributed nothing to the effort when he was elected, he just was in office when the mission was accomplished. Nevertheless, shamelessly he's taken credit for it. 5. Obama has never created jobs or worked in the business community. Romney started his first business with friends and built it into a huge success. He's been a successful CEO in the public and private sector. Obama's only work history is as a "community organizer" and college professor. Those are the unbiased facts, research them for yourself.
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tom008's picture

Great Post! Was excited to

Great Post! Was excited to cast my vote for Obama

Yep Lesss Gooo Four more!!!!

Yep Lesss Gooo Four more!!!!
Like Really's picture

OBAMA 2012-2016!! I was at

OBAMA 2012-2016!! I was at my PS bright and early@ 6 am. Took only 20 mins once the doors opened.
Realist's picture

I've already voted. I was

I've already voted. I was 4th in line and got back into my vehicle at 6:02 a.m.!!! Go President Obama - you MUST win!!! 2012!
Happy Lady's picture


OBAMANBIDEN12's picture


MsMidwest's picture

....(IMO) Natasha voted for

....(IMO) Natasha voted for Obama b/c she is a Black American (who happens to live in Washington D.C. by the way.....) Anywho.....I will admit to voting REPUBLICAN in the past (for tax purposes).....however, OBAMA is the CLEAR CHOICE here!!!!!!!!! 4 more years baby!!!!!!!!! OBAMA 2012 thru 2016 <---------- YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Since you're in such a high

Since you're in such a high tax bracket, you must delegate all of your work so you can play on the blogs. I get it now.
Happy Lady's picture


LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ok, why couldn't you just

Ok, why couldn't you just post YOUR reasons for voting and not ASSuming why Natasha voted? You are the MOST annoying, I swear.
MrsCPA's picture

Since u were DUMB enuff to

Since u were DUMB enuff to ask....I have to let the Cat-out-of-the-Bag......DO U NOT understand the POWER of pursuasion?????? Natasha & I agree with whom should be the next President (I'm TRYING to cover the RICH black people who still might wanna vote republican for TAX purposes...and perhaps change their minds.....YOU MENTAL MIDGET!!!!!!!!!!!!)
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Cuz I am black I have to vote

Cuz I am black I have to vote for Obama. How ignorant of the ignorant site.
LaFord's picture

Sweet Jesus, I'm at work as

Sweet Jesus, I'm at work as well and I CANNOT wait to vote. My husband and I carpool together and we're going after work. Both of us are so nervous, hoping PRAYING Obama wins. Here in Cali the polls are open until 8pm, but by the time I get off at 4pm, some of the swing state results should be in. I think we need PRAYER on this site today. I gotta feeling many of us are at work feeling the same way, but for obvious reasons cannot express how we are feeling.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Im at my desk waiting with

Im at my desk waiting with baited breath for lunchtime so I can go vote. Im so excited and nervous at the same dam time!!!
shuga's picture

Obama 2012. Great points

Obama 2012. Great points Tasha!!
Ethel Mertz's picture

Yes indeed.....FORWARD!!!!!

Yes indeed.....FORWARD!!!!!
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