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BACK IN THE MIX: Tyga's Baby Mama Blac Chyna Flaunts Post Baby Bod At The Club


Folks were wondering if YMCMB rapper Tyga's baby moms Blac Chyna would go from new mommyhood right back to the club.  And she did.  But not to the strip club.  She's showing off her post baby bod on a night out with her girls....

They bought a new mansion in Cali and are raising their now 3-week old baby boy Cairo as their "King."  But while Tyga is wrapping his tour with Nicki Minaj in the UK, his girl is having a night out with her girls.  And is already back in the gym.

She posted pics yesterday saying "Dinner with my bitches..."



She kept it PG though and passed up her uformer place of employment and headed to chill with her girls...and it looks like they did a little karaoke.


She posted a pic of herself back in the gym in a plastic suit trying to get that body back.  And has posted tons of pics of her & Tyga's baby boy:


She said her man will be back in 2 days.  I'm sure they're happy about that...

Pics: Blac Chyna's Instagram




She looks cute and she had a

She looks cute and she had a girls night out which she needs since her man is out on tour. She was not swinging on a pole. I don't like when me. Call her a hoe. She did what she had to do back then. No woman wants to swing on poles for money but men will pay more for that then most 9-5 gigs. Now that she has choices she is going to stay home and raise her son. I love that Tyga wife's her and they are raising the boy together. As for her wig, so what it's hair which she can take off. Stop hating on her and be happy for her.

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hooklookping's picture

All I can say is...at least

All I can say is...at least he got with a Black girl!!! And she is cute!! Many of them get to his status and get with the whitest of the white white girls and throw shade at the sisters....He stayed true and got with a sister...a cute one....a hoe but still a cute black girl!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture

If people paid more attention

If people paid more attention to things other than their bodies, like being decent people INWARDLY, our world would be a better place. Our bodies will die, rot and stink. Being healthy is good, but after 3 weeks? Ridiculous.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Young & dumb........streneous

Young & dumb........streneous excercise definitely NO!! She'll be having an hysterectomy before 35.

She is a pretty girl. She

She is a pretty girl. She kind of resembles Lauren London!
Beautyfulones's picture

At first glance this Blac

At first glance this Blac China person looks like Eve but bigger and she looks a little like the beautiful Tae Heckard especially if she takes off the blonde wig! Blonde wigs are the devil!
Shay's picture

women nowadays don't even

women nowadays don't even give their bodies time to heal after having a baby, hello pull a Beyonce that's the only way to keep ya bodies in tack.

How did this broad get a post

How did this broad get a post and all to herself at that? smdh........
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Yawn, Why is this news???

Yawn, Why is this news??? Tyga aint even that famous, so she is a stripper with a rappers baby....where is the news???? I wanna see how tha plastic azz looks now thou..Cuz when I saw it in person, YUCK, and she is the laziest stripper I eva saw, plus her azz is so plastic and heavy she doesn't even strip down to it, she keeps on full bottoms and never wears a thong...

EWWWW....TMI..Can't knock a

EWWWW....TMI..Can't knock a STRIPPER WITH STANDARDS (how ironic)!
tori's picture

She actually looks better

She actually looks better without all that caked up make-up. Chyna gurl take note a lot of people are saying the same... you don't need all that ish, make up is supposed to "enhance" beauty not make you look like a clown.
Peace Silas's picture

she actually is really pretty

she actually is really pretty and her baby is so adorable , BUT didn't she just have this baby and already she's out in the club (YOUR STILL OPEN) jeesh... maybe she learned that from being a stripper you experience alot of s*** in those clubs, no hate here good luck to her and TYGA....
REd™'s picture

She's a pretty girl--minus

She's a pretty girl--minus the blonde hair. I am so sick of seeing BAD weaves and BAD, Caucasian hair colors on black women. It makes 'em look like clowns who hate their real-selves.

I LOOOVE your avatar!

I LOOOVE your avatar!
tori's picture

TY Gurl! :-)

TY Gurl! :-)

Blac Chyna is actually a

Blac Chyna is actually a NATURAL BEAUTY! Her REAL HAIR is long & NATURAL! I hope she's done with swinging from the pole! Her baby boy is precious!
tori's picture

Then why doesn't she wear her

Then why doesn't she wear her own hair instead of looking like a clown???!!! Yes, she's pretty, BUT she needs to take off that RIDICULOUS BLONDE WIG!!! EWWWWWWWWWWW - Talk about self hate. Let's see the real woman!!!
Happy Lady's picture

"Blac Chyna" is a CHARACTER,

"Blac Chyna" is a CHARACTER, the blonde wig, over-the-top make-up, butt implants are all a PERSONA! Whe she decides to hang up her HOOKER HEELS & leave that persona in the past it will be a lot easier to take her seriously because she will look like a COMPLETELY different person! She resembles Lauren London sans the wig & make-up!
tori's picture

i think she looks good.. that

i think she looks good.. that gym pic is funny tho.. looks like she trying to lose fat from her head with that skully.

Awww her baby is too

Awww her baby is too handsome..and she looks great by the way!!!
MsMidwest's picture

Im 7 months pregnant and Im

Im 7 months pregnant and Im already mentally prepared for the work it will take to get back into shape after I deliver. Diet and workout plans already figured out, I will not be like the majority of my friends and family members that all became overweight after their baby. Hell no!
Krazy-Boo's picture

first off--congrats!

first off--congrats! second---take your time and dont jeopardize the time you are given to enjoy your newborn. too much stress can lead to hemorraghing and you surely cant be the mom you want to be from a hospital bed.
shuga's picture

She looks better in the sweat

She looks better in the sweat suit. And those dimple piercings are just ugh. Anyway, cute little bundle!
MrsCPA's picture

She looks better without all

She looks better without all that makeup. The heavy makeup actually distracts from her natural beauty
Krazy-Boo's picture

What the hell is that on her

What the hell is that on her head? looks like a damn fool.
Realist's picture

3 weeks is a good time to

3 weeks is a good time to start venturing back out into the world. staying home can make you stir crazy. she looks fantastic!! proud of the mamas who don't let themselves "go" just because they have a child.
leesh's picture

WOW!! 3 weeks?!?!?! I dont

WOW!! 3 weeks?!?!?! I dont know what they are doing in hollywood these days but I was still still scared my insides would fall out after that short amount of time. dam sure wasnt in nobody's club or in nobody's gym. I dont know if Im impressed or horrifed or what but......wow!! maybe she just ran in and ran out because after about an hour most mothers of newborns will start leaking milk.
shuga's picture

I agree, they must have

I agree, they must have stitched her insides up or stuffed a pillow up there because 3 weeks post birth is too soon to be in the gym!
tori's picture

Can you find me some

Can you find me some literature that says 3 weeks is too early to work out? PLEASE AND THANKS!
BooLuv's picture

You don't need literature!

You don't need literature! ANY OB/GYN will tell you that you shouldn't exercise until the baby is AT LEAST 6 weeks old. I have a couple of kids so I know that for a fact.
Happy Lady's picture

THANK YOU Godiva-Diva! I

THANK YOU Godiva-Diva! I don't have any children but it's pretty STANDARD to wait until AFTER your 6 week postpartum check-up before resuming to STRENUOUS EXERCISE! Your abdomen muscles haven't FULLY contracted back at 3 weeks so its possible to develope a HERNIA or other internal injuries!
tori's picture

Most any doctor will tell you

Most any doctor will tell you not to workout for 4-6 weeks after giving birth. And at 4 weeks they mean--go for brief walks if you can: not start sprinting on the treadmill in a (literal) sweat suit.

She looks fake and plastic.

She looks fake and plastic.
Iridescent One's picture

She looks good and the baby

She looks good and the baby is adorable!!
holmesa925's picture

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