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Bow Wow Tackles BAD DADDY Allegations By Dishing On Parenting Shai & Such On "Anderson Live"


Bow Wow rolled to Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show today.  And in addition to teaching fellow co-host Snooki how to freestyle, he explained why he is a good daddy to his daughter Shai.  Despite recent reports...

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An interesting convo went down between Snooki & "106 & Park" host Bow Wow today.  Since both are new parents, they dished on what would go down during a babysitting date between them, why Bow would call his baby mama mama Joie to change Shai's diapers, and how he "loves" being a parent. 

Anderson: And your a new dad as well?
Snooki: Oh My God. What's her name? Shai? That's a beautiful name by the way. You know what's cool we are both new parents.
Bow Wow: Yeah, she wouldn't let me watch what I wanted to watch, it was cartoon day.
Snooki: Isn't it awesome being a parent? And I love the fact that we are both young because we are good looking parents but when they are eighteen years old we are still going to be alive, well not alive, but like we're still going to be able to hang out with them and move around because we are still going to be young parents.
Anderson: I would love to see a babysitting date between you two.
Snooki: Oh we'd have so much fun. I am awesome mom.
Bow Wow: I would do a lot of stop, no, sit down, wait wait.
Anderson: We tried to figure out what to get you, I know you change a lot of diapers.
Bow Wow: I have a couple of times.
Snooki: Did you get peed on yet? I get peed on all the time.
Bow Wow: No I have not gotten that treatment yet from her.
Anderson: Why do you get peed on?
Snooki: Because I change his diaper, and then he pooped on my hand once and that was awesome.
Bow Wow: See I just call for her mom, I just call for her mom.

Something tells me Shai's mom Joie and her sister would beg to differ.

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He also taught the "Jersey Shore" chick how to freestlye.  Check the vids.




Chile Bow Wow so broke they

Chile Bow Wow so broke they givin him hand outs on TV for his baby..smh...he looks good dressed up..nothin like a well dressed man..
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OOOOOHHHHHHMYGAAAAAAWWWSH!!!!!!!!!!! Bow Wow's face @ 0:52 in the first video is f**king hilarious; I died....
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Bow Wow looks sexy; his

Bow Wow looks sexy; his ensemble is very dapper.
I_love_laughing's picture

i cant get passed SNOOKIE!!!

i cant get passed SNOOKIE!!! she looks like an old HOODRAT...... let me go back and listen now
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YBF, the title of the article

YBF, the title of the article is soo MISLEADING! I happen to have watched the ENTIRE show & BOW WHACK NEVER addressed those "DEADBEAT DAD" (or financial woes) allegations! He looked HELLA confused when Anderson gave him a diaper vest & pamper bag...he will probably mail it to Joi smh!
tori's picture

If YOU aren't living in the

If YOU aren't living in the same house as your child, YOU ARE a BAD "parent"........100% *puts Juices & Berries in hair* ..........
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