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Beyonce POSTS Halloween Costume & Rocks DIAMOND FANGS


Beyonce just posted pics of what she wore for Halloween, as well as a special message to the Romney fans on her Tumblr.   See the photos inside... 

Beyonce (shown above as the rabbit from Alice In Wonderland) posted a few pics from Halloween on her Tumblr page.  In addition to dressing up as the White Rabbit and still making it look high fashion, she put her diamond fangs on display: 


Diamond fangs might seem a bit unnecessary but when you are the Queen Bee, it just works....



She paired them with her "Obama" earrings which she has been rocking consistently lately.  

And as a supporter who raised a great deal of money for President Obama, she had a lil something to say once the election results were announced:


Shortly after President Obama was declared the winner, this photo appeared on Bey's page...though it has now deleted later.  But we get the point...


Photos via Tumblr





I LOVE BEY'S COMMENT - LMAO!!! I've been on the Yahoo site before the election and those REPUBLICANS were talking MAJOR ISH about Pres. Obama, Black folks and all!!! So Bey, forget what these haters say; do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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She need to stop playing that

She need to stop playing that shit can be bad for your health

For years, everyone has been

For years, everyone has been saying Bey is not personable. At one point in time she had gotten so famous, she had to keep her guard up. So now she's trying to be personable and people are complaining about it....i don't get it.
Classic87's picture

So true..that goes to show

So true..that goes to show you that no MATTER what King B does they all will HATE smh! She living and loving LIFE how can you in your RIGHT mind hate on that???? But hey it is what it is classic87 your comment hit it right on the head!
MsMidwest's picture

Go Bey!

Go Bey!
Classic87's picture

Beyonce is so friggin

Beyonce is so friggin gorgeous glory to God! I like the Mitches LOL, clever! What? Rena didn't come by with the essay? I was looking forward to reading it LOL.
I_love_laughing's picture

You know damn well if Obama

You know damn well if Obama had lost and Stacey Dash had made a #Nobama post we would all consider that to be tacky and trashy. Go ahead and critique Romney but to insult Romney supporters is a trashy thing to do. Particularly when the next few weeks will definitely require bi-partisanship as it relates to our financial system and passing legislation.
Girl's picture

.....and it shows how

.....and it shows how immature & stupid she REALLY is.....smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

While this brainless idiot is

While this brainless idiot is messing around with diamond vampire teeth......other celebs are busy raising money for the Hurricane Victims in New York (karma is really gonna get her one day) smh. ......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

ummmm, her husband bought a

ummmm, her husband bought a generator so that everyone on THE ENTIRE BLOCK could have electricity.
shuga's picture

Wake Up! !!!!!!!!!!!! he

Wake Up! !!!!!!!!!!!! he bought is so HE & Cray Bey would have power (everyone in his building is filthy RICH) .........................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Exactly!!! Thank You!!!

Exactly!!! Thank You!!!
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BaHa.. I agree doin waaay to

BaHa.. I agree doin waaay to murcch even spite of the decline in popularity!..Hell at this point who dont want Beywitched to jump on her Camel n' ride off into the sunset till findin "Nobody but dey azz Land" where both can live out their happily overexposed self-absorbed life!!! Oh n' don't worry about Blu she was officially adopted by tha House of Grandkidz a long time ago!!! Smdh...
Like Really's picture

The beautiful Beyonce! I

The beautiful Beyonce! I can't wait for the superbowl performance, mitches!
Lifeatbest's picture

Bey, PUHHH-LEASE go practice

Bey, PUHHH-LEASE go practice some NEW MATERIAL for the Superbowl!! We don't want to hear any of your 2008 CLASSICS at the 2013 Superbowl! We need some NEW SONGS & NEW CHOREOGRAPHY, b/c doing the PRETTY GIRL BOUNCE and shaking your LACEFRONT is NOT DANCING boo!!
tori's picture

Umm Halloween has been OVER!

Umm Halloween has been OVER! Either she posted these late or ya'll did! Diamond fangs? Ok then... I REALLY want to like Beyonce because despite her moral integrity, she really is a good performer. But shit like this, announcing her pregnancy on live television, wearing a prosthetic belly, stealing people's songs and videos, copyrighting her daughter's name, writing unnecessary letters to the POTUS AND FLOTUS, and the list goes on makes me NOT!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Grills are trashy. Whether

Grills are trashy. Whether you are Yeezy, Rihanna or Beyonce. Pure trash. She looks foolish for doing this. And I think the "Mitches" comment was trashy too. I enjoy many Beyonce songs, but I also don't drink her Kool-aid like many of the people on this site (and the owners of the site). She is clearly trying to reinvent herself and it is not working. Say what you will about Rihanna but she has built her brand out of doing just this (the grills, the snarky comments, a building a presence via social media); you can't step into the game a DECADE after you've carefully built up your brand and try to do the same thing...Just won't work Bey. Maybe on Beyonce stans...Oh I heard from someone that she signed a contract with Loreal which is why she has to continue to rock that tired blonde hair (she would look SOOO good with brown hair), does anyone know if this is true?
Girl's picture

Not even Sprite could quinch

Not even Sprite could quinch her thirst, she's been doing THE MOST for attention lately, now putting diamond fangs on those baby teeth? Lmaooooo!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Halloween is over, so don't

Halloween is over, so don't nobody care what you wore 8 days ago. She got that clock faced toward us so that we can tell her the time, because she only knows how to read digital clocks. OH BEY, You Silly Wabbit.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

CTFU! LMAO! You care! You

CTFU! LMAO! You care! You clicked on the post and just had to comment! Don't hate her cause she's beautiful and you prolly look like a ran over spidermonkey! LOL
I Am Anonymous's picture

Girl Bye! You couldn't look

Girl Bye! You couldn't look as good as me on your best day, so hush it. You're the one that probably looks like a hairless, malnourished, billy goat, and you probably wish everyday that you looked more like her (which I don't know why, cause she's not all that). You know that's sad right? You should get that checked out. Maybe you should give Iyanla a call.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

ROTFFLMFAO! Woooooo, chile,

ROTFFLMFAO! Woooooo, chile, you are fun-ny! You prolly a thirty something thirsty fat single mother on welfare with 6 kids and five baby dads tryin to hangout with your teenage kids lookin ratchet ass hell wearing dingy tights, weaves and/or wigs. fake finger nails, fake eyelashes, color contact lenses. Happy ass hell obama won cause you get to keep your foodstamps/ebt card! Wooooo! please stop pretending like you got a job. You should hate yourself for how your pathetic life turned out! King Bey is livin her dream! I want to be just like her when I'm old. Not like you Ms. thang from the 5th floor of the projects! LOL!
I Am Anonymous's picture

@I Am Anonymous.......lmao,

@I Am Anonymous.......lmao, lol who ever you are , you have been keeping these " Resident Evil Bitches " in check. They had a good run but now a new sheriff is in town I guess. lol Keep up the good work. Hats off.
Kai's picture

I would agree but truth be

I would agree but truth be told its probably the same silly hoes creating new accounts and arguing with their dam selves. mental illness is real!
shuga's picture

Ms Shuga .....U aint neva

Ms Shuga .....U aint neva lie....Tru story one time I responded to one of these fools at a particular avatar @Lisaraye and lo and behold @Tori responded..... at that point I just dont bother with the responses unless nI am bored...... It quacks it a fawkin duck..... U are rite mental health is a bitch but real as fawk.
Kai's picture

LOL..... You're either

LOL..... You're either describing yourself or your loose booty mama, because it seems like you know that character all too well. You wished I lived in the projects, that way, it'll be more easy for you to visit me, being that your whole family probably takes up the whole first floor. Yall give the whole "family sticking together" thing a whole new meaning. smh..... Well if there's any job openings that becomes available in my building, i'll put in a good word for you, because that is not a good way to live and you need a way out. (screeeeeech) Who am I kidding? They'll let you nowhere near this building. The police will be called on you before you can even touch the door. At least I gave you a little bit of hope though and that's the most important thing to get through hard knocks, so on that note, KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


Kai's picture

Damn you bishes are

Damn you bishes are wild....LMAO
star's picture

Beyonce is so damn gorgeous

Beyonce is so damn gorgeous even when she's fooling around. So what if she said 'take that mitches'? some people made a big deal out of this. People are too damn sensitive.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

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