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ON THE SET: Tameka "Tiny" Harris JOINED By Co-Hosts Tamar Braxton, Trina & Claudia Jordan For "TINY TONIGHT"


Tameka "Tiny" Harris has released pics from the set of her upcoming VH1 talk show with Tamar Braxton, Trina and Claudia Jordan as co-hosts.  See the pics inside.....


We told you previously about Tiny landing a new talk show and now pics from the set of "Tiny Tonight" have emerged showing her with co-hosts Claudia Jordan ("Celebrity Apprentice," "Deal Or No Deal"), Tamar Braxton ("Tamar & Vince"), and rapper Trina.


Pics show the ladies sitting around a circular rug on white leather chairs as they discuss show topics.  






Tamar tweeted her excitement, "@TinyMajorMama: My bad bissh all the time @tamarbraxtonher "takes one to know one! *kisses*


And from looking at the outfit changes, the ladies have taped "at least" two shows already.


When a fan asked when we'll get a chance to see the show, Tiny said,




We will be watching.






Airing December 9th huh?

Airing December 9th huh? Well hopefully this hot ghetto mess will be cancelled before Xmas! SMH...
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hooklookping's picture

I will be watching! Love

I will be watching! Love Tiny, beautiful inside and out!! Trina my girl to but I HATE this hair color on her...makes her look old and cheap! Tamar...no comment, I don't know this other chick.
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tom101's picture

Tiny & Tamar looked like they

Tiny & Tamar looked like they just walked of the set of SESAME STREET, they are REAL LIFE MUPPETS! Claudia is STUNNING! Trina, give TAMAR her WIG back! Where's Shekinah Jo?
tori's picture

@ GoDiva, I agree that Tracey

@ GoDiva, I agree that Tracey & Trina Braxton are cute. And, yes Towanda does have a nice shape but I don't like her face. It's too masculine to me. Her bone structure just bothers me! And I do think Toni is the prettiest of all the sister and then Trina!! Yes, I said it. I have seen a lot of sisters and there is someone ONE that stands out the most because she is the most attractive, physically speaking. And I have seen families where everyone look goods which includes the mother, father, brothers and sisters, etc...! Hell, but sometimes one or more members hit the ugly branch of the tree or whatever the saying is! LOL LOL. Ugly is ugly!!! And I may not be all that myself but I am walkable! LOL LOL

None of these chicks do

None of these chicks do nothing for me. I won't be watching.
JJFad's picture

For the love of all that's

For the love of all that's holy and good....... How da HELL did this illiterate, grammatically challenged, uneducated pig face get a talk show??? A TALK show??? I will most def NOT be giving this pig faced broad any ratings to fund her plastic surgery efforts. Dat azz faker than a $3 bill. Please Tiny, go back in your pig pen and play.
sianna1's picture

TINY is very funny looking...

TINY is very funny looking... she have to know this. But I like her! Seems like she has a GREAT personality, GREAT heart, and a GREAT spirit. She deserves everything that God has planned for her life. Looks aren't everything... infact some of the most beautiful people in the world are the ugliest at heart. Congrats on your show Tiny!!!!!! I'm sure it's going to be entertaining especially w/ the drama queen Tamar... I'll tune in :)
shewrites's picture

I hope they plan to have

I hope they plan to have subtitles for Tiny. Subtitles are the only way that I can understand what she is saying on "The Family Hustle." Trina can't sell any albums, so hey, why not join your friend's show? Tamar is too scared to put out an album, so hey, why not join your friend's show? As for Claudia, I got nothing.
Capital Cutie's picture

Everytime Tamar changes

Everytime Tamar changes clothes, she changes wigs...how cute and unnecessary....

Why are the Braxton sisters

Why are the Braxton sisters (Toni, Tawanda, Trina, and Tracy) are trying to do a talk show that competes with this show. Huh?
SweetDivaT's picture

Woooo LAWD...i sincerely hope

Woooo LAWD...i sincerely hope that second pic wasn't taken while they were taping. Trina needs to close her damn legs and learn how to sit like a lady. Tiny looks bored as hell. Tamar boo, fix your spanks and stop giving Claudia the ice stare...Damn, what she do to you?! lol Claudia is the only one who really looks like she should be hosting a show. My goodness........
DCchica's picture

i'll watch it, but damn they

i'll watch it, but damn they look a bit too formal
diamond2012's picture

drag queens

drag queens

Ded @ Trina wearing a

Ded @ Trina wearing a synthetic blond lacefront! I can't I can't
BEEMA's picture

Tamara Braxton? Yea fix that!

Tamara Braxton? Yea fix that! And I agree they all look ratchet except Claudia. What happened to Tiny's hairstylist friend that wanted to be on the show and went around taping herself to show Tiny that she could be a good host? That girl is funny so they should have let her co host the show. So what if she's ghetto? So is Tiny and half these chicks on stage!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

The only person in these pix

The only person in these pix who doesn't look like a drag queen is Claudia Jordan--and I'm not even familiar with her. Tamar is attractive but the hair & makeup is TOO much..Tina's just weird looking and Trina looks BAD. Her wigs look the worst out of everyone's and her eyes are sagging--WTF...who'd give Tina & that annoying voice a *talk* show anyway???

And don't get me started on

And don't get me started on Tamar. Question to Toni Braxton: How do you have 4 sisters and you the only cute one?! lmao Tamar swear her mug is doing something! Hunny its not. Toni is the only cute one from that whole family. You can tell Tamar been jealous of Toni's fame and success from the jump and now she wants it..but she lacks talent, beauty, and a hit song. Looks like Toni got all the good genes first!
BEEMA's picture

LOL...I think Tracy & Trina

LOL...I think Tracy & Trina Braxton are cute too. Towanda has a nice shape. Tamar would look better if she learned that LESS is MORE. But hanging out with those hags--whose gonna tell her??

Tiny needs to take that eye

Tiny needs to take that eye brow piercing out and put some ice on that mug of hers cuz clearly she's suffering from a swollen infection smh
TrueThinker's picture

Lawd..Tiny is

Lawd..Tiny is B-U-S-T-E-D!..Everytime I see a pic of her I think of the episode on Martin when Gina was going to Martin's high school reunion and her face ended up being swollen and she looked a hot mess.
BEEMA's picture

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