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MUSIC FAB: Rihanna's "Diamonds" (Remix) Featuring Kanye West, PHOTOS From The "777" Tour


While she jets all over the world for her "777" tour, Rihanna tapped Kanye West to put the G.O.O.D. Music touch to her "Diamonds" (Remix).  Listen to the track inside and see pics of Rihanna on stage.


On the latest remix for Rihanna's "Diamonds" (Remix), Kanye West blesses the track as he raps about the Illuminati, high society, and parking his whip outside of the Louvre Museum. He also shouts out to the survivors of Hurricane Sandy.

The hit single is the lead track off the Unapologetic disc that's set to hit stores around the world on Monday.


Listen to the track here:


And around the world......

Photobucket Photobucket

We told you previously about Rihanna taking a gang of fans and press on a private plane for the "777" tour and it looks like they (and the Ace of Spades champagne) truly shined bright in the sky.


RiRi even gifted each guest with a real diamond. 



So far the tour has stopped in Mexico City and Toronto. Next up...Stockholm!


Photos via Instagram




but what the hell ima do with

but what the hell ima do with that itty bitty as diamond, lol Rihanna trying to give her fans the bottom of the chip bag crumbs, un huh!! we put them diamond in your pocket, u can give back and go up a size...but still i love me some RIH RIH, still trying to let the song grow on me!!
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His verse is the usual

His verse is the usual materialistic, dumb, unnecessary, self praising bullshit that he always spit. Next..........
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

And so is Jay Z's last 4

And so is Jay Z's last 4 albums but people ride is D*** like he's doing something new. SMH. Kanye was better when he was hungry and wanted to get put on. Nothing he's done has equaled College Dropout and I'm afraid it never will. He's gone totally 'Hollywood'. Sad.
PacificGirl's picture

Its funny to me how people

Its funny to me how people think an artist or anyone else for that matter is supposed to talk about the "same things" as they progress through life...you grow, you experience, you gain, lose, etc and you speak to that which all MC's/Rappers should do in their music!!
Money First's picture

I agree! But watch people wag

I agree! But watch people wag their tongues. Kanye is too old to be rapping about some of the things he raps about, his voice sounds older but I guess since he wears skinny leather pants and dates that "hot" Armenian who every black man in the industry has skeeted in, he's way cool. *rolls eyes*.
MasterClass's picture


UGH NO!!!! THE SONG STILL SUCKS....Rhi did kanye wear a kilt again? I know he swears he's swedish
Mieshalove's picture

(Phaedra Parks voice)

(Phaedra Parks voice) "Everybody knows" I'm no fan of RHIBOUND, but I love 'Ye so kudos to their remix. Unapologetic or No Apologies still gets a 'NO THANK YOU' from me but I'm sure u RHIBOTS out there will buy the TRASH!
tori's picture

she's the island madonna

she's the island madonna
litebrite's picture


LMAO...LIES, FAIRYTALES, & FALLACIES! At BEST she is a young Lady Saw!
tori's picture

Lmao did you get that from

Lmao did you get that from Funky Dineva??
Girl's picture

Lol, No but I do love me some

Lol, No but I do love me some Funky Dineva YESSS GAWWD HUNTY..Do u know who Nessa is lol
tori's picture

Hahahah I have no effing

Hahahah I have no effing clue, but he/she (lol) speaks with so much conviction I was starting to believe that I was Nessa LMAO
Girl's picture

@tori - I had to laugh at

@tori - I had to laugh at that. LMAO

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