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Accusations FLY On The "Basketball Wives: LA" Reunion Set About Gloria Govan SLEEPING AROUND...


Well well well.  This "Basketball Wives: L.A." reunion show just may be more interesting than the actual season.   We've got the inside scoop on what went down at the reunion taping this past weekend.  And accusations of slutting it up are flying around about the newly married Gloria Govan.... 

At Saturday's taping of the "BBW LA" reunion, a certain auxiliary cast member had some shots to fire off about Gloria Govan (pictured above flanked by her husband Matt Barnes and sister Laura Govan).  Here's what we know went down...

Malayasia's friend Bambi, who was not named as an official cast member but has been on every episode of the season, called Gloria out for her alleged ho-like ways.  And it started a war.

Bambi hit the stage and revealed that she "knows a lot of people in the hood" and claimed Gloria has been "ran through" by several members of Black Wall Street (the L.A. based record label and its croonies).  This would explain BWS' founder Game calling out Gloria recently about her "ways."

So...Bambi proceeded to call the married wannabe actress a straight WHORE. Yes, Bambi used the word 'whore' a few times. While the drama popped off, Gloria remained calm and only responded with a cryptic, "True or not True....I'm in love with Matt and nothing else matters."


And we're not sure if this will avoid the cutting room floor, but the audience was also buzzing with rumors that Gloria allegedly slept with her sister Laura's fiance, Gilbert Arenas, before Laura got to him.  And this is the cause of their recent friction.  We're not saying this is true or not true, we're just giving you the talk around the set.



What you can also expect from the reunion show: Bambi goes hard on both Gloria & Laura and the ladies seemed to have turned on the sisters.  Bambi & Draya may have more going on than just that on-camera kiss they shared on a recent episode.  And Jackie Christie almost gets away with playing the victim...again.  And there's a very awkward moment involving her husband Doug's sexuality....

The reunion show airs soon.



all them bitches are hot

all them bitches are hot pussy!!! so whatever... when's the next episode?
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It is well known in LA and

It is well known in LA and the Bay that the Govan Sisters are ran through and have been since they were teenagers. Gilbert Hiyena smashed them both. And Game is worse than 50 with telling their business. Why would she even go there! Bambi is the realest, they should bring her back. Jackie and Draya are the only ones coming back I don't think I'll be able to watch. Draya has gotten beside herself because she's in King. Girl Bye! Call me when you get a Vogue cover.
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tom103's picture

Those Govans really believe

Those Govans really believe they're the best thang since sliced bread but the ratchetness both exert frm the inside makes them flat out ugly azz hell!!! Ugh...
Like Really's picture

I like Brooke and Bambi. They

I like Brooke and Bambi. They are the realest ones on the show. I can't stand those wack ass Govan sisters. Gloria def don't want it with Bambi's big ass. She will stomp the life outta her. Hell Royce beat her ass on Season 1 of BBW Miami.
Keys's picture

thank god i've never wasted

thank god i've never wasted time watching this meaningless show
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Right you just spend your

Right you just spend your time writing meaningless comments on this blog for controversy and attention. Yes you are a wise one. -_-
Keys's picture

....and you spend time

....and you spend time reading all my takes.
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

so we just gonna act like we

so we just gonna act like we forgot that Laura was boning Shaq? oh, ok.
shuga's picture

I have missed the whole

I have missed the whole season... somewhat intentionally... I jsut can't with the Jackie story line and that's the ish they came back with... but I sure will tune in to see someone rake the self-righteous Govan whores over the coals.
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SMH -- absolute and utterly a

SMH -- absolute and utterly a hot tawdry mess... when is the next episode again?
RO's picture

Here is what we know: JACKIE

Here is what we know: JACKIE is crazy & has COMPLEXION issues, DRAYA is weak, LAURA looks like an INSECURE bird, MALAYSIA is a bigger fake than her veneers, BROOKE's "kids" are damn near grown & her voice is DISTURBINGLY DEEP GLORIA is a ho turned 'housewife' & BAMBI is a big b!tch that keeps it real with her Beyoncé BABY TEETH and disappearing edges! Can't wait for the reunion! s/n Matt & Gloria look related..creepy!
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#STFU Bitch#

#STFU Bitch#
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Bambi is my chick!!

Bambi is my chick!!
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