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DO WE LOVE IT?!: Beyonce's Weekend & Studio Looks


Beyonce's been posting her looks from the weekend on her Instagram & Tumblr pages.  And she seems to be all about colorful prints and chic black & white pairings these days.


Decide if we love the mod chick's looks inside...

Talk about a style change up.  The ""Countdown" singer has been playing with lots of colors and prints & high buns lately for a fresh style.  But do we love what she's been up to?

She posted her colorful printed mod-style collared dress and round shades above.  And below, she hit the studio in a total black & white look:

Photobucket Photobucket

She paired her interesting velvet & leather Nicholas Kirkwood face image loafers with a Helmut Lang blazer and Rag & Bone two-toned leather pants.  She added a feminine touch to the masculine look with the tailored blazer.  But...



Photos via Beyonce's Instagram/Tumblr


*Thank you to our Vets! Happy Veterans Day!




Beyonce is my GIRL! Such an

Beyonce is my GIRL! Such an exquisite beauty and so talented!!! I'm glad there are still women like her in Hollywood. Naturally gorgeous AND talented. They're a dying breed.
sianna1's picture

Gorgeous as usual... I see

Gorgeous as usual... I see Miss Beyonce is finally taking risk with fashion & I must say its paying off!!!!! Lovely prints!!! WERK LUV!!!
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YES to the Black & White

YES to the Black & White outfit...NO to the Black & white shoes, Dress, Bun & Glasses....I want Sasha Fierce Back...Bey has too much swag for this...SMH!

The bottom line is this: the

The bottom line is this: the World is filled w/ hata's... why? I just don't know. In any case, these wack, lame ass, wanna be blog bully ass bitches really need to get a life. If bashing celebs is your reality, then there is something seriously wrong w/ you as an individual. LisaRaye.... bitch I really feel sorry for you. I'm not on this blog often, but when I am you are always on here talking shit! I bet you stay closed in the house all day obssessing about celebs. And it's because you wish that you were them. But you can't because you are just that damn lame. It's sad... and I really feel sorry for you. People these days are off the fuckin' chain w/ bullshit!
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U can't seem to keep my name

U can't seem to keep my name (LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©) out of your mouth. Please stop TERRORIZING ME. ....and keep subscribing to the: Beyonce' Bamboozle Fest <------- she will take EVERY DIME YOU HAVE..............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Smart? LMAO funniest comment

Smart? LMAO funniest comment ever!
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WOW.... There are really some

WOW.... There are really some hateful people in this world. I would like to kindly ask those who wish to hate on others to take a look at themselves in the mirror. Maybe then you'll see what an ASS you're making yourself out to be. Beyonce is going to soar regardless, sweethearts!!!!! Yes.... and you know why? Because she was blessed w/ pure natural TALENT, plus shes gorgeous and smart. You dumb ass haters need to go and play in traffic..... real talk! Chill the fuck out!!!!!! Bey, as always you look fab :) Can't wait for the new music. Keep doing your thang, girlie :)
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Thanks, Girl!

Thanks, Girl!
shewrites's picture

I'll go play in traffic if

I'll go play in traffic if you promise to take my hand and go with me. ASSWIPE!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Ha! So you are admitting to

Ha! So you are admitting to being the HATER that you are. Well, I'll give you credit for that. The first step to recovery is admitting that you have issues.... "Hatin' Issues" Oh and BTW.... I won't take your hand to play in traffic... bitch please! But I will tell what I will do... I will give you a little push w/ my shit towel..... *signed* The ASSWIPE!
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Before you give me that push

Before you give me that push , you'll have to take your head out of Bey's ass for a minute, so that you can see a little better and make sure you wipe her shit off of of your head and face, because I can't deal with stinky bitches.
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Watch your mouth, Bitch!

Watch your mouth, Bitch! Haters NEVER prosper... My head couldn't possibly be in anyone's ass, Boo. Not my style... Sorry! Go and fuck yourself w/ a butcher knife you hatin' ass, no life having ass, bitch!
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I might try the whole knife

I might try the whole knife thing, it sounds kinda interesting. Anywho, asswiping is your style and you wear it well Ms.Cottonelle.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

......and YOUR tongue is

......and YOUR tongue is buried in her PUSS
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

And you really need to grow

And you really need to grow the fuck up and get a damn life. I can bet you your last hatin' ass dollar that BEYONCE don't give 2 fucks about the likes of you. Like really? You live on this damn blog.... and you live for talking shit about celebs. Something is seriously wrong w/ you .... check yourself, Boo. Cause I'm not the one to talk shit to! Get your weight up, and stop being a bitter BITCH before I make you bury your tongue in my PUSS!!!!!!!
shewrites's picture

I'll stick my foot up your

I'll stick my foot up your PUSS (with Timberland Boots on....5 sizes too big)!!!!!!! Anywho....go play with your Beanie Baby Collection <--------------------
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Hahahahaha..... You are super

Hahahahaha..... You are super lame, Bitch! I can't play w/ my Beanie Babies cause I left them w/ yo Mama!
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We have a possessed one

We have a possessed one ladies and gentleman!!
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BEYONCE: Please bring back

BEYONCE: Please bring back Matthew Knowles! YOUR CAREER HAS NO DIRECTION SINCE HE LEFT. YOU'VE NOT HAD A #1 HIT SINCE HE LEFT. Where are you going hunny?
BEEMA's picture

I absolutely LOVE these

I absolutely LOVE these looks! & I want those shoes or a replica of them cause I know they're expensive lol.

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“SMILE, the best thing you

“SMILE, the best thing you can do to irritate those who wish to destroy you!” - Unknown
rebellious soul's picture

...“Do not take things

...“Do not take things personally. What people say about you is a reflection of them, not you!”
rebellious soul's picture

GO BEY! Love the look as well

GO BEY! Love the look as well as the music. I give props where its due.
Classic87's picture

Not a Fan,but not a hater of

Not a Fan,but not a hater of Bey's either. There is just something about her shape I just don't like and I don't care what she wears, It can be top of the line she always make the clothes she wears look cheap! I am all for the curvy woman look but I don't know if it's her BOW LEGS or the fact she grew up a suburban Lame girl, she was no SWAG and she brings nothing to the leather pants outfit, other curvy women like Amber Rose J Lo had SWAG and always looked good in their clothes. I am sorry but the leather outfit reminds me of a store at the mall back in the day called Merry-Go-Rounds I use to shop at and, the dress reminds me of a dress at Forever 21. This girl always make designer clothes look like clothes from the mall. It never fails!
Shay's picture

Kinda remind me of something

Kinda remind me of something Solange would be wearing. But, oh well.
toomuch's picture

Why does anyone care about

Why does anyone care about other people's stans? Let Bey and Rihanna have their fans. Why are you on here if you don't like these people? Alonzo and KAI do you boo. You can like both.

This goes out to STANDEESHA

This goes out to STANDEESHA formerly known as KAI. Stop lying to Alonzo, talking about you love Beyonce too. No you do not. You get extra pissy when Tasha boasts about Beyonce but not Rihanna. I've witnessed you talking shit about Beyonce on a few occasions, so go somewhere with your fake lovey doveyness. Anybody can make jokes about a person that they actually like, but it's nothing serious. I can see in your comments that you have a serious dislike for Beyonce, but try to play it off for whatever reason. Everybody else post their irritation with Beyonce so freely, so why hide. I see you Boo.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


Honey, that BONFAIED LUNATIC is on the train listening to RiRi's "Russian Roulette" as we type heading to the BROOKLYN BRIDGE gettin ready to jump! She has pissed ER'1 off & CAN'T deal with the BACKLASH! I agree, she always talks about Natasha kissin up to the Knowles/Carter clan and not giving 2 sh!ts about RHIPEAT! She just tryin to kiss ppl a$$ smh...YBF is ALL she got...lol I meant had...She is SERIOUSLY DISTURBED & BiPolar! I LOVE me some Bey but she can get READ too...EQUAL OPPURTUNITY is how I see it! One thing I will NEVER do is talk about her singing because, I blast the sh!t out of "END OF TIME" & "I CARE" in my car every mornin like clock work! R.I.P. STANDEESHA, the STALKER FORMALLY KNOWN AS @KAI!
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@Tori.....Bitch lemme dress

@Tori.....Bitch lemme dress your dirty spic ass down . Listen here how do you talk so much shit when you have your Tio Jesus's dik in your mouth. Must be sad living in the Hood huh, nice ass day and you living your life on a mofo blog. You are a fawkin loser but what do you expect from the poster child of INCEST.....aint that the way you Dominican Spics get down. I am sure that ole club foot Maria ( Su madre) was breaking off some of that good good to Tio Jesus. Nasty bunch of plebeians, hope you and your generation of lazy freeloading wetbacks get deported right back to sea shore of La Romano so that you can continue at least sell your funky ass at least you can give your tricks a complimentary coconut after the transaction. Bitch, you can carry on like the bangee that you are but at the end of the day you still aint black, you is and will always be a dirty , raggedy, dusty Spic.
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BLAHH BLAHH BLAHH I have READ YA BEHIND up and down this BLOG so please shut ya mouth..ITS O-V-E-R, LOSER! And what kind of SICK F#CK are u to come up with the CRAZY SH!T u post?? YOU MUST BE LIVING THAT LIFE...I FEEL SORRY FOR U! Get well STANDEESHA! CHECK & MATE...NITE NITE!
tori's picture

That's what i'm saying. I

That's what i'm saying. I talk about a celebrity whether I like them or not, and the ones that I do like (which are very few), when people talk shit about them, I don't get the urge to attack them just because they said something I disagree with and if I do say something it'll be small. I don't get it and no matter what everyone thinks, I am not a hater, I just don't like Beyonce's shady methods of business, her self absorption and a few other things and Rihanna's need for attention and a few other things. My claims against them comes from a legitimate place, it has nothing to do with their money, looks or success. If that's the case i'll hate alot of people.The stans are part of the reason I go all extra with my comments on Bey and Rihanna. It didn't used to be this bad, but now they got me addicted (in my crackhead pookie from New Jack City voice) "It Just Keep Calling Me"lol...... but anywho, Standeesha needs help. We shall pray for her.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I totally agree all the dirt

I totally agree all the dirt these celebs do and people want u to have something nice to say every 2 seconds of their lives and if not u broke and jealous! BaHa *Thinkin...Awww Like Really thats all u got? How irrational Smhlololol but chileee it'll never be enough time in the world for me to give anyone that kinda praise!!!..Unfortunately that's when the truth hurts the GNATs who stay trollin for an opinion other than theirs!! Ugh..This is a blog for Pete's sake not freakin group think!! Geesh..smhlol!!
Like Really's picture

LOL..... at this is not

LOL..... at this is not freakin group think. That is so damn true. One stan had the nerve to say if you don't have nothing nice to say, then don't say nothing at all and i'm looking like bitch are you nuts. I'll only say something nice if it fits. I am not in the business of praising celebrities, I just can't do that, and it's something wrong with you if you go from post to post leaving positive comments and get well soon wishes when nobody's even sick. That shit cray. lol....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Haha IkR...I dont have it in

Haha IkR...I dont have it in me either!! I'm going to say and think wth I want about who I plz and nobody can change a Dam thing about it so y even attempt to try!! Bahawaaaa At this point Tasha may need to add sum like buttons for the followers on this BiSH lolol chit getting kinda scary!!!
Like Really's picture

ROTFLMAO with that Pookie

ROTFLMAO with that Pookie line! I agree, I am not on ANY of the celebs on this site's PAYROLL, so I won't waste my TIME or ENERGY attacking people who hate on sum1 I happen to like. I have NO hate in my heart, like STANDEESHA fka @kai, becase it is a waste of emotion & I can't HATE sum1 I have never met or DOESN'T KNOW I EXIST! I respect RHITARD's hustle, but that's about it! I don't HATE her, I just don't agree with her PISS POOR LIFE CHOICES:/ Beyoncé is my girl, and she a BAD B!TCH, but she is as DUMB AS A DOORNAIL, and disingenuous when it comes to her fans. I would never buy her tacky HOUSE OF HELLNAW clothing but I will buy her music! You know STANDEESHA will come out of hiding around 2am while the REST OF US are sleeping like a baby & talk her sh!t to DEAF EARS! What a THUMB THUG smh!
tori's picture

@Tori.....Just so we are

@Tori.....Just so we are absolutely and definitively clear "Ms Fire Crotches". I really dont give a flying fack about Beyonce, Rihanna, Ms Thang from the bottom Floor , or any of your dumb ass endorsers..... What I want to be clearly established is the fact that I hate you and wish that you could be ran over by a rig or tractor trailer ... better yet a dose of Ebola or Swine flu to end your existence would truly warm my heart. Just so you know and that we are clear. deuces bitch.
Kai's picture

STANDEESHA, You've made it

STANDEESHA, You've made it absolutely clear that you don't like her or the "Rihanna haters", but that's not the only thing that you've made clear. It's clear that you are an emotional wreck, crazy, mentally unstable, a cry baby, a nut, and someone who is very fitting of the phrase "GET YO LIFE" and when I say that, I mean your actual life, not Rihanna's. By the way, take off that Rihanna Concert Tour T shirt you got on and put on some real pajamas, you crazy little wacko girl you.
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LMAO...STANDEESHA crazy a$$ is gonna go to bed HELLA MAD & PISS ALL OVER HERSELF IN HER SLEEP! If she behaves nicely I might send her PISSY a$$ sum DEPENDS 4 X-MAS! What kind of S!CKO jokes about INCEST?? A DERRANGED VICTIM, obviously!! I hope whe realizes the ANSWERS to her PROBLEMS won't be found on this site or in the ARMS OF RIH-IDOL! This chick say she "HATE" but she DON'T know me from a can of paint...PSYCHO RED FLAG! The truth is, if ME & U weren't on here she would have ABSOLUTELY NO RELEVANCE, she's such a BOTTOM FEEDER..LETS BOW OUR HEAD FOR A MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR THE DEATH OF STANDEESHA FKA @KAI...HER RANTING IS RAVING IS DEAD...AT LEAST TO ME!
tori's picture

@Tori.....You raggedy bitch I

@Tori.....You raggedy bitch I will never die Why........ Cus your psychotic ass cant help but to respond to my " Crazy rants" so exactly what the hell does that say about you.......Secondly do you realized that in my responses to you I never mentioned any celebs names but you seem to always have Rihanna's name in your mouth........who is the delusional obsess Stan again. For the record please check all of my responses to you where I blast you and your entire diseased, dysfunctional family and tell me if once do I mentioned that girl's name......As I said before this aint even about any celeb anymore.......I just HATE your dirty ass and wished that you choke on a dildo and suffer a slow an painful death. I hate you as much as Rush Limbaugh hates Obama, now that's real hate.
Kai's picture

I will pray for you! STOP

I will pray for you! STOP REPLYING TO MY COMMENTS TO MAKE YA SELF RELEVANT! DUMMY, YOU NEVER "blasted me" you have *GROWLED* anytime I post sumthin about that UGLY TROLL u live thru RHIPEAT! Matter of fact, how many of MY comments have U replied to? I'll wait...HUNDREDS! How many of YOUR comments have I replied to...ZERO! You are the PSYCHO b!tch..get a couple of BOTTLES Prozac & sum hennessy & let go & let God! Fyi, You are *OFFICIALLY* my BIGGEST STALKER-FAN...RHITARD is so jealous now..LMAO! GET WELL SOON STANDESHA:) I can only LAUGH @ MY HATERS WHEN THEY GET SO RILED UP HAHHAHHA!
tori's picture

@Slori......... Bitch please

@Slori......... Bitch please re-read your response and see how many times you had to bring up Rhianna's name.....did I even mentioned her when i cussed ur ass out.... I can talk about your midget pole dancing grandmother who is 13 years older than your club foot mother all day and all you can do is bring up Rhianna. Cat got your tongue now bitch, because your goof troop aint around. Yup they all dropping off and picking up their illegitimate, bastard kids while you are at home sleeping cus your tranny looking ass is gonna be on the corner tonite again. Bitch bring it cuss me and leave Rhianna outta this mofo. Get yo weight up ho cus this is just the beginning.
Kai's picture


LMAO.....THE BEGINING FOR U & END FOR ME! You are so WORTHLESS & CLEARLY HAVE NO FRIENDS OR LOVED ONES! Have fun sleeping in ya HOT A$$ BASEMENT, dreaming about me, u KOO KOO STALKER...WHAT DO U HAVE GOING 4 YASELF?? NUTHIN which is why u "HATE" me & chase me around on here..PA-THET-IC!..JEALOUSY & ENVY runs through ya CRACKHEAD VEINS smh! PSYCHOTIC CUNT!
tori's picture

( lights candle then bows

( lights candle then bows head) LMAO......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Bitch your broke Spic ass

Bitch your broke Spic ass cant afford to buy shit. You probably make the equivalent of a Mc Nugget meal for tooting that booty for dem ole ass Dominican men with no teeth up in Washington Heights. Bitch you have no class and it is really pathetic hearing you go on about " us and we' who the fack in their right mind comes on a blog to make internet friends. You are a straight up loser plain and simple.....Any who Ms Dominican Slut i had enuff of you and your dumb ish. Have a good nite hope its a busy on your favorite street corner so that you can at least make bus fare to get your dumb ass back home.
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