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PREVIEW: Maia Campbell ADDRESSES Drug Dependency And Her Mom's DEATH With Iyanla+ Tia Mowry Hardrict REVEALS C-Section Made Her Feel Unwomanly



"In The House" actress Maia Campbell opens up to Iyanla Vanzant about her very public struggles with drug addiction and her strained relationship with her family on "Fix My Life."  Watch a preview of the interview inside and find out why Tia Mowry said having a C-Section made her feel like less of a woman.

Former child star Maia Campbell ("In The House"), whose downward spiral into street life was unfortunately documented on several viral videos, will appears on 'Iyanla: Fix My Life': The Ex-Child Star Gets Real on November 17 10 p.m./9C.

On the episode, Maia will address her fragile relationship with her mother (author BeBe Moore Campbell), her drug use and other vices show allowed to destroy her dreams and her life.  

Maia had a lot of fans during her stint in the 90s so it was sad to watch her crumble.  Hopefully, Iyanla will be able to help her pick up the pieces.


Watch the preview here:


In other former child star news....


During her first exclusive blog for the iVillage series CelebVillage, actress Tia Mowry Hardrict reveals that having a C-section with 16-month-old son Cree (with actor husband Cory Hardrict) made her feel unwomanly.  She explains,

"While pregnant with Cree, it was told to me many times that when a woman has a child, their life will have a new meaning. So, I am a mom now, I have given birth, I am woman -- hear me ROAR, right?"

When Tia's "roar" didn't come, she blamed it on having a C-section.

"You see, I always thought like many other women that if you gave birth the natural way, that's what made you a woman. Giving birth the natural way was a passage every woman should take in order to experience what being a woman was all about. I mean, I meet women all the time who are making it happen with no epidural and no drugs, just by breathing and pushing -- all natural."

It wasn't until after her Ob-Gyn gave her a "good talking to" that Tia changed her perspective.  "She also made me realize that no matter how your child comes into this world, it does not justify nor is it the precursor to what an amazing mother you will be to your child, or the woman that you are."

Read Tia's entire blog post here.




Its always sad to see people

Its always sad to see people go through adversity such as drug addiction. I hope Maia can get her life back on track....I realize people dont share Tia's sentiments concerning her delivery method but she is entitled to her own opinion about her expectations and experiences. Just because you dont see it that way doesnt mean you have to resort to negative attacks. Respect the differences!

So proud & happy for Maia &

So proud & happy for Maia & wish her all the best on her journey. Tia needs to just inhale, exhale and step back for a quick min from all these interviews.
Realist's picture

Having a C-section makes you

Having a C-section makes you feel less of a woman? WTF...For all the things women have to bare in life from periods, to PMS, to carrying a living soul in our womb, to heart breaks, to parenting, to body insecurities, menopause, to even vaginal issues, and having a c-secton makes you feel less of a woman? Get over it! I love those twins, but that is just crazy. I'm with the doctor on that one, no matter how you brought a child into this world it shouldn't validate you as a woman. Bringing them into this world period, natural or with drugs and other than children having children, is you being a woman. I'm just sayin...
Hater Recognizer's picture

I had three C-Sections and I

I had three C-Sections and I am all woman!
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Please...I had a planned

Please...I had a planned c-section and am so happy I did not have to experience labor pains. I don't know what the hell Tia is talking about. LOL!
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tom103's picture

Just because a woman has a

Just because a woman has a vaginal birth, does not mean she won't be tight. Many women "bounce back" real good. That's what kegel are for. As far as Maia is concerned, I am looking forward to this episode. I wish her the very, very best in life.
Sunflower Jones's picture

I hope her dumb ass relapses.

I hope her dumb ass relapses. That you tube video was HELLA funny.
sianna1's picture

you're disgusting and vile.

you're disgusting and vile. swine like
nikki6's picture

Good for Maia!! They say

Good for Maia!! They say that's a hell of a monster to kick! Tia Mowry....waaaa, waaaa, fuckin' waaaa!!!
shylibra's picture

I'm so glad to see Maia

I'm so glad to see Maia trying to do better and I hope she gets the help she needs. I couldn't stand to watch her act that way in those videos. She is still beautiful! As for Tia...girl that baby is more than a year old and you still yappin like he was born yesterday...Sit _/....WOMP!

Man...I remember when Maia

Man...I remember when Maia was my CHOCOLATE GODDESS growing up watching 'In The House'.... I hope she is on her way back...
Grown Man Ish's picture

Wishing Maia Campbell the

Wishing Maia Campbell the best. Her Mom was an excellent writer too. Time for Tia to STFU. My Dr. told me that if I have kids I'd probably need a C-section due to some issues I have and I was like Yay! Shiiiit I can't wait for the drugs and to keep my va-jay-jay tight! Tia's TRIPPIN'!!!

props to Maia Campbell for

props to Maia Campbell for pulling herself out of the depths of hell
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I foloow Maia Campbell on

I foloow Maia Campbell on twitter and u can tell shes come a long way. I hope that this is just the beginiing of her life renewed.
keqi's picture

This story about Tia is old.

This story about Tia is old. YBF just decided to publish it later than other blogs. Natasha you becoming extremely messy and there's nothing fabulous about your recent behavior. Personally I'm (and I know of a few others) is giving you until the end of the year and if you continue to be messy I will move on to another blog.
Blank Stare's picture

Girl, who are u tellin?

Girl, who are u tellin? Natasha tends to post stories rather late or when it's convenient but to think that will change in the matter of weeks is comical! Why delay the inevitable, if u don't like the blog...don't waster your time reading it!
tori's picture


Kai's picture

I understand, but there are

I understand, but there are times when I come on here and find positive posts, I'm just disappointed because I've been riding with ybf since the beginning and what Natasha set out to become and what this blog is actually becoming is disheartening. If I wanted bitterness and "ratchetry" I would have gone to other blogs. Just a disappointed fan that's all :-(
Blank Stare's picture

I completely agree with you,

I completely agree with you, now there are PSYCHOS running around OBSESSIVELY posting comments because they are MISERABLE & CHILDISH and want ATTENTION! I wish YBF would actually patrol the comment section becuz between the SPAMMERS & PSYCHOS, this sh!t is getting out of hand! I'm disappointed too!
tori's picture

@Slori......hahahahahahaha !

@Slori......hahahahahahaha ! Hey pot meet kettle . Bitch if YBF did that you would be the first PSYCHO ban from this site ... Do you ever read the vile, bitterness and crap that you spew on a daily. You just cant take it when its aimed at you. Bitch you are narcissistic as fuk that's your problem. . You are a certifiable LUNATIC. hahahahahahaha
Kai's picture

Lawd, Tia done had this big

Lawd, Tia done had this big headed baby for 5 good minutes and wont stop talking about it. Its crazy how Maia fell alllllllllll the way off. Wonder what Ananda is up to. I thought that was her coolie-girl homie.
shuga's picture

I have so much hope in my

I have so much hope in my heart for Maia. Loved her "back in the day" .....
Sincerely WF's picture

That Maia Campbell interview

That Maia Campbell interview looks 1,000 times more interesting than BOTH of Evelyn Lozada's snooze fest interviews! Tia was on the Wendy Williams show talking about the great thing about having a C-section is her PU$$Y is still tight...womp!
tori's picture

@Slori...What in the hell

@Slori...What in the hell would you know about tight pussy.......Loose coooch Spic Ho. STFU
Kai's picture

As much as i'm looking

As much as i'm looking forward to watching this, I hate that I think it's more so for ratings than actually helping her. I used to have so much respect for Iyanla, but due to her interview with Evelyn, 50% of that is gone.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I wish Tia would let her

I wish Tia would let her sister have her moment.
Iridescent One's picture

THANK YOU!!!! I understand

THANK YOU!!!! I understand this story might be old or whatever, and that she has a book on motherhood, blah blah blah, but CHILL! Let your sister have her moment! Cree's gonna be 22 and Tis still gonna be talkin bout him like she just had him!
PurpleRain85's picture

Tia is too dramatic.

Tia is too dramatic.
Dasiamay's picture

That's why I love Tamera.

That's why I love Tamera. She's more laid back and seems to stay the same way. Peaceful. Tia seems like she always wants the attention. She always wants to be in the spotlight. Her sister just had the baby yesterday and here she is revealing c-section stories.
Iridescent One's picture

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