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WORK: Chris Brown Nabs Wilhelmina Modeling Deal


Chris Brown is continuing with making over his image.  And now he's got the help of Wilhelmina International Modeling agency.  Deets inside...

Wilhelmina is giving out some pretty hefty contracts these days.  The newest celeb on their modelicious roster is Chris Brown.  He's signed on to get representation in the fashion, modeling and editorial world.  So he's putting his chiseled good looks to good use.

Chris said about the deal:

“Art and style has always played a significant role in my life — it’s evolved with me throughout my career.”

And if you're wondering if an big name image-conscious companies are going to have an issue working with Chris, the director of Wilhelmina Men told WWD:

“Chris Brown is a…multifaceted artist with a unique take on style, and we are excited to translate and extend his brand.”

This is def a good look for Breezy.




Long as those ugly ass tatoos

Long as those ugly ass tatoos are out of the picture he's passable.
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Damn Wilhelmina is hiring

Damn Wilhelmina is hiring Everybody...1st Keri now Chris....I need to knock on the door of Wilhelmina...For Real
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go head breezy.. now on

go head breezy.. now on another note what in the bleep is in Wilhelmina tea. who are they gonna sign next, willow smith???? im sorry im still dont understand why they signed Keri azz, cuz she show isnt a model or modelish, she's just a bootsy lady who trys to hard....
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Oh ok so Wilhelmina is just

Oh ok so Wilhelmina is just giving out modeling contracts! Just like the grammy award show is just giving out grammy's! This shit is a joke now! Not saying he doesn't deserve it but what's with all these celebs getting modeling contracts? What happened to real models on the covers of magazines?
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When you're working on your

When you're working on your brand, especially as a celebrity, it's smart to have an agent represent you and look out for your best interests and ensure you're portrayed in the most ideal light possible. Wilhemina has the reputation and power behind it to accomplish that. Heck, Mary J. Blige could have used Wilhemina when she did that Burger King commercial...maybe things would have gone differently. :/
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Chris is a handsome young man

Chris is a handsome young man and he can do whatever he wants.
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First Kerri now Chris? Maybe

First Kerri now Chris? Maybe Wilhelmina is making a foray into branding.
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Smart move. Aaaand that first

Smart move. Aaaand that first pic is giving life lol
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Chris Brown ass is fine. I'm

Chris Brown ass is fine. I'm an old woman but if I was young I would chase his ass all over the world and give him some. Damn he's fine. Ri Ri better get her butt back in the USA fast and in a hurry.

perfect for modeling!

perfect for modeling!
diamond2012's picture

Unless he's modeling 3 piece

Unless he's modeling 3 piece suits with turtlenecks, I don't know who would wanna hire him. His body looks like a etch a sketch. Whatever......
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diamond2012's picture

When CB is clean shaven and

When CB is clean shaven and dapper like this he is FYNE!! Maybe the modeling will get him to focus on being healthier & chillin' out with the tattoos. Like someone said, he DOES have bad posture & even though he dances alot he needs discipline. Glad to hear he's modeling now.

Sexy muthaF****!

Sexy muthaF****!
Jersey here's picture

He is soooooo handsome in

He is soooooo handsome in that pic! Hmmmm Damn he sexy!
I Am Anonymous's picture

Chris ahs the height to model

Chris ahs the height to model BUT he has the worse POSTURE!!! my goodness his hunched shoulders is the worse, he needs to work on that, also those ugly tats on his arms and neck could be a deterrent he might have to wear long sleeves. here is to hoping that he does not make Wilhelmina regret their decision of hiring him. He is more a model now than his ex Karrueche.
sweetpea1989's picture

Really Wihlemina....they seem

Really Wihlemina....they seem to be handed these "modeling contracts" out like candy! Chris looks good but all them PRISON TATS will limit him!
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Do your thang, Breezy! But,

Do your thang, Breezy! But, um, I gotta ask...will they be airbrushing much to hide all those tattooes?
MrsCPA's picture

I gotta say...while i do not

I gotta say...while i do not like the guy at all (and wouldn't let him NEAR my daughter, Kai), I'll give him respect for continuing to work hard & fight thru the mess he put himself into. Way to keep moving forward. ................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

"...FIGHT thru the mess.."

"...FIGHT thru the mess.." He's a "fighter" alright...Still bussin heads & throwing champagne bottle in the club smh!
tori's picture

The WilmaFlintstone Agency is

The WilmaFlintstone Agency is trying to corner the Angry Black Man market...."Ape-Shit Swank" .. is a new trend I guess. ......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I'm loving it!

I'm loving it!
GeorgiaAnnaDaughter's picture

Congrats to him!

Congrats to him!
Jernero94's picture

I think this is great for him

I think this is great for him and his image. Can't wait to see what they can create together. Congrats Breezy!
Candace's picture

congrats Breezy! maybe thats

congrats Breezy! maybe thats why he's been losing weight--to show more definition in his cheekbones.
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