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Tamar, Keyshia Cole, 2 Chainz, Elle Varner & MORE Prep For The 2012 Soul Train Awards


Over in Las Vegas, celebs are prepping for tonight's taping of the 2012 Soul Train Awards.  Check out Tamar Braxton, Keyshia Cole, 2 Chainz & more getting their rehearsal on inside...

Will Tamar get a chance to show off those skills of hers she's been trying to put on display for years now?    She was indeed at the rehearsals yesterday at Planet Hollywood's PH Live--and may be taking the stage tonight.  In some way....


Not sure exactly why 2 Chainz needs to rehearse....since he just speaks in his songs saying the same 5 words over and over.  But to each their own.


Best R&B/Soul Male Artist nominee Miguel prepped for his set.


Keyshia Cole will be belting out a performance during tonight's taping.




Hey John Legend.  He's nominated with Ludacris for Song of the Year for "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)".

Photobucket   Photobucket

Host Cedric The Entertainer was on hand for the run-throughs.


And cutie Elle Varner, who is nominated for Best New Artist, rocked her rehearsal in a cute look.

Soul Train Awards 2012 will air on BET and Centric on Sunday, November 25th at 9pm.

The Randomness:

1. A mother in Kenya who just gave birth to newborns named her babies Barack Obama & Mitt Romney.  Sigh.  STORY

2.  Jermaine Jackson says he wants to legally change his last name to a different spelling--Jacksun--for "artistic reasons".  STORY

Pics: Paras Griffin




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hooklookping's picture

I was getting my real hair

I was getting my real hair done in St. Louis and the hairdresser wanted me to be in a hair show and cedric the entertainer was talking reckless about whoever. He was talking to my husband , cracking jokes, laughing and I didn't know who he was at the time. I swear that man was mad about something from somebody. I hope whoever that was who had him tripping feel mighty stupid now.lol
In God We trust's picture

U have to be a complete idiot

U have to be a complete idiot or completely blind to think Tamara hasn't had work done to THAT face!
Tiff's picture

WOW Tamar's face looks Funny

WOW Tamar's face looks Funny as hell in that 1st pic....LMAO
star's picture

I want to see Miguel and Elle

I want to see Miguel and Elle Varner perform...I love "Refill" by Elle Varner

Tamar is a pretty woman but

Tamar is a pretty woman but she looks like Mos Deff with a wig on in the pic.

OMG I am suffocating on my

OMG I am suffocating on my giggles at this foolish (and true) comment!
ggboo1's picture

Why do people keep saying

Why do people keep saying Tamar did something to her face??? She looks the same as always. That is the wrong color foundation & the rest of the make-up applied wrong making her look like that. The person who said Mariah Carey is not ugly needs their eyes checked. Mariah is feminine & sexy but she is NOT pretty or cute. Elle can sing but those monster truck tire lips & BIG forehead is not attractive but I know it's not her fault; her body is banging tho.
I_love_laughing's picture

I just want to SLAP the

I just want to SLAP the MOVEMENT back into Tamar's face!I know she thinks she's an elderly WHITE woman but TaMUPPET looks a mess! Who invited 2 Chainz (blankstare)?
tori's picture

Elle is so fab, next huge

Elle is so fab, next huge thing.
TeaNicole's picture

Iono what Tamar is doing to

Iono what Tamar is doing to her face but im about to issue a cease and desist on it.
shuga's picture

Miguel's Adorn and John

Miguel's Adorn and John Legend's Best You Ever had are my favorite two-stepping songs right now! I automatically start bouncing when they come on.....lol.
shuga's picture

Truth be told her voice is

Truth be told her voice is not all that great, she sounds like big sister Toni B but worse. Tamar don't sound anywhere close to the women on R&B diva's and really the only one of them I am a fan of is Faith Evans although Keke has a good voice too, she just does not have enough songs I know. Vince knows too that her voice is just MEDIOCRE that's one reason he ain't really pushing her career among other things! Tamar tries to act soo cute and that really annoys people because she's too uncute, for people to accept her acting cute. People like MC can get away with acting like that, because she has the talent to back it up and she ain't ugly! John Legend sucks! Elle Varner is nothing great, I am happy for Keyshia but her music sucks! I like Miguel. I am real excited about seeing this show. NOT!
Shay's picture

I am anxious to see Elle

I am anxious to see Elle Varner and Keyshia Cole perform.
BooLuv's picture

No doubt that Tamar has a

No doubt that Tamar has a nice voice, but I hope whatever she performs is not gonna be like her Glady's Knight tribute, because that was "A hot, I'm so excited to be on stage ass mess". They shouldn't couldn't call this the Soul Train Awards anymore, because 95% of the soul is gone.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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