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Tyra Banks Speaks On Break Up With John, (Not) Dating Rob Evans & Trying To Pop Out Babies


Tyra Banks rolled to the "Wendy Show" to talk about love & babies.  Neither of which are working that well for her these days, so she says.  Check out what she had to say about her breakup, dating & her "fried eggs"....

Tyra, in a tight body con side-studded dress and cute heels, was spotted leaving Wendy Williams' studio last night after taping her segment that aired today:



The supermodel hit up Wendy's couch to dish on her love life, having babies and her big "ANTM" season finale that airs tonight. 

Tyra says she and John Utendahl, the sexy banker she dated for years, are broken up, but remain great friends.  "We just talked last night."  Oh, but there's no "benefits."  She says she's trying to date, especially because hat 38-years-old, she's scared her eggs are frying up and she wants to have babies.

About the rumors of her dating the new young ANTM judge Rob Evans, she says that he's like her little brother and there's NOTHING going down.

Wendy & Tyra played the Fave 5 game so we can learn a little more about Ty Ty (like that's possible):

  1. Fave thing a man can do: "Pay for me."
  2. Fave piece of gossip she's read about herself: That she spent the night with Rob Evans at his hotel and he left a $100 tip for waitress. She said SHE left the tip, they were only having dinner in the lobby, and Tyra's best friend was also there.
  3. Fave way to burn calories: She said she's not exercising now.  But Instagram works out her fingers.
  4. Her fave model besides herself:  Cindy Crawford.  Tyra said she modeled her early career after her.
  5. Fave Tyra-ism-: "Smize and Tooch".

Check out her clip below:

Pics: INF




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hooklookping's picture

Love the dress and that

Love the dress and that little leather Jacket.
star's picture

I've been a fan of Banks from

I've been a fan of Banks from day one. She doesn't take herself too serious. Beautiful and smart. I too was a Cindy Crawford fan when I was a kid. The modeling game used to be different back in the 90's. It doesn't have the same fanfare that it did back then.
Tagirl27's picture

tyra is way too animated and

tyra is way too animated and annoying for me...she's still beautiful though
litebrite's picture

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tom101's picture

Oh yeah I forgot how she trie

Oh yeah I forgot how she trie to ambush Naomi who apologized to her annoying self. Grow up Tyra that is 1 reason you don't need children you're to immature.
TeaNicole's picture

..Super Annoying!!! Ugh...

..Super Annoying!!! Ugh...
Like Really's picture


TYRA STOP LYING! YOU KNOW YOU WANTED TO BE NAOMI! Waiting 15 years to get Naomi on your show so you could cry us a river! Save it for the bank Gwarl.
BEEMA's picture

I've got a homemade potion,

I've got a homemade potion, tonic concoction that could fix her nutty energy (the bitch can't sit still long enuff to get Preggy). Where's my Potion Flask.......?...........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Tyra does not seem stable to

Tyra does not seem stable to me or she is bipolar. There's a reason no man has married her yet.
TeaNicole's picture

YEP....and she's a Sagatarius

YEP....and she's a Sagatarius which most of these females have Personality Defects and can't keep a Man.
star's picture

Wendell Williams got them fat

Wendell Williams got them fat crescent roll pig in a blanket legs.
I_love_laughing's picture

Tyra looks like a BLOW-UP

Tyra looks like a BLOW-UP DOLL in that first pic! Wendy shoulda asked her has ROB EVANS turned himself in to the BHPD or if he's still on the lam!
tori's picture

tyra is a lil coo-coo in the

tyra is a lil coo-coo in the head. lol. but i luv her!
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LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


I_love_laughing's picture

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