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Mommy-To-Be Amber Rose was spotted giving in to those pregnancy cravings and making an ice cream run and getting her nails done yesterday.  See the candids inside...


Amber Rose, with her new brown short locks and a long striped t-shirt dress, was spotted in Studio City, CA yesterday where she made an ice cream run to Baskin Robbins.



After grabbing a cone, the mommy-to-be went over to the nail salon. 

And if fans ever wanted to know what Wiz Khalifa calls her....it's baby momma.  She tweeted, "I love when he calls me his "B.M" Lol it makes me feel ratchet and I like it ;-)"

Gotta love those two...

Photos via V Labissiere / Splash News / FameFlynet Pictures




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hooklookping's picture

omg lover Amber but wth is

omg lover Amber but wth is going on with this look, i thought she had on a onesie...im gone let her make it bcuz, she is preggers...but then again if Bey still managed to keep it cute, so should you
_speak's picture

I thought this was a prison

I thought this was a prison suit or something...Warning: Do not try this outfit at home.
C2C's picture

I'm not feeling the dude hair

I'm not feeling the dude hair cut. The short blond was sexy on her but this look is a turn off! Get paid every Friday by check or direct deposit working from home. www.fridaypays.com
Kingbreez's picture

Amber looks super cute and

Amber looks super cute and sexy. She has managed to not become fat and pretty much still has her figure. I wish more women would take a page from her book.
Shelley's picture

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tom101's picture

Eww!!!! She looks EXACTLY

Eww!!!! She looks EXACTLY like the penguin from Batman Returns LMAO! Shame on those of you who said she looks good. PLEASE go to the eye doctor and get your eyes checked, because something MUST be wrong!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

LMAO!!! *the penguin...

LMAO!!! *the penguin... DEAD!!!!
Like Really's picture

She looks quite adorable

She looks quite adorable pregnant. And her face still looks very pretty. You go, girl.
sianna1's picture

Oh. Wow. That's all.

Oh. Wow. That's all.
MrsCPA's picture

WTF is she wearing===>

WTF is she wearing===> (THROWING UP IN MY MOUTH) :(

loves her but Amber looks

loves her but Amber looks like Hitler in this get up....lol. Now Im craving ice cream!
shuga's picture

its a reason why the

its a reason why the technician doesnt want to inhale that toxic shit..pregnancy looks good on her but why must she always look ratchet i hate to see a busted pregnant woman
chakacan's picture

Looks like someone rolled out

Looks like someone rolled out of bed and said, "F*ck a shower & getting dressed, I'm bout to have my BUMMY SWAG TURNT UP!" I bet Wiz was mad as hell when he seen her put on HIS sneakers! He was probably thinking "This b!tch is going to MURDA the soles & have my sh!ts LEANIN'!"
tori's picture

Amber is so beautiful and

Amber is so beautiful and this is what a real pregnant woman looks like. I'm very happy for her and Wiz; I cant wait to see the baby!
Sky's picture

I know everybody farts stink,

I know everybody farts stink, but it's something about these photos that makes her look like her farts are just hard to deal with.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


Sunflower Jones's picture

Random. LOL.

Random. LOL.
blynne23's picture

I love it.....she is looking

I love it.....she is looking how she wants to look and eating what she wants to eat and being pregnant and enjoying it. Being pregnant was one of the best times of my life.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Wow, isn't that something. I

Wow, isn't that something. I just saw two pregnant women at the ice cream store not too long ago. It's refreshing to know that Amber Rose is human and that celebrities (<----read sarcasm) get pregnant just like the rest of us humans. Wow!!!! I guess her vagina is laced with gold because when she finally spits this kid out, the blogs will erupt with praises and singing.
Sunflower Jones's picture

not feeling this look... but

not feeling this look... but congrats to them!

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