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MOMMY DUTY: Garcelle Beauvais Takes Twins Jax & Jaid To the Market!


Actress Garcelle Beauvais spent the opening weekend of the new movie she stars in, Flight (she's Denzel's wife in the movie), with her kiddies back in L.A.  Pics of the fab mommy and her cute twin boys inside...

Over at the Farmer's Market in L.A., Garcelle Beauvais took her two fave guys--her 5-year-old sons Jax & Jaid--out for some food and treats yesterday afternoon.  Despite not being asked back to her show "Franklin & Bash" (according to her tweets), the 45-year-old's movie Flight came in at #3 at the box office this weekend.


Photobucket Photobucket

Casual and fab as usual. 




How come you never see Jlo

How come you never see Jlo out with her twins? She still ashamed of the way they came out I guess both are too dark for her taste.
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She's so beautiful. Can't

She's so beautiful. Can't believe the boys are so big!
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Those boys will grow up to be

Those boys will grow up to be so handsome.
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Even IF they were "nappy",

Even IF they were "nappy", they still wouldnt need a perm. Starting a regiment of harsh chemicals on little boys head is plain crazy. Anyway, they are adorable.
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Garcelle boys are TOO CUTE,

Garcelle boys are TOO CUTE, they DON'T like 1/2 Hatian though, they're curls are lovely! Was it really that NIPPY in LA this weekend:/ ??
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I just LOVE Garcelle! The

I just LOVE Garcelle! The nicest & most down-to-earth person EVER! Always so positive on Twitter too. (not sure what those kids are drinking but now I'm THIRSTY for an ICE COLD Sunny D..............)
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