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SPOTTED: Akon & His New Girlfriend Get CUDDLY In VENICE


Rapper Akon was spotted on a gondola in Venice, Italy getting cuddly with his newest mystery chick girlfriend.  Check the photos of Akon and his lady inside.....


Rapper Akon, who seems to keep a constant rotation of pretty chicks (and maybe wives since we know how HE rolls) on his arm, was spotted on a trip to Venice, Italy over the weekend.


He and his mystery chick, who rocked a pair of studded-leopard Louboutin booties, took a long romantic gondola ride.


The trip was one stop the couple made before Akon's concert in Abu Dhabi.



Though we've never figured out how many wives/girlfriends/fiances Akon has or has had, he recently declared paternity of two sons in Georgia. 

We're sure there's plenty more where that came from.


And he gave his chick the 5-star treatment too tweeting this pic, 'Relaxing in my luxurious hotel in Venice, Italy.'  Must be nice...


Photos via Splash




WTF... ? I thought he was

WTF... ? I thought he was engaged to Danielle Crawley......

New girlfriend?¿ ~ I thought

New girlfriend?¿ ~ I thought he had like 8 wives?¿ Akon reminds me of someone . . . has Wesley Snipes gotten out of prison yet?¿
GetUrLife's picture

Everybody should direct their

Everybody should direct their attention to the Freedom of Information Act or call him out on his paperwork from when he was incarcerated... Not only is he a stool pigeon, he takes it face down which is why he needs to over compensate with all these jumpoffs… Venessa.boo1, this isn’t her first rodeo and I am sure she didn’t meet him on a blind date in Italy…. So, let the meatball do her thing and stop wasting your time with this broken down RAT… My heart goes out to his kids because his wives are fully aware of his resume and hopefully this jumpoff doesn’t have a father to judge her... Let’s not forget this NIGGA had a few good tracks seven years ago
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Doesn't Akon have three wives

Doesn't Akon have three wives or something? That girl dumb messing with him... that's his religion and everything, but don't mean you gotta involve yourself in that too. I wouldn't care how much money Akon got, I wouldn't mess with him!
vanessa.boo1's picture

Akon is one insecure man.

Akon is one insecure man. When a man is with a ton of women and has to tweet that he's in a "luxurious hotel" when we can see that from just looking at the picture, that's INSECURITY! SMH!
Happy Lady's picture

Now i don't see why you all

Now i don't see why you all are mad at this brotha. But i must say this, with all the beautiful badd ass black women in Africa, Brazil, The west Indies shit even America!!!The homie akon could've got something better than that. Nigga LET ME BE FROM AFRICA!!!!i'd have so many bad bitches it's ridiculous AND IT WONT BE ANY EUROPEAN OR ANONYMOUS RACE BITCHES. But since im black american IT'S BEST FOR US TO JUST LOOK FOR SOME WHITE AND OTHER RACES OF WOMEN cause our race of women aint down for us, THEY REALLY LOVE THIS WHITE MAN.
LetsGetIt's picture

Why they gotta be bitches

Why they gotta be bitches though? I say, If y'all men want better WOMEN, try being better MEN.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I knew that you couldn't

I knew that you couldn't resist commenting on this post. smh......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Nah i just made that little

Nah i just made that little statement, i'll stay out of it. I'll save all my energy for this election, cause if Obama aka Jesus to alot of people i know losses, THESE NIGGAS GONE ACT A FOOL TONITE, these negros got the nacho's and everything ready lmao hate for them to be disappointed!!! And if he wins, i might have to look out for these racist asss crakkkas out here were i live THAT'S HEAVILY ARMED!!!Remember im in the south sista Thang!!!But the brotha akon kinda disappointed me, the chick below average looking, but i gotta say Nigggas from jamaica and africa be getting some below average lookin bitches!!THEY LOOK OVER THE WOMEN FROM THEY CONTINENT , but hey they mite be going through the samething black american men are going through with their women, and if so I DON'T BLAME EM!! But i'd atleast get me a bad lil latin chick, or a red bone :) hahahaha
LetsGetIt's picture

I was following you up until

I was following you up until the last part of your comment, but whatever. Anywho.... I'll let you go take cover, because those southern crakkas are nothing to play with. lol....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

U joking but im serious, THEY

U joking but im serious, THEY CRAZY!!
LetsGetIt's picture

I was laughing, but I was

I was laughing, but I was serious as hell. I know those southern racists are no joke, now once again, go take cover.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

...And Letsgetit busts in the

...And Letsgetit busts in the door and jumps in allllllllllll over these comments in 5...4...3...
Carmen CaBoom's picture

lol.....Nah im gonna stay out

lol.....Nah im gonna stay out of this one
LetsGetIt's picture

SORRY!! Akon is so not

SORRY!! Akon is so not attractive!!! with his non talent azz!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Black men don't have real

Black men don't have real love or respect for women of any race. Whatever becomes the new flavor or sex toy of the moment they are flaunting it, then on to the next. They are going to run themselves in the ground. I could care less who this ink spot dates anyway seeing how he has women and "chirren" all over the place. Black men have made themselves into nothing but wannabee-cool womanizers and clowns.
JJFad's picture

this is the behaviors that

this is the behaviors that were bred into black men during slavery. now, they see nothing wrong with this behavior and this is what you have, men who can't feel or stay put. it's really sad. they can't blame anyone but themselves black women can't make them change for the better. we have our own post slavery traumas. we have to change and the only way we can is if we realize the affects of colonization and slavery has had on us all.
sunra's picture

That's "funny" because REAL

That's "funny" because REAL African Men FROM AFRICA treat women even WORSE (cutting-off their CLITORIS & RAPING them whenever they WANT)......So, American Culture is 100% better than African "Culture". .....................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Have you even ever been to

Have you even ever been to Africa? Please do not generalize and group all African men into one category. The savage practice of female circumcision occurs only in certain countries within Africa (Africa is a continent, not a country), and even within those countries it is certain religions or tribes that practice the act. Not all African men "rape" their women and circumcise them, just like all black american men don't all beat their women and cheat on them. I happen to see more African men happily married to a black African woman and having children from one marriage then I see black american men married to a black women. I can generalize just as you did and say that black american women have nasty attitudes are aggressive, hostile, and unsubmissive and wear their "independence" like it's a badge of honor which is why most are unmarried and or single.
MasterClass's picture

the day you stop making

the day you stop making EXCUSES for them....is the day they have a chance of getting better, evolving as human beings..........smh......stop the excuses NOW
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Exactly....and there are 10

Exactly....and there are 10 white guys to every 1 black "man". You don't have to get a pale, white, pink skin looking guy. there are PLENTY of Olive Skin white men who look Italian or Spanish or Greek.
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Akon looks like his breath

Akon looks like his breath STANK! He probably was whispering in her ear "Enjoy this now because once you become my CONCUMBINE, you will NEVER be able to leave the COMPOUND to go ANYWHERE, except your FUNERAL!!"
tori's picture


Like Really's picture

Personally I could care less

Personally I could care less who the next black man dates. Men like this usually pick a non-black woman that wouldn't touch him unless he had money. Why would you want a man so insecure he feels he has to buy love/arm candy to maintain some sort of status? They can keep that...

Awwww...this is so sweet &

Awwww...this is so sweet & romantic, she's pretty too. It sure would be nice if Black men would give their Black women this kind of 5 Star treament.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

EVERY BLACK "man" has to get

EVERY BLACK "man" has to get himself a "Kim Kardashian" chick now. Which is why BLACK "men" are such STUPID COPY-CATS and have No Brain of their own. Black "men" see women as Sex Toys <--- PERIOD!!!!!!! (attn: ALL FEMALES.......do what I DID.....get yourself an EDUCATED, white guy who is HOT & FIT and he will treat you like a Queen) :)
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LMAO...ain't that the truth!!

LMAO...ain't that the truth!! I dated me a "Billy" for nearly 3 yrs and the sex game was IN-CRED-IBLE!! TMI?? I'm sorry I had a flashback *reaches for glass of water*
tori's picture

I'm working on it, going on a

I'm working on it, going on a date with my first one this weekend.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

black sh*t stain

black sh*t stain
BEEMA's picture

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