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BACK HOME: The Obamas Make Post-Election Arrival To The White House


It was a family affair as the First Family headed back home to the White House from their other hometown of Chicago after Tuesday's election.  Yesterday, President Obama escorted his wife First Lady Michelle, and their daughters, Sasha & Malia, back to DC via Air Force 1 & Helicopter 1.


Pics of the fab fam inside....


After an extremely long & we're sure, stressful, night of awaiting Presidential election results, the Obama fam made their way back home to DC to get back to work.  Hopefully Mr. President has time for at least a quick nap now that the election is over, but maybe not.  Now that he's won 4 more years....it's time to get to work smoothing over the seemingly impossible relations with the Republicans:

Photobucket Photobucket

Our First Lady looked fly as usual, while Sasha & Malia rocked their casual looks of cute jeans and tees too.



Sahsa even rocked a cute Obama bag to support her dad.


Welcome back First Fam!

Pics: Getty




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You obama zombies crack me

You obama zombies crack me up. The US is doomed thanks to you idiots.

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The First American

The First American Family....The Obama's!!!...so proud
Lola's picture

I'm so proud that he is our

I'm so proud that he is our President. I hope he address issues for Union Workers. I hope people don't treat Malia and Sasha different cause her daddy is the President. I just wish them the best of luck!!!!!!
In God We trust's picture

I ALREADY knew Barack was

I ALREADY knew Barack was going to ge re-elected, he & his family are beautiful! I'm more excited that Colorado & Washington legalized RECREATIONAL use of weed! #roll that sh!t #light that sh!t #smoke that sh!t #nopasses
tori's picture

Love my President & his

Love my President & his fam!!!!
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OBAMANBIDEN12's picture

Welcome back home First

Welcome back home First Family! In other news Stacey Trash writes a 1,000 paige rant about how depressed she is that Obama won! We all knew this stupid publicity stunt would come back to bite her in the ass. OUCH! You nailed your own coffen YOU NON ACTING REJECT!
Shay's picture

It was 1,000 WORDS, not

It was 1,000 WORDS, not pages! Stacy is not smart enough to piece together an 1,000 page ANYTHING..or read it for that matter, which explains her acting career or LACK THERE OF!
tori's picture

She is 100% DONE.....it's

She is 100% DONE.....it's over!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


BACK IN THE HIZZZHOUSEEEE!! much to the hate of the Repubelicans!
Realist's picture


Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I wonder if Beyonce is going

I wonder if Beyonce is going to be our generation's Marilyn Monroe? Only time will tell...
SirBumBitch's picture

You are ignorant.

You are ignorant.
tinytexan's picture

You are ignorant.

You are ignorant.
tinytexan's picture

If you're referring to her

If you're referring to her sleeping with the President, then you can wonder no more. Obama don't want that rotten puss that Jay's been swimming in.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Bahahahaha.... ooOW!!

Bahahahaha.... ooOW!!
Like Really's picture

Oh Gosh! Whyyyyy????!!!

Oh Gosh! Whyyyyy????!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Oh lawd....lmao!!

Oh lawd....lmao!!
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4 more years congrats to the

4 more years congrats to the people that really care about this company and President Obama. Get paid every Friday by check or direct deposit working from home. www.fridaypays.com
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Victorious... Lets Go!!!

Victorious... Lets Go!!!
RO's picture

In the 1st Photo, the

In the 1st Photo, the President is clearly favoring Sasha over Malia...and Malia is considering emancipating herself from the family (i can see it in her face). This is the final straw for Malia. She wants OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

She does look like she's

She does look like she's pissed about something.... But wanting emancipation tho? LOL! Maybe it's because she's in high school and wants to start dating and her mom said in an interview that it would be nice if the secret service was around for the next 4 years to be all on her bfs' coattails.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

We have the Perfect President

We have the Perfect President and First Family.....I'm still recovering from Election Night (all my old white friends from High School on Facebook are still complaining & crying about it.....saying that "Obama getting 97% of the Black Vote is REVERSE RACISM <-------" smh
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Such a fab family! Oh

Such a fab family! Oh goodness their sooo fab lol. Even four years later I don't think it's fully sunk in that they are an African American family in the white house.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Sasha Obama & Malia Obama are

Sasha Obama & Malia Obama are nice names. I hope they know how much we adore them but at the same time Im sure its overwhelming. anywho, Sasha & Michelle's hair is bouncy and beautiful!
shuga's picture

Sasha is such a daddy's girl,

Sasha is such a daddy's girl, and Malia has a closer relationship with her mom.
Krazy-Boo's picture

Welcome back ~ such a classy

Welcome back ~ such a classy family.
GetUrLife's picture

Just golden! Now, hopefully,

Just golden! Now, hopefully, this term he can finish what he started. Though, I'm sure the Repugs are ready to shut it all down...regardless of whether it's the right thing for America or not.
MrsCPA's picture

Sasha is growing tall like

Sasha is growing tall like Malia. They seem like lovely girls. I think the girls are probably very happy the election is over so they won't be on profile so much.
SweetDivaT's picture

It seems like Malia is always

It seems like Malia is always paired with Michelle and Obama is always with Sasha. (shrugs) just an observation. Anywho.... I bet you Bey is hoping for another girl, just so she can recreate the look of this family and photo, because you know her and Jay thinks that they're on their level anyway. She'll duplicate this look with Juelz instead and she'll walk towards the propeller to get her infamous wind effect. LOL.... Oh Bey, you crack me so up!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

This post has nothing to do

This post has nothing to do with Bey & Jay! If the Carter-Knowles want to be like the first family then you want a life like hers! She stay on your mind so envious of her! CTFU! LMAO!
I Am Anonymous's picture

I noticed that pairing also,

I noticed that pairing also, but its also in their interractions. I really think that Sasha is a typical daddy's girl. Even Barack tends to go towards her and Sashsa is very affectionate with her dad. Malia is less affectionate with him, and sometimes they look a bit ackward...I guess she is just at that age.
Krazy-Boo's picture

Why do I get the impression

Why do I get the impression Malia is a little disappointed dad won? Like, she wanted to go back to being a regular teenager. She had the same expression on election night, but I just chalked it up to her being tired. Oh welp...
Michelle K's picture

She is 14. Thats what

She is 14. Thats what teenagers look like at that age when surrounded by adults or unwanted attention...permanently annoyed.
Krazy-Boo's picture

Welcome back Mr. President

Welcome back Mr. President and first family. I'm very relieved!
BlackVesper's picture

I fully concur!

I fully concur!
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