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LIVE STREAM: Rihanna's "777" Tour LIVE From LONDON


Pop star Rihanna is offering fans from all over the world the chance to see her live....and for free! Watch Rihanna take the stage in London for her "777" tour inside at 5p EST......

With Rihanna's 7th studio album, Unapologetic,in stores now, the pop diva is taking the stage in London for her "777" tour.  The concert is streaming live through LoveLive's YouTube channel and Jay Z's Life + Times. Richard Cohen, the CEO of LoveLive, spoke of the project saying,

"These are monumental projects for LoveLive, encompassing music innovation and digital content for Rihanna - one of the greatest female artists of our time. We are thrilled River Island and Roc Nation have chosen us to deliver these activations, trusting our unique artist and channel relationships. With the documentary access granted and sheer scale of the stream, we hope to demonstrate that through LoveLive's creation of premium digital content and utilisation of channels such as YouTube, both artist and brand objectives can be achieved."


Following the conclusion of the "777" tour, Rihanna will kick off the 'Diamonds' world tour on March 8th 2013 in Buffalo, New York.

Meanwhile, the "mood" aboard the private plane where RiRi has tons of journalists and fans flying with her is not great.  Jeff Rosenthall of Rolling Stone wrote, "We haven't seen Rihanna offstage since the first day, unless you count her popping up at baggage claim for a few moments on the morning of the second."  

He then described the feeling aboard the plane as "one of mild depression-cum-hysteria" and added that they are both sleep and fuel deprived. However, they have been supplied with tons of booze...which probably isn't a good thing.


Watch the concert live here:



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hooklookping's picture

less back track and more live

less back track and more live singing please
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

This was a great concert,

This was a great concert, Rihanna did her thing!
Sky's picture

loved it!!!... Just her, a 5

loved it!!!... Just her, a 5 piece band, and 2 background singers... very intimate. I appreciate that & the lighting was crazy. Hope she add more dates.
RO's picture


I'm UNINTERESTED in Unapologetic, but one thing is for sure, the b!tch STAY WORKIN (must be the island in her)!!
tori's picture

(must be the island in

(must be the island in her).....lmao
star's picture

nice. amazing job riri

nice. amazing job riri
sexybrownpyt's picture

Loved that live stream from

Loved that live stream from Berlin...looks like she was having a good time...Damn I wish I had some of her money!
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