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HAIRYTALES: Jaden & Willow Smith ROCK WILD DYE Jobs In Their HAIR


Hollywood royalty Jaden and Willow Smith were seen rocking multiple colors in their hair recently. See pics of their colorful hairdos inside....



The Smith kids arrived at LAX yesterday sporting a few colors of the rainbows in their hair.  Willow, who recently made a trip to Capitol Hill to raise awareness about human trafficking, wore her hair pulled to the top in a small beehive with purple highlights.


Though Willow's brother Jaden looked a bit more conservative from the front.....


His dye-job was a bit more dramatic than Willow's hair. While the front of his head seemed to harken back to his Dad's days as the Fresh Prince, the back was dyed blond and blue (producing a light green color in some spots).


The pair arrived at LAX with Mom Jada, who was looking fashionable as usual in a black trench coat with fur trim.


Photos via Xposure/Broadimage




There are many people who are

There are many people who are celebrities who have raised children in Hollywood to be normal. It is a choice when one sees children like Willow and Jaden, the parents chose to allow them to act beyond their ages, they are not my children, I can offer an unsolicited opinion and that is that Will and Jada need to be more involved in their children's choices. Are these children going to have any hair follicle left when they get to their mid 30s with all this experimentation? Enjoy being children, young ones because they will come a time you would wish you could go back and wouldn't be able to do so. I am all for kids being expressive but then it gets to be a bit much, sometimes it appears as if these kids are raising themselves. You rarely see them with their parents doing the things one does with their parents at this age, it's work work work, jet set here and there...parents and children. If there is one, the fall out of all of this too much freedom is gonna be bad!
Marek's Wifey's picture

I wonder which one of her

I wonder which one of her kids will come out first....Prob that intense ass Willow....lol
star's picture

what children change their

what children change their Look & Style every other week (too much FREE TIME on theirs hands) and they both look like GAY GUYS. I guess there's no chance of them PUMPING EACH OTHER every night....like Bobbi Christina and her brother do. ..............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Jada should be indicted,

Jada should be indicted, she's KILLIN' it, as usual. She's soooooo beautiful!o I keep looking, but I just can't figure out what she's had done to her FACE!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Cheek implants/injections to

Cheek implants/injections to offset a saggin/skinny jaw.
GetUrLife's picture

Aww these two can be wrapped

Aww these two can be wrapped and packaged as cute lil Chia Pets.. Just in time for X-Mas!!
Like Really's picture

Love This Family! And Jada

Love This Family! And Jada You Better Work!



What in the SONIC THE

What in the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG HELL is going on with Jaden's hair?? I'm all for kids being AWARE of the problems in the world but what happened to KIDS JUST BEIN KIDS?? You have your entire life to be an ADULT & deal with ADULT PROBLEMS & only a little bit of time to be a kid & careless!
tori's picture

Jada's Louis Vuitton coat is

Jada's Louis Vuitton coat is fire!
Disturbed's picture

*rolling eyes*

*rolling eyes*
Sunflower Jones's picture

Willow looks more like Will

Willow looks more like Will than Jayden does. And I think those lime green color blocking was intentional. I like these kids.
Sincerely WF's picture

Go head Mrs. Smith. Love the

Go head Mrs. Smith. Love the outfit!
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