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Rihanna Confirms She's NOT "With" Chris Brown, Says Beyonce Is A Stab To Her EGO & More In Live Facebook Interview


Rihanna made her way to Facebook's NYC offices today to do a live Facebook interview hosted by Andy Cohen.  Check out what the gorgeous gal had to say about Chris Brown, her 7-7-7 tour, The Carters, and what she hates the absolute most inside....

She's got a big diamonds world tour coming up (with A$AP Rocky).  And she's got promo tour (7-7-7) she named for the 7 countries, 7 days, & 7 performances at secret locations all to celebrate the 7th album. And she's taking press from 84 countries along.  After Rihanna and Andy got past those questions, they moved on to something more interesting.

She and Andy played his fun word association game (from his show "Watch What Happens") Spill The Tea...which always reveals some interesting things about the celeb.  Here's her thoughts of the first things that come to mind when Andy mentions certain celeb names.  She called Jay-Z, Jay Brown & Ty Ty her rocks, she thinks Beyonce is simply gorgeous, and loves Nicki Minaj's Ass.  What she said:

Jay-"Even more genius."
Mariah-"Her voice is an instrument.  It's unreal really."
Beyonce-"Gorgeous and a stab to my ego."
Nicki Minaj-"Ass."
Eminem-"The sh*t."
Chris Brown-"He's dope too."

When Andy gave Rih the follow up Q on whether she and Chris are together, she simply said, "No."

A few more highlights:

On naming her album Unapologetic: "It's very true. It's very raw. It's honest. It's storytelling…each song. Given the way it flows on the album, it takes you on a journey and that's just the half of it. That's it. it can only be the way and it can only be one truth."

On how Sandy affected her: "It's difficult to see something so tragic going on and not be able to do anything about it. It gets worse and you can't control mother nature. But it's really sad. Tomorrow I will be donating $100,000 to the food bank and tomorrow I'll be doing a listening arty at 40/40 and everyone has to bring cleaning products for the Daily News Hurricane Relief Fund." (She also donated 1000 sleeping bags to the same Relief Fund today).

On who she still wants to collaborate with: "Definitely Katy Perry. I don't now why we haven't gotten this done yet."

On where she gets her fashion inspiration"My mood."

On surpassing Eminem on being most Liked person on FB: "I felt sick. (Laughs)  I was OK being #2. I couldn't believe it."

On the one thing she wants to do on her bucket list: "Skydive."

On the biggest gig that makes her nervous: "Award shows. I absolutely hate them. It's because I'm not performing for my fans. I feel disconnected and I get super scared and nervous."

Check out the full interview below where she reveals why she still wants to be the black Madonna, the upcoming "Nobody's Business" track with Breezy, and more:




Rih Rih was spotted with a commemorative plaque after leaving SNL rehearsals today.  It's for her selling over 100 million albums with Def Jam Recordings.

Pics: Andy Cohen's Twitter/Splash




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fgfhfdgdfg's picture

the fans in the audience were

the fans in the audience were pretty annoying...i think rihanna said that comment about beyonce to be nice...while beyonce is super pretty rihanna is just simply gorgeous! i think she really meant that nicki minaj is ass as in garbage! cool interview this chick is definitely number one in the game right now
litebrite's picture

llh@no she's not with Chris.

llh@no she's not with Chris. More people please Rihanna.
Realist's picture

she's tall. and i love her

she's tall. and i love her style but i dont like her hair. super short or big and long
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hooklookping's picture

I don't care what anyone

I don't care what anyone says, but Rihanna's comment about Bey and her looks being a stab to her self esteem was so extra. She is definately on the top 5 list of the most overrated, and before you stans reply with, you're on the top 5 list of haters, (yall are so predictable) save it, because I hate on no one, I just speak the truth.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Honey, you should remove the

Honey, you should remove the Ms. from in front of your screen name. You are no lady! There is a name we use for women like you, but it's not verbalized outside of a Kennel. Rihanna and Beyonce could care less if you agree, that's why you're on the side lines living vicariously through pop singers. Get your life, and I don't mean through a Rihanna CD!
marylou's picture

Sweetie, you stans are the

Sweetie, you stans are the ones that live vicariously through these celebrities and it's really sad. You really are the one that needs to geta life and soon.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Read her for the FILTH THAT

Read her for the FILTH THAT SHE IS! BEy and Rih could care less!! Yess!! Ask "it" how much is worth?! Negative son! Rih is worth what- $50 mil? Bey is worth $400 mil..they are not checkin for no Blog CLowns...!lmao...GOOD DAY
BEEMA's picture

Yall always stating how much

Yall always stating how much someone is worth. Girl..... How much are you worth? Let me answer that for you. Not a damn thing. I got more money than you and the fool above you, so money is not an issue for me and before you reply back with what you have, save it, because I know that you have nothing, so save your lies for when they'll be worth something. Good Day!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

And your truths

And your truths matter......You the chronic, rabble rousing blogger. You talk a lot and say absolutely nothing anywho, empty vessels make the most noise. Why dont you take a vacay or better yet run in front of a dump truck so that after being ran over they can scoop your shit up and dump your useless ass in the back. You been at this too long saying the same shit day in and out. Your thirsty ass is predictable.
Kai's picture

You say that I've been at

You say that I've been at this too long saying the same shit day in and day out, but hey, you're continuously reading it, so mission accomplished. LOSER!!!! (moonwalking while waving at Kai)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

how has Rihanna sold over 100

how has Rihanna sold over 100 million albums. are you crazy? check your facts girl
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Rhi~Rhi & Beyonce..Totally

Rhi~Rhi & Beyonce..Totally Different Level Rhi~Rhi & Chris Brown Talk..SO OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next subject!!! Who's Trey Songs With???Hopefully No Body...LOL!

"Gorgeous and a stab to my

"Gorgeous and a stab to my ego" ~ a Real response. I don't get the Beyoncé - Rihanna comparisons. Both artists bring something different and unique to the table. Neither does the same type of music ~ one mostly R&B and the other R&B and some rock. I don't like when artists front like everything is all goody good and they're perfect. NO ONE is perfect. These Beyoncé d*ck riders must be getting a check for Always running to her defense. Know the difference between Fans and Groupies. I dig Rihanna because she's outlandish, funky, cool, Caribbean and Always changing her look. B has had different versions of the same look for years. If B had a d*ck ~ it'd be mighty sore.
GetUrLife's picture

Lighten up! She isnt the

Lighten up! She isnt the first celeb to deny a relationship----and definately wont be the last!
BooLuv's picture

Lies about dating Chris

Lies about dating Chris Brown. How dumb do Rihanna think her fans are. Also she don't speak very well when people ask her questions. She seems uneducated.

I've noticed a long time ago

I've noticed a long time ago she doesn't speak very well.
olgurl25's picture

Well if it's understood

Well if it's understood between them and you already know....soooooo why the fuck do she need to state the obvious. Her fans already know. Just your nosy ass wants to know what positions she's in with Chris!
I Am Anonymous's picture

Is that JOSEline in the coat

Is that JOSEline in the coat or Rhi? Scary.
TeaNicole's picture

That's my baby muv'a!!!

That's my baby muv'a!!!
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tom101's picture


RHIANNA SOLD OVER 100 million>>>>>>Beyawnce...Rihanna has more records sold and more number 1's than Beyonce for those of you who still don't get it...****RECEIPTS SHOWN***
BEEMA's picture

Yes but amazingly no number 1

Yes but amazingly no number 1 albums. Beyonce has 4 solo number 1 albums and 16 grammys. she is working on her 5th number 1 album. between destinys child and her solo albums sh albums sold 175 million records. _____have several seats. oh and beyonce has talent and can actually sing. Dont get me started on Beyonces accomplishments. dont even start. cause i got all night. rihanna has catchy songs and she is a SINGLES artist. case closed. Beyonce is the KING. Have a seat. have several. lol. Rihanna knows whos running things.

Hunny we are talking solo

Hunny we are talking solo artists...You can look at Beyonce's sales and they are declining over the years. Rihanna has what..8 grammies? She has sold 100 million records and is just 24...who cares how many number 1's album she has. Janet Jackson's last 3 albums debuted at #1 and sold less than 800,000 COMBINED! #1 ALBUMS DO NOT=A TOP ARTIST. Beyawnce has lied to you dumb stans for years...fake baby, age, everything. Beyawnce is almost 40 and still has not done what Rihanna has done in her 24 years of life as a solo artist. You can't count Destiny Child into the equation when tabulating a solo artist's success. Beyawnce is only still relevant because of who she is married to. Her music sucks lately and you know that as well if you're honest. And speaking of #1 singles when was the last time Beyawnce has a#1 single???! HELLO! LMAO! 4 HAD NO #1 SINGLES. That's the point of the music BUSINESS! BEYAWNCE HAD TO FAKE A PREGNANCY JUST TO SELL RECORDS.
BEEMA's picture

Yea she str8t lying about

Yea she str8t lying about Chris....Tehe K. Perry huh well she jus released a statement today hehe*lik really...expressin goin bac to brown is the exact reason y she ain't F-ing with RIRI no more...oh the irony!!! It ain't no need to back track now u made it loud n' clear to the world that's who u want to be buried by!! Smdh..
Like Really's picture

I agree with @diem, the next

I agree with @diem, the next post will read "RHIANNA SH!TS A SILVER COIN, & POST IT ON INSTAGRAM!" I'm happy she realizes that Bey is the QUEEN & she is her PEASANT!!
tori's picture

I hate interviews with

I hate interviews with audiences, because they scream, clap, and agree to everything, it's so f--king annoying. How old are you Rihanna? 24 WHOOOOOOAAAAAAAA clap clap clap What do you like to eat for breakfast? Cereal WHOOOOOOOOOAAAA clap clap clap!!! So what are you gonna do when you leave here? Go to dinner. WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA clap clap clap. I mean really, cut that shit out!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

lmao! Your life really is

lmao! Your life really is pathetic isn't it, ms.rachet old lady!
I Am Anonymous's picture

My life is pathetic because

My life is pathetic because of what I just said? Clearly you just needed something to say and that my friend is what's really pathetic.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LOL!!! I literally heard the

LOL!!! I literally heard the crowd saying WHOOOOOOAAAAA!!!!!!! LOL!!! Stop it!!!!!!!!!!
holmesa925's picture

LITERALLY logged in to

LITERALLY logged in to say.....BWA!
Featherlight's picture

Loves this chick. BUT,

Loves this chick. BUT, nobody believes you, boo re: C-Breezy. We'll just wait for the official word. ;)
MrsCPA's picture

OOOK. I'm tired of seeing

OOOK. I'm tired of seeing Rihanna posts. It's becoming redundant and inane.
diem's picture

MJB is the only one that i

MJB is the only one that i agree with.......(maybe she was on drugs & booze while getting more tattoo's during the interview???????)..............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Siiiiiiiiit yo raggedy ass

Siiiiiiiiit yo raggedy ass down! you know you love Bey.
Classic87's picture

I'd rather get mouth & butt

I'd rather get mouth & butt raped...then tossed into a sewer drainage ditch than listen to that bimbo. ...............................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

With you on this one, Lisa.

With you on this one, Lisa. Beyonce SUCKS!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

CTFU! I just knew your sicko

CTFU! I just knew your sicko ass was a freak. You're sniffin Rihanna's pussy and you're tongue in lisa raye mccoy asshole. Hey old lady stay of your teenage kids computer, go get a job, stay off blog sites and find your own success in life! LOL
I Am Anonymous's picture

Oh Boy, U really told me,

Oh Boy, U really told me, huh??? Bitch <--- i could Buy & Sell your ENTIRE family (Like SLAVES) ..................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

would you rather get

would you rather get mouth&butt raped....then post on every Bey post? Girl let me know when that blog come out...SIKE!
Classic87's picture

STOP Stalking ME (I'm a

STOP Stalking ME (I'm a complete STRANGER!!!!!!!)
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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