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FIXING HER LIFE: Maia Campbell OPENS UP About Bi-Polar Disorder, Drug Abuse And Her Mom BeBe Moore Campbell With Iyanla Vanzant


Last night, actress Maia Campbell appeared on OWN's “Fix My Fallen Star” with Iyanla Vanzant to talk about her struggle with bi-polar disorder, her drug abuse and the relationship she had with her mother, author BeBe Moore Campbell. Watch the full episode inside....


In a heart-wrenching show called "Fix My Fallen Star," author Iyanla Vanzant walked actress Maia Campbell down the painful road of mental illness, drug abuse and neglect that nearly ended her career in Hollywood, resulted in multiple arrests and had her daughter removed from her custody.

Most famous for starring in "In The House" with LL Cool J and Debbie Allen, Maia revealed a painful relationship with her mom, famed author BeBe Moore Campbell who often put her work before Maia and made her feel unworthy.  

Maia also delved into her time spent on the streets abusing drugs while suffering from bipolar disorder, as we've all come to know over the years.  During this period, she was arrested multiples times and several embarrassing viral videos surfaced online and destroyed her reputation.

She is now living in a rehabilitation center (by her own choice) and told Iyanla she is ready to take to steps necessary to reclaim her life and her light.


Watch the tear jerker episode here:

Glad to see she's getting it together still. 




maia maia we love u girl and

maia maia we love u girl and your dearst mother may she R.I.P GOD BLESS U I;M PRAYING FOR YOU
floyd0911's picture

It was a very moving episode.

It was a very moving episode. She's talking slow and childlike because of the meds she's taking to control the bi-polarism.
JewelryLover's picture

watched the show & i'm happy

watched the show & i'm happy she's working on getting her life together.
diamond2012's picture

Wow that was so powerful. My

Wow that was so powerful. My heart goes out to Maia, she has been through a lot, but we all have issues and problems, some more deeper and hurtful, But with the help of others and true belief in God there is nothing you can come through and not have a story to share. We all have a story and sometimes the people we meet and invite into our lives will not understand and judge us unfairly. But remember God has the final judgement and call. I love this story and I will continue to pray for her complete healing. Thanks for Iyanla and the OWN network for this show Fix my life... I have been watching the show since it has aired.

still wondering what happened

still wondering what happened to her bosom buddy, Ananda.
shuga's picture

What's with Maia's childlike

What's with Maia's childlike way of speaking tho....? It was weird in more ways than one to me. Just weird.

While Iyanla was in

While Iyanla was in HOLLYWEIRD she shoulda hit up Lark Voorhies aka Lisa Turtle, I wouldn't be surprised if she & Maia were homegirls!
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Maia is such a beautiful

Maia is such a beautiful person on the inside and out, I never would have imagined she would struggle with a drug addiction. You really can't judge a book by it's cover. Her life seemed sad, but I'm so happy she's getting better, is spending more time with her daughter, and is getting her life back on track.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Sometimes we have to do

Sometimes we have to do "uncomfortable" things to achieve our goals. Don't y'all dare judge Iyanla!!! She is very intelligent and insightful. She is not going to cure Maia or anybody else's problems. They have to "DO THEIR WORK" until y'all are able to ASSIST anyone with fixing their life stop criticizing the ONLY person in Hollywood that has even reached out to Maia to help her!!! Shame on the devilish losers that exposed her with that damning video!!! But I'm glad they did and eventually someone has reached out to help her. I am praying for her. Y'all should be doing the same instead of knocking Iyanla and trying to offer an EXPERT advice on how to help save a bipolar soul!!!!

"Dont yall dare judge

"Dont yall dare judge Iyanla"? You said that like she's God. I agree that she's very intelligent and is very insightful, but that doesn't change my opinion. Those scenes were a bit much. Nobody said anything about Iyanla curing Maia, so I don't why you stated that, and I believe Iyanla stated that Maia reached out to her, it was not the other way around (not that it mattered, I just wanted to correct that). I'm sure any and everybody with a heart is praying for this girl, so go some where with your "yall should be praying instead of blah blah blah" statement.. And as far as your last statement about us "trying to offer an EXPERT advice on how to save a bipolar soul", THE ONLY EXPERT AT SAVING SOULS IS MY HEAVENLY FATHER, now have a seat!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

No girl, she said "Don't

No girl, she said "Don't y'all dare judge Iyanla" like she had a Ph.D in front of her name (she does have J.D.)! What's with people trying to CENSOR folks like we (the audience) don't have a right to an OPINION?? Last time I checked this was STILL a BLOG...sheesh!
tori's picture

I think your criticism of

I think your criticism of these people sharing their opinions the same way you are is a bit harsh and self-righteous. Just say you are a huge fan of Iyanla and call it a day. I believe anytime you are dealing with the best way to assist a person with mental health AND substance abuse problems there is always going to be differing opinions. Don't disrespect other opinions as if yours is more relevant and correct.
JJFad's picture

I'm glad to see her getting

I'm glad to see her getting the help she needs. God bless her and her family.
Michelle K's picture

I was not ok with the

I was not ok with the direction of the show last night. I think Maia's condition is severe so she needed something a little more indepth than just role playing especially when it was clear she was heavily medicated to the point she was barely able to show emotion. It was very hard to watch the portion with her daughter and it had me in tears. Since the awful video appeared a couple of years ago, Maia has been in the prayers of many and hope she realizes that she still is and all of us are rooting for her healing and to be the success as a mother and actress that she desires to be.
Keys's picture

Deep, playing those roles did

Deep, playing those roles did not make her look stupid, it pretty much allowed her to really see that she did this to herself. She was in denial and pointed the finger, making herself believe that they caused her to end up that way. Towards the end she realized that it was her own doing.
sexybrownpyt's picture

I seen this she is still very

I seen this she is still very pretty and still has that gorgeous mocha latte skin and shiny healthy hair, her daughter was cute too.
TeaNicole's picture

I could hardly watch Maia

I could hardly watch Maia when she was on stage "acting" out scenes of her life, Iyanla made a fool of her! She is still beautiful & I hope to see her on tv again! (BET stay hiring & firing)!
tori's picture

Ditto lol

Ditto lol
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Thank You!!! I didn't wanna

Thank You!!! I didn't wanna go there, but those scenes made her look crazy. I'm sure Iyanla could've used a better technique. I honestly had to turn my head away from the tv a few times.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Yeah it was hella disturbing!

Yeah it was hella disturbing! I figured Iyanla coulda took Maia back to the set/studio of where she taped In The House, then hit up the strip she was strolling on YT then maybe visit her mother's grave & she coulda explained what she was going thru during those times in her life! Bringing in her daughter was UNnecessary! But hey my name AIN'T Iyanla & I ain't licensed to FIX NO DAMN BODY's LIFE!
tori's picture


Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


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Just to think, Nicki's dumb

Just to think, Nicki's dumb ass is trying to be bi polar on purpose, stupid bitch!!! Anywho....... I kinda think it was a bad idea to have her daughter on television, because if her classmates didn't know who her mother was, now they know, and their evil asses will probably try to f--k with her about it.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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I am so glad she is getting

I am so glad she is getting the help she needs and seems committed to getting better and having a relationship with her daughter. You could see the effects of the meds she's on, but whatever it takes. God bless.

Bi-Polar is NO JOKE (I SWEAR.

Bi-Polar is NO JOKE (I SWEAR. .....half of you bitches on here have it) *rolls eyes then flips real hair* ..............
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