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FIRST PHOTOS: Tamera Mowry And Adam Housley WELCOME Baby Aden!


Actress Tamera Mowry Housley and her husband Adam welcomed baby boy Aden into their fold a few days ago.  See the first pics of Aden with Tamera and Adam inside.....


Only two days after his arrival, actress Tamera Mowry Housley and husband Adam revealed the first photos of their baby boy Adam to In Touch.   

Two weeks past his due date, baby Aden John Tanner Housley bounced into the world weighing 9 lbs., 5 oz.   Tamera shared beforehand that she tried to induce labor with natural remedies like drinking pineapple juice, primrose oil, and a glass of wine.  And tried dancing, squatting and spicy foods.

Prior to her due date, she blogged,

“I seriously feel like I have been pregnant forever.  Almost 10 months to be exact! Thirty-nine weeks in and no baby yet," she said.  She added that her OB told her, "‘This has now become a waiting game.  Oh, what fun. If I have yet to learn patience, my son is in the process of teaching me now. I have learned that I am not in control and that he will decide when he comes. However, I have not been as receptive as I want to be to his timing. If I am completely honest … at this stage, I want this baby OUT!”

Photobucket Photobucket

Adam expressed his excitement about fatherhood saying, "We are so happy! He is healthy, happy, strong, beautiful and our families are so excited to have another grandchild, cousin and nephew."

After the birth Tamera tweeted, "Thanks guys for the love!! @ http://people.com u rock!! @adamhousley and I are beyond so n luv with our son."

Sweet!  That baby looks precious.

Congrats to the happy family.  






tamera you have a beautiful

tamera you have a beautiful baby boy congratulations to you and adam love you guys.i am a huge fan since sista sista.

I just absolutely adore you

I just absolutely adore you girls (well now young women) simply because you keep it real. Congratulation on your new addition and may God continues to prsper your family. I've enjoyed watching your shows for years and still loving them; watching one now.

Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your greatest achievement, a sweet little infant! … He looks so lovable! … Little Aden was reserved exclusively for you by God, and now for your happiness! ... I wish you all peace and love!
rebellious soul's picture

Aden is so precious. Tamera

Aden is so precious. Tamera seems like she's going to be an outstanding mom! Congrats!
Denise2007's picture

Awwww, congrats to the proud

Awwww, congrats to the proud new parents!
I_love_laughing's picture

awww I cant wait to have my

awww I cant wait to have my baby because I am so over being pregnant lol

Oooohh those cheeks!! Just

Oooohh those cheeks!! Just want to squeeze 'em ;) Caption Pic #1: Love at 1st Sight
SweetDivaT's picture

Awwwwwwwwy Dawwwwwwy that

Awwwwwwwwy Dawwwwwwy that baby is so precious. p.s. I think the names Aden, Jayden Brayden are corny.
Ethel Mertz's picture

I KNEW he was going to come

I KNEW he was going to come out looking more like Adam! I'm sooooo happy for them!!!
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Most precious moment a woman

Most precious moment a woman will ever experience. It empowers you as a woman, giving life. Congrats T and A.
TeaNicole's picture

Those cheeks were worth the

Those cheeks were worth the wait. Congrats to mom and dad.
SassyFace11's picture

Awww! Congrats mommy! She

Awww! Congrats mommy! She should have called me about inducing labor. I pulled it off with my youngest. Gotta love the info you can find on the internet. :-D
Bird's picture

Aww Congrats Tamera and

Aww Congrats Tamera and Adam!! I was wondering if she had him yet, because after Tia randomly announced she felt unwomanly about a c section I figured something must have happened for her to say that out of the blue. But did anyone notice that she said she drank a glass of wine to induce labor? Maybe I don't know anything about drinks but isn't that alcohol???
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

it looks like this sister had

it looks like this sister had a c-section too.
shuga's picture

O...M...G... that is the

O...M...G... that is the CUTEST little nugget I have ever seen!! Congrats Tamera and Adam!
nikki6's picture

So precious...congratulations

So precious...congratulations Tamera and Adam!
Lola's picture

beautiful lil boy..God bless!

beautiful lil boy..God bless!
diamond2012's picture

Wow such a beautiful

Wow such a beautiful baby...can't wait to see him in a couple of months when all of his features and everything comes in. Congrats to Tamera and Adam!!!
keqi's picture

Beautiful baby boy and

Beautiful baby boy and Congratulations to Tamera and Adam.
Taj's picture

Congrats you guys!!! I can't

Congrats you guys!!! I can't wait until May 2013 to see my blessing!!! All this he looks black, he looks white talk needs to stop, he looks like their child and they are a happy married couple turned family! Let them enjoy it! OAN: I bet Tia is going to be over there trying to tell her what to do and shit!!! LOL! Now, she can stop saying "U don't know what it's like... I'm a mom and it's different... U don't understand b/c ur not a mom..." I hate when people act like having children is some real like altering shit. Sure children change your life, the change your finances and even some of the things that you do, but it shouldn't change you in a way where you feel like you're a part of some elite class because you had a baby. Girl, BOO! I like Tia but her dramatics, I can do without... I'm sorry writing a book when you had 1 baby... Talk to me when you have 3 or more!

LOL @ the Tia's dramatics. I

LOL @ the Tia's dramatics. I agree though. He does have African American features and that was something that Tamera was worried about. Watch Tia and Tamera. There's going to be an episode where she has his ultra sound photo and she said, "He looks Black, right?" She wanted to see those features in her son and she got what she wanted. He's beautiful regardless. So chunky with those kissable cheeks.
Iridescent One's picture

Utter cuteness! And what a

Utter cuteness! And what a lil chunk he is!
MrsCPA's picture

Aww Aden is a cutie, he looks

Aww Aden is a cutie, he looks just like Tamera (thank god)! I just feel a certain type of way about the name Aden, its just so childish, how many GROWN men u know named Aden?
tori's picture

words cannot express how much

words cannot express how much i abhor the names ethan and aiden/jayden/kaden/heavy laden. they get that shit from carrie's simp ass boyfriend on sex and the city.
shuga's picture

Heavy laden?!?!?!?! LOL!!

Heavy laden?!?!?!?! LOL!! LOL!!
holmesa925's picture

I just feel like those names

I just feel like those names are cute when your child is a CHILD, but when they grow into MEN the name sounds kind of silly! Like how crazy does "GRANDPA AIDEN" sound?? lol They make great MIDDLE names though:/
tori's picture

I just dont like the name

I just dont like the name period. It sounds like AIDS to me.
shuga's picture

LMAO...What a sh!tty way to

LMAO...What a sh!tty way to start off your child's life:/ I guess FELONIA (pronounced fell•own•knee•a) would make a great name for his future sister!
tori's picture

Slori....Bitch stop......you

Slori....Bitch stop......you are so fuckin annoying.....whas that shit suppose to be funny....guess its Spic humor at its best. What a dumb race of people.
Kai's picture

How adorable! Congrats to the

How adorable! Congrats to the new parents. Wow! it amazing me how strong that black gene is looking at little Aden he looks as if his dad is not white and his mom is not half white either way they have a beautiful healthy baby!
Shay's picture

awww...he looks like

awww...he looks like daddy..congrats!
Anonymously Speaking's picture

Very sweet. Awww...congrats

Very sweet. Awww...congrats to them.

Aww, just beautiful!

Aww, just beautiful!

the same way you get the baby

the same way you get the baby in is the same way you get the baby out---raw sex! most midwives will tell you that the same product they use to induce labor is a synthetic version of progesterone thats found in sperm (because i know somebody is gonna ask for a dam citation). sex during those last few weeks is uncomfortable but it works like a charm.
shuga's picture

Ditto!!!! I tell other

Ditto!!!! I tell other pregnant women that and they look at me crazy... I'm like, ummmm, ur doc didn't tell you that sex can stimulate you enough to go into labor... or Did u try to read anything about how to help labor??? Tweak the nips, play with the clit, fuck and that baby will be here! LOL!

so cute, now cree and aden

so cute, now cree and aden can be brother/play dates. Both babies will resemble each twin, I find this to be so cool and amazing!!!
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