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Frank Ocean HANGS OUT With Karl Lagerfeld In PARIS + Chrissy Teigen's SEXY Bikini Shoot With J. B. Smoove


Frank Ocean was seen hanging out with Chanel & Fendi's head creative director Karl Lagerfeld in Paris recently.  Find out what they were up to and see Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen wearing a super revealing coral bikini for an upcoming ad for Nike inside....


Frank Ocean may be the fashion industry's next hip hop muse as he was seen hanging out with Karl Lagerfeld at a Chanel event in Paris recently.

As the fashion world has already embraced other stars like Kanye West and Azealia Banks (who performed at a few Chanel parties for Karl) the interest in Frank Ocean only seems natural. He has his own sense of style and is a bit of a rebel...things the fashion world often rewards.  We can only imagine what a Karl and Frank collab might look like.  

Also, folks have been buzzing that we'll finally get to hear the long lost collab between Nas and Frank Ocean called “No Such Thing as White Jesus.” Music producer Hit-Boy tweeted the good news saying,


And on the November 12th pisode of "Gossip Girl," which is in its last season on the CW, the show will be featuring 5 of Frank's Channel Orange tracks throughout the show.  It's the first time an episode of the stylish drama will feature the music of one artist exclusively, and it also marks the first time that Frank’s music will be heard in a television series.  Congrats!


And in other fashion news....


John Legend's fiance Chrissy Teigen was spotted shooting an ad for Nike in Miami yesterday.



She stars alongside actor and comedian J.B. Smoove ("Curb Your Enthusiasm") while rocking a peach bikini.



We're not sure how the ad will turn out but Chrissy tweeted, 'There are tall people involved."  Observant isn't she....

The Randomness:

1.  Someone needs to call Olivia Pope.  CIA Director Gen. Patraeus has resigned...because of an extra-marital affair!  STORY

Photos via Ohpix/Bauer Griffin




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tom103's picture

Damn, yall mean as hell!!!

Damn, yall mean as hell!!! Shit is funny though.
IAmCoolBreeze's picture

Wow! Frank canceled his

Wow! Frank canceled his concert in Paris and a lot of other date tour for whatev' reason like a bastard but when it comes to sing for Karl's party he brings his ass... I really don't understand what he is trying to do.

Karl FAGerfeld looks like a

Karl FAGerfeld looks like a pedophile (his "Obsession" cologne smells soooo good though)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

The only other black men I

The only other black men I see pressed up and hugged up on Karl Lagerfeild are Pharrell and Kanye, things that make you go hhmmm. At least Frank is open about his....
MasterClass's picture

Karl Lagerfeld looks like

Karl Lagerfeld looks like he's one cocaine line away from death. I wonder how much he paid Ocean to hit his dusty lose ass. EEEEWW!!!!
MasterClass's picture

Lagerfeld is absolutely

Lagerfeld is absolutely horrible to look at. And, Chrissy's body is...unfortunate...
Zetagirl's picture

I'm pretty sure Frank let

I'm pretty sure Frank let Karl hit it. Good thing he prob didn't have to look at Karl's face while doin it. I can imagine it'd be like having sex with the crypt keeper. YUCK!
DCchica's picture

Karl Lagerfeld looks like

Karl Lagerfeld looks like HARRIET TUBMAN's distant cousin, twice removed!! I wish Frank would take that thing from around his head, he has a NORMAL hairline! Chrissy is NOT a cute girl, her face is ELEPHANT MANish, but her body is cray!
tori's picture

Damn they could Not find a

Damn they could Not find a Better Model with a Better Body and Booty than this Fake Flat Azz Chick?....lol
star's picture

Karl's face always looks like

Karl's face always looks like a Planet of The Apes with powder on it. Krissy's sluttin' it up for a check...the usual, huh?
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Karl is gay greedy jew.

Karl is gay greedy jew. Chrissy is soooo overrated & butt ugly slut with bad drinking problem. ..............:
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Karl looks creepy as hell.

Karl looks creepy as hell.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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