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MUSIC FAB: Alicia Keys' "Brand New Me" + Azealia Banks' "Fierce" Video


Alicia Keys just dropped her newest track "Brand New Me."  After performing it live at the iTunes Music Festival in London recently, she's debuting the studio version.  Check it inside, plus Azealia Banks' newest eye popping video for "Fierce."

Alicia is prepping to release her new album Girl On Fire (November 27).  So she's dropping her new music for her fans off the LP.  The newest is the studio version of "Brand New Me."  About the track Alicia said:
‘Brand New Me’ is about the journey it takes to get to a place where you are proud to be a new you. There is nothing wrong with growing! There may be people in your life that knew you for a long time and they think of you only as the person you used to be and not the person you now are! And this song is a conversation introducing them to the new you! Where nothing can hold you back and no one can hold you down!
Sounds like Alicia is trying to get over all the bad press and controversial romantic decision and just become a new version of herself.  Good luck with that.  Check out the song above.

Azealia is still dropping plenty of visuals for her tracks off her Fantasea mixtape.  "Fierce" is the latest and it's just her and a leather couch having some fun.  The ASOS model looks to be wearing plenty of the British-based clothing company's threads during the vid as their logo pops up at the end.

You feeling Harlem's sharp tounged feisty chick?




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Alicia … “Do what your heart

Alicia … “Do what your heart desires, never hold back a thing, and don’t worry so much about what the others think, because at the end of the day, what makes you happy is what really matters the most.” - Unknown
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I love Azealia's style and

I love Azealia's style and songs it changes from all the others boring artist . She's still an underrated artist despite all the video she made, but look like she don't care about it..

I kinda like Azealia's rap

I kinda like Azealia's rap swag & I love Girl on Fire 'screaming' & all Bring it Mrs Beatz.
Realist's picture

Azealia looks sexy in that

Azealia looks sexy in that video. I like the way she sounds when she raps, I just can't understand all her words but she has flow. She almost sounds British.
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From the very first time i

From the very first time i heard Alicia Keys and this was wayyy before (Falling) it was her singing the Little Drummer Boy when she was down with So So Def/Jermaine Dupree on BET Many years ago, i laughed at her (Because i thought she was a freaking joke) and was very shocked when she became big after signing with J Records because i have always thought that she (ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT SING AT ALL) too much Screaming, Not enough real soul, Horrible crying tone, No ability to do real run's or adlibs and she makes horrible songs with out of date Melodies that sound like she is in Piano Class going up and down the scales picture a song called (Do,Ray,Me,Fa,So,La,Ti,Dah)! that's the kind of melodies she rocks in her song's...I think she is beautiful (and not because of her being Mixed) and i think she is a wonderful philanthropist who gives to charities and etc but she really has never been anything vocally and i absolutely hate her Music (If we can call it that) She is a Joke and i have always felt like i was in the twilight zone when i hear people rave about her....(Do you guy's not hear the Harshness out of Key craziness that is her voice???) She should be called (Alicia OFF Key)..... that sh*t hurts my ear drums!

I toooootally agree with

I toooootally agree with eeeeeeverything you just said. Alicia can NOT sing. She does well on certain songs like Sleeping With a Broken Heart and No One (barely for this one) but she has no soul in her voice and is off key a lot. I think because she plays the piano and writes her own music is the reason she's big. I just don't get why people like her so much.
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i want to love alicia

i want to love alicia again... her hair looks great. she looks great. we are both mothers and family women... im getting there
leesh's picture

Alicia Keys.... ZZZZzzzzz

Alicia Keys.... ZZZZzzzzz never thought I'd see the day.
Yas's picture

Love it!

Love it!
Beautyfulones's picture

A brand New Me Alicia knew

A brand New Me Alicia knew she had to let out a brand new single. Girl on fire is horrific w/ all that yelling! What happened to her good song writing skills and good music in general? Alicia has really fell off!
Shay's picture

"Girl on fire is horrific w/

"Girl on fire is horrific w/ all that yelling!" BWA!
Featherlight's picture

That Alicia Keys song reminds

That Alicia Keys song reminds me of a song from long ago. Anyway I am really not feeling er music since unthinkable. She has been on a rapid decline and since getting wit Swizz he is getting more work while she is barely hanging on for dear life.
TK's picture

What is so brand new about

What is so brand new about Alicia? Did she think by cutting her hair, she was cutting her strands of adulterous activity? Girl Bye!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Logged in once again

Logged in once again LITERALLY to say.....BWAHA!
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