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The 23-year-old unidentified man who accused "Elmo" puppeteer Kevin Clash of engaging in an underaged sexual relationship with him has shockingly recanted his accusations.  Get the deets inside....

What a difference a day makes as puppeteer Kevin Clash has gone from "the accused" to "the vindicated."  Even though his reputation is still sadly smeared.

Without explanation, the 23-year-old who accused Kevin of engaging in a sexual relationship, when he was minor, suddenly remembered that he was at least 18-years-old at the time...and it was consensual.  At least that's what TMZ--the outlet to originally break the news that "a source" told them the boy was under-age--has reported.  SMH. 

The accuser's legal team said, “He wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult consensual relationship. He will have no further comment on the matter.”

Kevin responded to his vindication saying, “I am relieved that this painful allegation has been put to rest. I will not discuss it further.”

But you have to wonder, what made the accuser recant?  Did the ACCUSER ever say this in the first place, seeing that TMZ never quoted him, only said "they learned".  The site reports that the accuser's lawyers met with Kevin's lawyer and a financial settlement may have been on the table.  But is that just them covering their asses?  Should people be allowed to willy nilly make felonious accusations with no repercussions...especially when they remain anonymous?  Hmmm.

Also, a few salacious emails between Kevin and the accuser were unearthed where Kevin did discuss things of a sexual nature with the accused....but this was all AFTER he turned 18.  

This may be the last we hear of this but it leaves an unfortunate scar on Kevin's reputation.





But I wonder if some of these

But I wonder if some of these people end up "recanting" their stories because their lives are threatened if they continue to talk? I mean, on the real, if you are married and hiding a lover and said "lover" happens to be the same sex you are, you know as soon as you stop being the sugar momma/ daddy or your lover gets mad, they will put you in BLAST about the whole sneaky, freaky affair
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Mr.Clash has a daughter and

Mr.Clash has a daughter and an ex wife who still uses his name..a name that is now ruined because some immature man boy couldn't handle his feelings and wanted to be greedy!!! People must always remember that everyone's intentions aren't good and you should rarely give anyone the benefit of the doubt!! Hopefully this will all go away!!
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This was done for the sole

This was done for the sole purpose of smearing this man's reputation. SMH.
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Yeah, there was a payoff

Yeah, there was a payoff somewhere in there.
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Standing on my soap box:

Standing on my soap box: Sexual allegations by a minor is nothing to toy with. There are children being abused as we speak and situations like this make it even harder for those in fear to come forward or speak up. It's a shame. Whatever is done in the dark will come out into the light. What people do for money is morally piss poor. I hope this does not discourage minors from speaking out against sexual deviants. Getting off my soap box. . .
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You're right. You make some

You're right. You make some valid points here. Our society is filled with people who don't just love money--they love their 15 mins of fame, material items and sex and will do anything to get them. That's why its so hard to tell the real from the fake. Look at that Gen. Petraeus scandal. No-one involved in that drama is YBF of course, BUT lies and morally bankrupt behavior led to that mess too. How's a side-chick gonna threaten another (potential) side-chick about a man that ain't hers to begin with? Same here: how are you going to jeopardize a man's career and lie about what you WILLINGLY agreed to do with him? SMH...folks are going to hell on the Express...

He is a 23 kevin is 52 what

He is a 23 kevin is 52 what did u expect a committed relationship? kevin stopped being his sugar daddy so he decided to put him on blast..my only hope is that PBS dont bring back teletubbies to play with elmo. i wonder if the "victim" was one of the kids that elmo often played with ugh this sounds too MJ ish..would really like to know how much $$ money he got to retract his story? did mitt romney have an affair with kevin too n put the kid up to this? seems like everybody is trying to destroy sesame street these days hopefully there is no stories about oscar or the count they were my fav elmo could be annoying but if they cut him out my nieces will have a fit..i always believed it was birt n ernie not elmo..n the plot thickens
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You can't make this stuff up.

You can't make this stuff up. SMH...

i hope he is cleared... btw

i hope he is cleared... btw kelly rowland looks so hot in the ice music video... i mean just google kelsnetwork
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The SAD thing is his

The SAD thing is his reputation will NEVER be the same & I believe the fact that he is BLACK & GAY had a lot to do with him being targeted! Its PATHETIC how people will make things up for ATTENTION and/or MONEY! Don't Kevin look like Tyler Perry though???
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my childhood is ruined :(

my childhood is ruined :(
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I'm glad this man's name has

I'm glad this man's name has been cleared. When that tranny claimed he slept when Chingy and came back and recanted I was shocked at the level of evil people go to just to make a name for themselves or hurt others without thinking of how they are destroying the person's life possibly forever. Disgusting.
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