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TV FAB: Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart BATTLE IT OUT On The Streets, Kim Zolciak's Dad Calls Her A "Pathological Liar"


Viewers got to know a little bit more about "RHOA" addition Porsha Stewart last night and they also learned that Miss USA Kenya Moore is not a fan.  Watch the two battle it out inside and get the deets on Kim Zolciak's moving drama and court battle with her father.

Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart, the two newest additions to the "RHOA" franchise, popped off in the streets last night after an "introduction gone wrong" at Porsha's charity event.

The pair first met over lunch with Porsha asking Kenya to be a guest at an event for a charity started by her grandfather, late civil rights leader Hosea Williams.

There was instant tension between the two (mainly from Kenya) as Porsha's bubbly personality didn't sit well with the former Miss USA. "Like, OMG, I'm like so happy and a cheerleader."  Ha Porsha!

At the event, Porsha mistakenly introduced Kenya as "Miss America" and it all went downhill from there. In the pageant world, you must get the titles correct!  Especially if YOU invited her as a "face" for your event.

After Kenya walked outside to leave, Porsha followed her and a vicious war of words ensued between the ladies.  Kenya is crazier and more dramatic than we ever thought.  But we're TeamKenya on this one. 


Watch Kenya and Porsha battle it out here:


In other "RHOA" news.....


We told you previously about Kim Zolciak's moving drama and her Twitter war with former landlord Kendra Davis, and now the whole mess is playing out on this season's "RHOA."  

According to Kim, she's moving from the home she was renting from landord Kendra (and taking the $40,000 worth of flowers she planted in the yard) back to her townhouse because she can't find a house in ALL of Atlanta that is up to her standards.  We've been thinking she's a dirty liar for years now, and now it's obvious.

Most folks think she just doesn't have the money...but of course Kim would say otherwise.  But Kim says a lot of things...and now her own father, Joe Zolciak, is calling her out.  He told TMZ,  "Kim is a pathological liar PERIOD."

Kim and her parents are battling it out in court as Kim's dad Kim is blocking him and his wife from seeing the grandchildren.

They've filed court docs regarding the matter and Kim has filed papers of her own.  He continued, "I will not tolerate her trying to make a mockery of my wife or our family any further. We are completely humiliated by all the lies she has put in the media."

And to show just how sour feelings are between father and daughter, he also said she was a bad role model. "She has been married twice and has three different fathers of her four children. Let's face the facts."

That's a pretty harsh criticism to express publically about your daughter.  We guess they won't be spending the holidays together.... 


Check out a preview of Kim's "move" next week:




OMG! I read each and every

OMG! I read each and every post on this blog and I couldn't agree more with all of you. Everyone who commented truly made my day. Although I have had way too many glasses of Moscato this evening/morning, the comment about Kroy burning Sweeties freedom papers is one for the history books! I have ruined a perfectly good laptop from that one and I just cant stop laughing at that! I couldnt have said it better myself!

I noticed that the cameraman

I noticed that the cameraman did a pan to Kenya's butt and it looked, uh odd? And do most people put in 40K worth of landscaping in a home you're renting? Kim just needs to stop frontin and move back to her "cramped" 5000 ft townhouse and keep it moving...
GetAtMe's picture

Porsha is tacky. Her

Porsha is tacky. Her grandfather's organization is not "the largest in the south." No one knows about it outside Georgia. It was tacky to bring a Chanel shoe cake and a purse as a gift to a CHARITY EVENT. Porsha is the perfect example of "money can't buy class." Kenya is old news. She is no longer relevant, which is why she's now trying to be someone's wife. She should have accepted one of the 6 proposals she says she received in the past. Also, what's with these wet behind the ears chicks calling 40-year-old women "old?" It reeks of insecurity. Keep living...
tinytexan's picture

Poor Kenya - old,

Poor Kenya - old, marriage-less, child-less, plump and mean spirited. Sad that she doesn't realize she'll never get what she really wants with an attitude like that. God don't like ugly.
Denise2007's picture

Kenya is a straight up bitch.

Kenya is a straight up bitch. She has been around since the 70's and her ass is older than 41, lying ass. It was funny to see her expression when she found out her man asked Kandi out...hahahahaha!
JewelryLover's picture

Kenya feet look so abused,

Kenya feet look so abused, someone should call 911 to get them bad boys some help. Kim is moving back into her town home because she doesn't have the money to buy a more lavish home.
TeaNicole's picture

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hooklookping's picture

Kenya is a looker...

Kenya is a looker...

In this particular issue, I

In this particular issue, I have to side with Kenya. How do you invite someone to an event and announce who they are to your guests, and you can't even get the title right? Like you didn't even practice once what you were gonna say? It's a charity event, not improv. If I won Miss USA and people were asking me to come to their ish and they don't get it right, that'd be a little annoying. I think Kenya was already irritated because it really was wack. Then she also made the point that Porsha has gained respect by the means of others and this is true... "wife of" "granddaughter of". There is NOTHING wrong with that but don't act like you did all the hard work to live the life you do live. I will say that Kenya's attitude can be a little too cocky, yeah you did win Miss USA but that WAS 1993. No one really doesn't care that much to where they will hound if they see you on the street "forcing" you absolutely need a bodyguard, that's ridiculous. Kim is full of sh*t.
vanessa.boo1's picture

Okay so it was a charity,

Okay so it was a charity, then why did Porcha's husband walk into the event with lavish expensive gifts for Porcha when this was supposed to be about charity for the children? Was it her birthday celebration or an even for charity? Also Kenya is a nasty stank attitude having heifer and the craters of Mars on her face aren't helping either. She's so bitter but it makes sense considering how her mother treated her as a child, she' acting just as evil and bitter as her mother did her.
MasterClass's picture

I am totally surprised that

I am totally surprised that no one addressed the close up of Kenya's feet!! Her feet were horrible! She should have worn orthopedic socks and shoes. And the cameraman was wrong for zooming in on them! I had to rewind the show to figure out whose feet those were. She is a old bitter B***H, and way too old to keep talking about having a baby. especially with risks involved when babies are born to older women. Sit down Kenya, stop playing the victim!!

Yes I loved that argument

Yes I loved that argument between Kenya and that ugly chick...That shit was Funny!
star's picture

Excuse me but am I the only

Excuse me but am I the only one that see's that the ugly strange looking Bug Eyed Big HORSE Teeth Porscha came for Kenya right from the beggining. When you first meet some one you don't ask too many personal questions about them, from the very start she was IMLPYING SHADE w/ Kenya asking about her age, and if she's married or have ever been married. I saw what she was doing and yes she may be alot younger than Kenya but she is WAY UGLIER THAN KENYA IS! Yes ugly younger women come for me just like Porscha came for Kenya trying to throw shade about not being married of not having any kids when all along they are JEALOUS because you look WAY YOUNGER & BETTER than they do. I can totally relate! Just like myself I am sure Kenya could have been married ,It's a matter of choice and wanting the right man! FYI Kenya is nothing ugly all she needs to do is take care better care of her skin. I guess BEAUTY is in the Eye of the Beholder because Porscha is not cute and is as BASIC as they come, and is very very INARTICULATE! SORRY but KENYA got her because like KENYA said Porscha is living off the name of her HUSBAND & HER GRANDFATHER who ever he is! Kenya has made a name for yourself she has from a mom that ABANDONED her and the HELLVILLE KNOWN AS DETROIT! So that being said made it on her own! Beating 1,000 of Lily White girls to make it as Ms USA is an accomplishment! That so called CHARITY EVENT that Porscha had was a LOW and RATCHET EVENT! This was no Charity event this was a Party for Porscha, even Lawrence said he would not have come to her RATCHET Party!
Shay's picture

THANK YOU!!! That charity

THANK YOU!!! That charity event was TRASH! I'm like WTF kind of event is this?
Iridescent One's picture

LOL--u are SO right!!

LOL--u are SO right!!

I was DEAD at "...that the

I was DEAD at "...that the ugly strange looking Bug Eyed Big HORSE Teeth Porscha.." & "HELLVILLE KNOWN AS DETROIT!" Yeah Porscha talks like she was raised around a bunch of HOODRATS & her "charity event" guests confirmed it! But didn't Kordell look like he had an EXTRA CHROMOSOME or sumthin? Ugh she was TWICE as annoying as Kim & her SLAVE SWEETIE! Kenya had me ROLLING, when she was talking to Lawrence & Porscha PRETENDED to kick her out of the "event!" You're right, Porscha started with Kenya when they had lunch & she started askin all them PERSONAL questions like they were BFFs smh!
tori's picture

Ahahahahaha! An extra

Ahahahahaha! An extra chromosome! Funny
GetAtMe's picture

You had me dying when you

You had me dying when you said Kroy was out on the lawn burning Sweetie's freedom paper's and Kim was putting out the flames. Lol! That fool should have never came back to the show everybody had forgot about her, but now she'll forever be known as the Boxed Slave who don't wanna be free smh! I guess NeNe was right Sweetie is a real live 2012 slave. The only reason Kim and Kroy wanted her back was for damage control because people was calling them racist for the way the got rid of her retarded ass. Sweetie has no damn dignity at all!
Shay's picture

Well Auright....LOL

Well Auright....LOL
star's picture

While I know the right to

While I know the right to freedom of speech and equal rights was something our ancestors fought and died for....I doubt if this was the type of moral free idiocracry they had in mind. Some things that you can do... you ought to have enough in you not to! smh
VIRTUOUS1's picture

Oh and let me add that Kenya

Oh and let me add that Kenya is a disgrace to her crown. She is arrogant and immature as heck. Porsha was VERY wrong for what she did but she did apologize right there in front of everyone at the event. That should have been enough for Kenya or anyone. What was she suppose to do kiss her feet and plead for forgiveness? Smh.
JJFad's picture

I'm honestly peeved that

I'm honestly peeved that Porsha is on this show. Her grandfather's organization The Hosea Williams Feed The Hungry is a wonderful organization that helps thousands. To see her on TV bragging about her high life, acting dizzy and not even remembering the word RECESSION being the granddaughter of a civil rights leader that helps the poor was awful. It casts a negative life that could even impact donations for his organization. Why would people want to give when his grandkid is so rich and bragging about chilling all day...let her fund everything. Furthermore, why is anyone surprised by Kim? I have said for years that she was nothing more than a proud whore. Now even her parents confirm it. That is nuff said to me.
JJFad's picture


THIS SITE IS A MESS: According to Kim, she's moving from the home she was renting from Kenya (Um didn't you just say her name was KENDRA) e've been thinking she's a dirty lie for years now, and now it's obvious. (You mean WE'VE with a W) Most folks think she just doesn't have to money (doesn't have THE money?) Kim and her parents are battling it out in court as Kim's dad Kim is blocking he and his wife from seeing the grandchildren. (Kim's dad Kim????) What is the problem? They write 5 or 6 "articles" a day TOPS...and can't spell basic things right. It's so disgraceful! Get your life together YBF
Girl's picture

I'm not a Porsha fan, she

I'm not a Porsha fan, she seems air head ish but KENYA is wrong, regardless this event was for charity and why did she invite Lawrence, I know Lawrence considers himself one of the girls but I remember Porsha telling Kenya that the event was women ONLY, now why invite Lawrence to put both him and Porsha in an uncomfortable situation. Kenya went to the event ready for drama and since Lawrence showed up late she couldn't pull that drama card so she reached for the title mistake instead WHACK
Blank Stare's picture

Kenya invited Lawrence to

Kenya invited Lawrence to mock and ridicule Porcha's event. She clearly told her that it was a woman's event, that hideous monster in makeup is NOT A WOMAN as much as he thinks he is. I guess Kenya was still in her feelings about the questions she was being asked at their "business meeting", so she brought some ammo with her.
MasterClass's picture

Get rid of that dumb ass

Get rid of that dumb ass Porscha chick. she is a ding bat. She has not done anything but live off other poeple names. what is he claim to fame beside marrying a Gay on the downlow brother name Kordel Stewart.
lola69's picture

Kenya is an ugly ass hater!

Kenya is an ugly ass hater! She feels threatened by anyone that looks better than her. Somebody needs to tell her she's a Non-Factor!!

Sometimes I question what

Sometimes I question what Sweetie and Kroy does when Kim is not around. IJS.........
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Play in her closet and try on

Play in her closet and try on her wigs while smoking her Newports!
tori's picture

Porscha's voice is TOO

Porscha's voice is TOO ANNOYING! I'm NOT sure why Kenya keeps getting surprised that people DON'T know who the hell she is! Like B!TCH you was in TROIS..STOP IT!! Kim & her REDNECK husband need to go rent a DOUBLE WIDE instead of BRAGGING ABOUT being evicted on NAT'L TV! She seems embarassed by her parents, but her mom does look like SKELETOR smh! It was REALLY HARD watching Kroy burn SWEETIE's FREEDOM PAPERS, and KIM putting the flame out!
tori's picture

I honestly think Kim's mother

I honestly think Kim's mother has some sort of condition. She doesn't look right in the face, almost like she's deficient of some nutrients, vitamin or something.
MasterClass's picture

". . .Kroy burn SWEETIE's

". . .Kroy burn SWEETIE's FREEDOM PAPERS, and KIM putting the flame out!" ROTFL ~ ~ just spit out my tea!¡
GetUrLife's picture

do those two ppl in the first

do those two ppl in the first pic have on the same exact dress? were they bridesmaids or something? way too many beautiful people are stupid and way too many of them are on tv these days. and why does that girl have her bang covering her eyes like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert?
shuga's picture

Kim is a liar...on last

Kim is a liar...on last season at the reunion, Marlo called Kim out by saying that she was renting and that was her friend Kendra's home.....Kim denied it saying that it was her home..now at the beginning of this season we find out that the home was in fact Kendra's and she was just renting...I'm pretty sure the things in the home are Kendra's and not Kim's...Stop lying Kim! And then she made the comment about her parents sending KJ $25 for his birthday...my grandmother sends me $25 for my birthday every year and I am very appreciative..she is ridiculous!
DW's picture

Kim doesn't respect her

Kim doesn't respect her parents. She talks to them any how and shows no honor whatsoever. Her daughters are watching and learning and their little spoiled fat selves will be treating her the same when the become of age. She's sewing seeds of disrespect in those children.
MasterClass's picture

Kim reminds me of Evelyn in a

Kim reminds me of Evelyn in a way. They both just racking up on karma's takeover.
JJFad's picture

Yeah I remember that.

Yeah I remember that.
Ethel Mertz's picture

This chick really gets pissed

This chick really gets pissed because people get the title Miss USA and Miss America mixed up. WHO GIVES A F--K. As many times as she corrected people about it, I still don't know which title she holds, so it's purposeless. She doesn't know how stupid she's making herself look and having that oh so noticeable, fake ass Shenaynay booty doesn't help either. Not that I like Porsha, because that bitch is a handful herself and was I confused or did her husband give her a gift and a cake made out of a Chanel bag and shoe. I thought it was suppose to be a charity event. smdh......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Kenya Moore should start

Kenya Moore should start eating her make-up with her dirty looking skin ~ maybe it'll make her look pretty on the inside, because she sure as hell has an ugly personality. Gone with the wind fabulous my a$$. What a disappointment. As for Kim Z ~ Father Knows Best!¡!
GetUrLife's picture

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