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ON THE SET: Meagan Good's FIRST PICS From The "Deception" SET


Actress Meagan Good was spotted on the set of her new show "Deception" yesterday . See the first pics of the YBF chick on the job inside.....

Yesterday, 31-year-old lead Meagan Good was spotted filming scenes for her upcoming NBC show "Deception" in NYC.  


The newlywed actress stars alongside actor Laz Alonso.   The show's plot is about the daughter of a maid (Joanna Locasto, played by Meagan) who returns to her home years later as an undercover agent intent on solving the murder of wealthy heiress Vivian Bowers--who was also her childhood friend.

While NBC is prepping for a major advertising campaign for the show, it reportedly gave the show a January 2013 premiere date.

In case you missed it, meet Meagan's character Joanna Locasto in a special preview of "Deception" (formerly known as "Infamous").

The Randomness:

1.  Lakers head coach Mike Brown has just been FIRED after getting off to a 1-4 season.   STORY

Photos via Zelig Shaul/ACE/INFphoto.com




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tom103's picture

That damn fine ass Laz

That damn fine ass Laz Alonzo! I gotta tune in.
Realist's picture

Oh yeah, this looks good. I

Oh yeah, this looks good. I will definitely be watching. That man was fine.
I_love_laughing's picture

She looks pregnant.

She looks pregnant. Beautiful, nonetheless.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Sounds interesting...Meagan

Sounds interesting...Meagan looks like married life agrees with her. And I NEVA-EVA pass up an opportunity to stare at Laz's FYNE ass!

Wow! Meagan Good is simply

Wow! Meagan Good is simply BEAUTIFUL! I will be watching, but it better not come on while Regina King's show Southland is on. They love to pit new shows against old shows we have already invested interest in. I am glad to see Meagan and Laz get a legit show. Meagan Girl this is farrrrrrr..better than being added as a permanent cast member on the Lame Game! Natasha! Please take that beat up old looking promo for Lindsey Ratchet Lohan down and out of people's face! That trick looks nothing like Liz Taylor, Liz was still beautiful at Lindsey's age.
Shay's picture

Meagan looks cute in these

Meagan looks cute in these photos, even with the frowns. Anywho.... I am on a quest for any good black shows, so I will be tuning in.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Meagan is GORGEOUS & LAZ is

Meagan is GORGEOUS & LAZ is DELICIOUS so I will DEFINITELY be watching!!
tori's picture

Love Meagan! Def gonna watch!

Love Meagan! Def gonna watch! You know NBC is quick to cancel a show.
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