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Rihanna PARTIES IT UP In Paris With Cassie, Pharrell, Diddy & Akon In Paris + Keyshia Cole, R. Kelly, Rick Ross And MORE Rock The "BIG JAM" In Chicago


Rihanna's "777" tour rolled through Paris, France last night where she ended the evening with a hot afterparty with celebs like Diddy, Pharrell, Cassie, and Akon in attendance.  See the flicks inside..... 


With her "777" tour preparing to roll through Berlin tonight, Rihanna capped off her Parisian concert at the Le Trianon venue last night with a hot afterparty where Diddy, Cassie, Akon and Pharrell were among the attendees.


She and fellow shaved-head beauty Cassie shared a few laughs in the club's VIP as she prepped the the remains days of her fast paced tour.


Earlier in the day........ 


RiRi was spotted shopping at Charles de Gaulle Airport in the duty-free shops shortly after landing.



She was spotted copping expensive lingerie at ritzy boutiques like La Perla and Chantal Thomass.



Clearly Diddy was buying his girl Cassie some things too because she bumped into the mogul while shopping it up.


The two posed for pictures and later linked up again for the afterparty.

On Monday, RiRi releases Unapologetic and will stream her London concert live on LoveLive and Jay-Z’s Life+Times YouTube channel.



And over in Chicago....

Chicago native R. Kelly, who performed "Ignition" was joined by Keyshia Cole, Kelly Rowland, Rick Ross and Usher at WGCI’s Big Jam 2012 at Allstate Arena on Friday. The radio station's concert brought out thousands of fans who were entertained by some of todays hottest acts.  Check out performances below:

Usher "Climax"

Rick Ross & Usher "Lemmee See"

Kelly Rowland "Motivation"

Keyshia Cole "Enough of No Love" & "Trust And Believe"


Photos via Splash




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hooklookping's picture

Why doesn't YBF (which I've

Why doesn't YBF (which I've been reading since I was in undergrad so should definitly fucking be there) on the #rihannaplane? I didn't even know all this foolery was going on because the first blog I always check has jack shit to say about it. There are 150 journalists on board... NOT EVEN 1 YBF BLOGGER? step ur game all the way up.
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Yes Keisha sounds

Yes Keisha sounds Great...Don't really hear singing like that anymore!.....Too bad that outfit and hair is Fail...lol
star's picture

cool...both ladies are drop

cool...both ladies are drop dead gorgeous
litebrite's picture

Cassie we are over the

Cassie we are over the hairstyle. Now what? She is beautiful but will never achieve Rihanna's success in the music industry. She should stick to modeling.
PacificGirl's picture


SH!DDY, AKORNY, & PHA-NOW look like the OLD PERVERTS in the club buying 18 y/o's drinks then "ESCORTING" them to their VANS! Cassie's BEAUTY makes RIHTARD look UGLIER than usual!
tori's picture

you stay with something

you stay with something negative to say about Rihanna. i guess that talkin so much shit about her makes you feel better about yourself.


EXPRESSING MY OPINIONS about a celeb doesn't affect MY self esteem LMAO it ain't that deep! Ask them BEYONCÉ HATERS , they hate like its a SPORT!
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Kelly Rowland sure delivers

Kelly Rowland sure delivers with the sexy me and six pack stomachs:)
Atlanta_Entertainment_Watchdog's picture

Rihanna partying???? I'm

Rihanna partying???? I'm SHOCKED!!!!!!!! (the SMELLS that leak from her body must smell like DEATH) ........................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Keyshia Coles is givin me my

Keyshia Coles is givin me my life right now! damn the girl is good!
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