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"The Game" Shoots Its 100th Episode...With New Cast Member


The cast & crew of "The Game" showed off their 100th episode celebration over the weekend.  Check out who's set to return inside...

The instagram account of BET's "The Game" showed off their 100th episode cake.  Creators Mara Brok Akil & Salim Akil posed it up with cast members Lauren London, Brandy, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Pooch Hall, Hosea Chanchez, and Barry Floyd.

Newbie Jay Ellis (far left) was also on the set as he will be in a new role on the show.  BET has yet to give details on exactly what will be going down with that.

While Coby Bell (Jason Pitts) was missing from the pic, he's still shooting his other show on USA called "Burn Notice."  But reportedly, he will be returning as well.

Noticeably missing was Tia Mowry, who will not be returning, but Pooch is indeed back.  And Lauren is slated to take on the female lead as "Kiera", a kid star who's now all grown up.

Season 6 kick off is still TBA.  Will you be watching?





I think without Tia they have

I think without Tia they have more room to grow. Tia and Derwin could only go so far since he became a top player, they got married, and Derwin already cheated. I mean I didn’t want to start seeing the same scenario from Girlfriends ( which I miss a lot), Since it was based around them the only thing left is what, her cheating on him or someone becoming ill. I'm excited and will continue to support because this is going to be a big challenge to take.
kimaras31's picture

ugh im sorry as much as

ugh im sorry as much as Melony charachter got on my nerves, it just wont be the same, im praying that this show does better than expected, fingers crossed!!
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I hope the writing has been

I hope the writing has been overhauled. Since they don't need to stay so true to the development of the Derwin and Melanie characters and relationship, the writers are free to start their own dynamic plot lines. I will be watching, but this time I will jump ship if it gets bad. Unlike last time when I stuck with it because I've been sticking with it so long.
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It's nice to know that so

It's nice to know that so many people commenting recognize how important writers are in making a show a hit.
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Unless they go back to the

Unless they go back to the writing level when the show was on UPN I won't be watching. The writing was terrible when they went to BET and reportedly they were using all the same writers. I'm not sure what happened, but it was sad to see my favorite show at the time go down the toilet once it hit a "black" network. Either way, only time will tell if it's worth the watch.
Keys's picture

Hell Naw I wont be watching!

Hell Naw I wont be watching!
The ZuluKing's picture

I won't be watching. The

I won't be watching. The Game has gone downhill since being on BET.

I will give the show a chance

I will give the show a chance IF Charles Michael Davis aka "Kwan Kirkland" comes back, he was HELLA FINE! I like Lauryn but she can't act for sh!t!
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The ignorance on this blog

The ignorance on this blog amazes me! I hope most of ya'll are in middle school, because then that would make sense. Trying to act all big and bad and then on top of that don't even have a clue of what you're talking about is hilarious! And what's with the subliminal messages? If you have a problem with what someone says on a blog then comment on their post or SHUT UP PUSSY!!!
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LOL you're probably right,

LOL you're probably right, hopefully I don't get emails in my inbox like you've experienced in the past (I should be so honored lmao). But it's just so annoying when I see people comment about having a problem with what someone else said, especially when their explanation is no better. Instead of replying to that person's post or saying their name they just respond in general by saying, "people." Like who are you talking about??? SAY MY NAME, SAY MY NAME (lmao I couldn't resist). But fa real there's some straight up PUNKS on this blog.
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you are all crazy!! Tasha

you are all crazy!! Tasha Mack makes this show!

I'm one of a few fans who

I'm one of a few fans who will be hanging in with The Game. Thankfully, I have the box set so when I need my fix from seasons 1-3, I'll get it. I'm very angry that they turned my show into something fans of the show don't even recognize. I've been a fan since the debut (when Derwin and Kelly were played by other actors). After season 3, the show began to die. It started with getting rid of Kelly, changing the actress that played Brit Brat, as well as changing the format. Now they got rid of Tia! SMH. Even though I'm less than excited about season 6, I will be tuning in.
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I'd rather watch old episodes

I'd rather watch old episodes of Moesha on YouTube.....than TRY and watch Brandy "act" NOW. ..................
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The network controls creative

The network controls creative direction of all of their shows. So even if the writers on the show changed, what the writers can and can't do is approved by the network at all times.
Sincerely WF's picture

Will we be watching? HELL

Will we be watching? HELL NOOOO!!! Tia and Pooch Hall are 'The Game,' their entire relationship is the core of that show. Adding new characters isn't gonna do anything but confuse and piss off the few faithful viewers that they have left. BET had the opportunity to make something out of their crappy SUPER RATCHET network, but instead they chose to be greedy and asinine about the situation. BET might as well hang it up as far as 'The Game' is concerned because viewers already started jumping ship and when this new season airs (I'll give it 5 episodes) that ship will sink faster than the Titanic! Mark my words!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Well, I believe this should

Well, I believe this should be a good show again. I'm really not caring who the cast is [anymore] , I'm more interested in what the writers have done with the script. Where the writers take the show this season will determine whether or not the fans continue to support the show. Get In "The Game"!
Featherlight's picture

I'll be watching. I'm excited

I'll be watching. I'm excited for the new lead characters. The story needed to be freshened up a bit. They did all the could do with Mel and Derwin. I'm really excited about Brandy returning. Her and Cory became my favorite story line last season.
Bird's picture

Lauren as the lead? I guess

Lauren as the lead? I guess i'm the only one that thinks her acting skills need a touch up. Anywho...... BET is the worst thing to happen to this show and they really need to bring back Kelly Pitts and Girl Melanie ASAP, because this show is headed for the toilet.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Without Tia I'm not sure

Without Tia I'm not sure where this is headed but I will wear my seat belt cause I'm sure it'll be a bumpy ride...

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