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Rihanna Jets To NYC, Confirms A Collabo With Chris Brown On "Unapologetic"


Rihanna was spotted arriving to JFK airport early this morning before she made her way into Manhattan.  Plus, she just revealed that Chris Brown will be featured on her upcoming album Unapologetic.


Peep the pics and deets on the collabo inside...

Keeping it laid back and casual in sweats and sneakers, Rih Rih made her way to NYC early this morning:

 Photobucket Photobucket

And she also just tweeted her official tracklisting for Unapologetic, dropping November 19th: 


Chris Brown will be featured on her "Nobodies Business" track (which explains why she tweeted weeks ago that her and Chris are nobody's business).  Will it be as epic as their "Birthday Cake Remix"?  Hmmm.

She's also got Eminem & Future featured on the album.  And chick seems more than happy to finally be done with the upcoming project tweeting, "Man my album is complete, and I need a f--king drink and a roll up! It was quite the journey, but it's all part of our story."

Oh.  This ought to be interesting...


UPDATE: Check out snippets from Rih's album below:


Pics: Splash/Twitter




Typical Pisces trait ~

Typical Pisces trait ~ believing in the whole happy ending and happily ever after thing. Wake up Rihanna ~ as long as you're with do do Brown, it's Not gonna happen!! I can't believe we share the same birthdate!! (blank stare) I'm so mad you!! █
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Can we all just let it go

Can we all just let it go already? This Chris Brown/Rihanna ish is so tiring. Who gives a f.
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Well that's nice.

Well that's nice.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Zzzz to the CD and that

Zzzz to the CD and that collabo with Chris. what is the deal with Rihanna's hair, the weavologist ran out of hair to put on her head??? her weave is looking mighty raggedy and thin Rihanna should of rocked her own short cut, it looked so much better.
sweetpea1989's picture

What I don't understand is

What I don't understand is why Keyshia would drop her album the same week as Rihanna...Keyshia needs every advantage she can get to have a successful album and she knows that Rihanna is going to slay her on those charts. Rihanna has a fan base...KCole doesn't. I'm sure this album will be dope as everything else Rihanna puts out..she better come with a better hairstyle than what she has now...she looks like a bumm in these pics..smh...
BEEMA's picture

This is why I will not buy

This is why I will not buy her albums. I can give a f*** about her personal relations, but she makes it a point to be as disrespectful as she can and calls it being you. Her "I don't give a fuck attitude" with the expectations that people will deal with it is too much. Time to pack this chick back up and send her where she came from...I can't with her..
marylou's picture

I heard about this TRASH

I heard about this TRASH yesterday! I don't recall TINA TURNER working with Ike after they broke up to sell records smh! Then again Tina was a REAL singer!
tori's picture

I believe that you should do

I believe that you should do it. The presence of competition is always good.

Thank You....i just

Thank You....i just might.....I know that i have the support of my former 15 year client (The Florida Lottery) <-- Bigger Baller than Jay & Bey-Z combined
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

WOW.....this is soo much more

WOW.....this is soo much more important than the election (don't make me start my own Blog Natasha.....I'm giving you fair warning)........,.......
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I certainly would NOT enter

I certainly would NOT enter your site with all of the disrespectul things you say - PLEASE!!!
Happy Lady's picture

I really think she trying to

I really think she trying to start her own blog....Thats why she says these random ass things to get attention.
Classic87's picture

my grandmother is gonna kick

my grandmother is gonna kick your grandmother's ASS you big hairy Sasquash Yetti...,,i would be a lot more careful with my own blog......,,,,,,,,,,,,,
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I would get stared at and

I would get stared at and made fun of if you started a blog because I would be in public LAUGHING MY A$$ OFF at the type of sh!t you would post, ESPECIALLY them Blue Ivy pics...LMAO
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