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"Pretty Girl Rock" singer Keri Hilson will soon put her good looks to use as a model for Wilhelmina International Inc.  Get the deets on Keri's new gig inside.....



Wilhelmina International, Inc., has added singer Keri Hilson to its growing list of prominent celebrities models.  The agency says it will explore and develop fashion and beauty endorsements, editorial and licensing opportunities for the 5’9” beauty who comes ready-made with the height and good looks of a top model.  

But working with Wilhelmina won't be Keri's first time stepping into the modeling world as she first lent her face to Avon’s Imari fragrance in 2011. 

For now, Keri (shown above in a photo from an upcoming AIE Magazine shoot) is currently in the studio working on her third album. But don't expect to hear anything soon as she posted to Instagram "I'm working. I'm happy. And I don't rush sh*t." 





Good for her. Her being

Good for her. Her being naked all the time finally paid off.
I_love_laughing's picture

She may as well model causeh

She may as well model causeh her music ain't shit...and she can take Cassie with her.
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Well it never hurts to have a

Well it never hurts to have a BACK-UP-PLAN! Smart choice she does have a really nice body. Someone should tell Ciara to do the same but at least Keri is a song writer too every lil bit helps!
Shay's picture

Not into Keri's music but she

Not into Keri's music but she is a pretty girl and I could see her modeling. I think she'll do very well with it.
Keys's picture

Congrats Ms Hilson!!!

Congrats Ms Hilson!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I'm glad she's back in the

I'm glad she's back in the studio AND working on modeling. I've always thought she should explore that more. Kudos Keri.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

that's good for her. she's a

that's good for her. she's a pretty girl but she isn't stunning in my opinion..she just doesn't scream "model" but she might prove us all wrong
litebrite's picture

She's not photogenic (that's

She's not photogenic (that's model requirement right) and has HORRIBLE skin. Used to be a BIG fan but she sooooo fell off. Highlight of her CAREER is her single with Ye and Neyo.
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diamond2012's picture

Keri- Boring!!! no where

Keri- Boring!!! no where near the model material like Rihanna but oh well it is a job !!!
sweetpea1989's picture

they should have always done

they should have always done that look in the second pic, chic modelesque instead of the other mess she was doing. A clean cut, chic, model look would have done her better in the past.
sexybrownpyt's picture

well...good luck on your

well...good luck on your future endeavors Ms. Hilson...

I always thought Keri would

I always thought Keri would make a beautiful model. Kudos to her new endeavor.
Taj's picture

Wow, I didn't realize that

Wow, I didn't realize that she was so tall....she is definitely a pretty gal but definitely not a high fashion, model.
Ethel Mertz's picture

hate the first pic. the

hate the first pic. the makeup looks grainy but her body/silhouette is the bidness in that second pic. congrats keri!
shuga's picture


F*CK KERI HILSON! (She's a Bey Hater) Maybe she'll find more success in modeling cause this SINGING sh!t ain't workin'!
tori's picture

Girl get off Beyonce's Nut

Girl get off Beyonce's Nut sacks...... Rock Out Ms Keri!!!
Jersey here's picture

Girl it AIN'T that serious

Girl it AIN'T that serious smh! Did YOU buy "Ms. Keri Bay Bay" last album? Better yet can you name it?? I'll wait...
tori's picture

I sure do have both of Keri's

I sure do have both of Keri's albums, as well as Beyonce's....not going to do the back n forth Ok...I'm done
Jersey here's picture

Well ok then! I like your

Well ok then! I like your style, no sense in HECKLING bloggers, ONLY PSYCHOS go around COMPULSIVELY commenting & trying to pick fights with ANONYMOUS bloggers!
tori's picture

Slori......see aint it only

Slori......see aint it only me you Spic-ho everybody tired of your nonsense commentary.....You are a total joke. Be gone bitch
Kai's picture

lol smh still at it.

lol smh still at it. #takeyourmeds #mentalillness #aintnojoke
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Lol you ain't NEVA lied, the

Lol you ain't NEVA lied, the PSYCHO is reading the threads and think ppl on on THEIR side when CLEARLY they are as annoyed as I am with the LUNATIC smh! Talk about OBSESSED smh..GROUPIES!
tori's picture

Every since she shown her

Every since she shown her true colors for Bey, she been black-balled in the entertainment industry.I forgot all about Keri, where have you been girl?
sexybrownpyt's picture

YEa.. U prolly show ur true

YEa.. U prolly show ur true colors too if an artist str8t up lied and took full credit for writing ur HIT songs!!.. Ijs She was and is a well known Songwriter in the biz that at the time was coming up in her own right!...Bey alwayz preaching about women empowerment and coming together.. So thks for remindin everyone that Its complete Bullsheet!! Anyhoo Shes still racked up 20 mil worth of hit songs in the bank and kudos to that alone!!
Like Really's picture

But its one thing to WRITE a

But its one thing to WRITE a hit song, and another to actually PERFORM it! I honestly just feel that Keri Hilson is wayyyyy to BORING to hit mainstream success! When she TRIES to be sexy it comes off EXACTLY as that...TRYING!
tori's picture

No doubt Bey can PERFORM...

No doubt Bey can PERFORM... But Keri hasn't been the only one to CALL her out on lying about writing a song...*Neyo) LOVE in this CLUB which she had not even ONE word change too is a perfect example of her not giving credit where its due.. However I'll reiterate bcuz contrary to most Boring or not Keri is a CREATIVE force to be reckoned with in her own right!! I know for me Its never been about who's better than who bcuz I can respect both females hustle in this cutthroat industry! I enjoyed a few songs on Keri's ablum but...Nevertheless I understand and totally get that everybody luvvs their FAV...lol!
Like Really's picture

Lol, well aren't you

Lol, well aren't you REFRESHING!! Its nice to know there are still ppl on this blog that respects & appreciate other people's opinion..we are GROWN! I can do my "PRETTY GIRL BOUNCE" to a few of Keri's records but Bey beats gets me twerkin lol.
tori's picture

Yea Stealonce is definitely a

Yea Stealonce is definitely a THIEF!!! I for one respect the fact that Keri stood up to Bey and her ass licking fans and peers in the music industry, when she made it known she doesn't like her. And yea I remember when Beyonce tried to take FULL credit for writing 'Irreplaceable' and Neyo (like the queen he is) shut her down! Then he tried to be nice and said they co wrote it, but we all know that was bullshit! I thought she was talented when she wrote bootylicious, then years later I found out some white boy wrote it! I really use to respect bey as a song writer until I realized she doesn't write shit! They say she changes MAYBE a verse or one word and tries to take credit for the entire song. I think Bey is a very talented entertainer, but let's be REAL, she DON'T WRITE A DAMN THING (which isn't that shocking given how dumb people say she is)!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

*Stealonce.. Hahaha but yea

*Stealonce.. Hahaha but yea Keri had a good buzz and wasn't fakin about being a hellva songwriter... And that alone one up'd Bey! Whether folks wanted to admit it or not Bey cud smell creative competition on the rise and chose not to acknowledge her at all!! Not playin the blame game but If not it felt like an unfair treatment toward her solo career after standing up to Fakeonce! Smhlol..Anyhoo Kudos to her success bcuz She's still Winning!!!
Like Really's picture

LMFAO @Stealonce and calling

LMFAO @Stealonce and calling Ne-Yo a "Queen" For some reason I have always been a Bey fan but I NEVER thought she wrote her own ish! I just figured there was NO WAY IN HELL that the same girl I seen on tv with a 3rd grade vocabulary wrote her own ish:/ (I was right)
tori's picture

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