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MUSIC FAB: Rihanna Ft. Chris Brown "Nobody's Business"


Rihanna & Chris Brown's "Nobody's Business" collabo has hit the internet streets.  Check it inside...

While Rih Rih is busy hopping from country to country on her 7-7-7 tour, the most talked about track from her Unapologetic album just dropped.

Rihanna said recently she's not dating Chris (Mmhmm), but says the track with her ex on it was necessary.

Chris told Big Boy recently:

“This record was a statement… Us as friends, as human beings, as entertainers, everything we do isn’t everybody’s business. At the end of the day, we gon’ show ya’ll how dope it is and show ya’ll how epic our artistry is."

Well, check out "Nobody's Business" for yourselves below:

We feelin' it?  The album is in stores 11/19.




Chris Brown sounds like

Chris Brown sounds like Michael Jackson nd too a certain extent, it aint nobody business
MarshayH's picture

"RiRi and Fist Brown have a

"RiRi and Fist Brown have a point. It really ain't nobody's business.....except for the police, the emergency room nurses, lawyers, judges, anger management counselors, Diane Sawyer, Oprah, their Twitter followers and the millions of people who will listen to this song. But for the zero of you not included in that list, it's none of YOUR business"<-----LOL from Dlisted

man that joint is mean!!!

man that joint is mean!!! Go...
RO's picture

Please shut up about it being

Please shut up about it being "nobody's business" when you keep putting your business out there.
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tom103's picture

They're both hella skinny. I

They're both hella skinny. I don't care about their tragic love life. They both need some food in their life and Jesus.
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Way to take an MJ ad-lib (The

Way to take an MJ ad-lib (The Way You Make Me Feel) and turn it into a song.....Sigh. RIP MJ
kelis's picture

love it ...has aMJ flair!!!!

love it ...has aMJ flair!!!!

It's nobody's

It's nobody's business...point blank! Listen to their music if you like it & keep it moving! Only pathetic, ignorant, jealous losers get so involved in the personal lives of celebrities & the only reason their personal ish is in the media is because of who they are. That's part of the lifestyle. why some folks feel it's the right thing to do by judging and bashing only shows their jealousy and insecurities about their own pitiful lives. Some people actually think their opinions matter & their views are " world changing, deep intellectual thoughts" & share them with the blog world because they have no one in their reality to listen to them. This is their way to vent & show their anger to the world. You can't be angry with them...they don't know any better. Sad...
lj's picture

I downloaded Rihanna's album

I downloaded Rihanna's album and honestly its not that good. 'Talk That Talk' was way better!

as much as I love TTT, with

as much as I love TTT, with Rih Rih's albums-they have to grow on you. I think this one will be he same.
Classic87's picture

I have all her albums and my

I have all her albums and my fave thus far is Rated R, not feeling loud or TTT(grew on me).
DivineBeauty's picture

this is trash but it will

this is trash but it will probably grow on me...
Secret's picture

I really like this song!

I really like this song! They did a good job.
I_love_laughing's picture

these new breeds know how 2

these new breeds know how 2 make dat $$$$... Controversy sells ANYTHING!!! Hey!!!
RO's picture

Actually RiRi <-- It's

Actually RiRi <-- It's EVERYONE'S business when you get the following people involved: 911 operators, Police, Paramedics & EMS, U.S. Court System.....,.WE the TAXPAYERs in AMERICA pay for all that stuff...So when your chaotic life needs all those SERVICES INVOLVED....it's 100% our business 100% 100% 100% ......................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

WOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!! I swear

WOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!! I swear on everything that's exactly what I was thinking before I scrolled down to your comment? That shit CRAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I'm like BITCH, try not crying for help and calling the cops that we pay for after Chris dun knocked your ass thoughtless, you silly broad!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LMAO...You are soo right!

LMAO...You are soo right!
tori's picture


Ain't "NOBODY's BUSINESS" until you release a song telling THE WORLD ALL YA BUSINESS!
tori's picture


@SLORI/Furious Styles.....Bitch you are so predictable...Give the people something unexpected and fresh......Same stale shit day after day........
Kai's picture

Damn sweetie, you bug. I'm

Damn sweetie, you bug. I'm not a fan of what she posts 80% of the time either but you taking your disdain for her to whole nother level. Sh!t people be putting on here is not that serious. (I'm just saying what's up, don't now put me in your crosshairs.)
Peace Silas's picture

@Peace Silas.....Thanks for

@Peace Silas.....Thanks for the feedback......but on the real it aint that serious.....I just wanted to show this twit how silly it is commenting negative shit on every comment constantly..... Just as yall tired of me commenting crap which I admit it is I am also tired of seeing her nonsense rant day in day out. It was merely to prove a point....I really couldn't care less about this degenerate.
Kai's picture


STANDEESHA THE CYBER STALKER is OBSESSED with me which is why she tracks MY COMMENTS like a HAWK! She should put them STALKING skills to good use & join the CIA or sumthin but then again she would TOTALLY BOMB the PSYCH & MENTAL STABILITY EXAM! Nothing is more PREDICTABLE than knowing your HATER/FAN is going to reply to ALL of your comments because they CAN'T help it! She's my very own little GROUPIE B!TCH who loves to swing from my COMMENT COATTAILS!
tori's picture

Well let me just be clear,

Well let me just be clear, I’m not on either of ya’ll’s bandwagon. I just feel if you have something to share about the subject matter then post your comment and move on but to consistently seek one individual out and spark up with them makes a person look quite pathetic and it’s silly as hell. Do you to the fullest but if “doing you” means cyber-stalking that person might need some time off the internet. ☮♡&shoes
Peace Silas's picture

Well let me be clear, I like

Well let me be clear, I like to post my comments & keep it pushing! I've NEVER REPLIED, STALKED or HARASSED a person because they said sumthin I didn't agree with. I learned a long time ago there are TWO TYPES OF PPL IN THIS WORLD, THOSE THAT LIKE YOU & THOSE THAT DON'T so I don't find it necessary to waste my time or energy on those who DON'T like me! I mean who really CYBER STALKS...11 & 12 yr olds...the immature ones! I mean your life has to be pretty SH!TTY IF YOU SIMPLY GO ONLINE & REPLY TO EVERY COMMENT A PERSON U "CLAIM" DON'T LIKE POSTS! It's not only SILLY, it's PA-THET-IC, & PSYCHO! Some people cope with THEIR problems by SMOKING, DRINKING, ABUSING DRUGS, & now CYBER STALKING! MENTAL ILLNESS IS REAL! Thanks for ya comment!
tori's picture

Wow, I actually REALLY like

Wow, I actually REALLY like this song... The beat reminds me of something from the 90s... I am really feeling this! I didn't think I would.
Sarcastic Chick.'s picture

Nice song but the rest of the

Nice song but the rest of the cd isn't from the snippets I heard on iTunes
Dee's picture

I LIKE this..didnt think i

I LIKE this..didnt think i would from the snippet

Love this song, i hope they

Love this song, i hope they do a video... maybe even an up to date version of that one MJ song "remember the time", where they were in Egypt and he was dancing around...
JeanP's picture

I LOVED that video when I was

I LOVED that video when I was little! lol
Sarcastic Chick.'s picture

yass, it will always be one

yass, it will always be one of my favs
JeanP's picture

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