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K. Michelle LANDS Record DEAL With Warner Bros. + Tyler Perry DIRECTING The "Single Moms Club" + Lenny Kravitz SET To PLAY Marvin Gaye In BIOPIC


"LAHH ATL" star K. Michelle has landed a major recording deal with Warner Bros.  Find out what she said inside and get the deets on Tyler Perry's next film project and Lenny Kravtiz playing Marvin Gaye in a new biopic.


After many ups and down in the music industry, singer K. Michelle has finally found her footing and signed a major recording deal with Warner Bros. As her struggle has been documented on the reality show "LAHH ATL," K. Michelle has garnered many fans and supporters as she's shared stories from her past (including allegations of domestic abuse and missteps in the music industry).  

She shared her excitement with Singersroom saying

"I'm just really blessed to get a second chance. I have so much to sing about and so many stories to tell.  I may not be the most polished or prissy R&B singer, but I do feel that I am the voice of a lot of women who don't have a voice."

Congrats K. Michelle!


In movie news......


As Tyler Perry gears up for a big year with OWN (as he is producing several scripted projects) he's also announced plans to produce, direct and star in the upcoming film Single Moms Club.  

The film follows four single mothers from different walks of life who are brought together by an incident at their children's school.  So far, William Levy and Zulay Henao have signed on for the film which is due in 2013.

Also, Tyler recently wrote the forward for a book called Joining Forces: Empowering male Survivors to Thrive by Dr. Howard Franklin.  He posted to Facebook,

"There (are) a lot of boys who have been abused and hurt... Most men never saying a word about it, just suffering in silence....

"I know that this is difficult to talk about or even acknowledge, especially for men. That's why I am so happy that Dr. Howard Fradkin has written a book called Joining Forces to help men who are adult survivors learn to cope, deal and most of all stop suffering in silence...

I know the pain and the darkness and the shame that we as men can carry when these evil acts have been put upon us. But I also... know the peace and comfort that comes along with healing from the horror. Healing can start by reading this book."

And in casting news..... 


According to London's Evening Standard, Lenny Kravitz has been cast as the legendary Marvin Gaye in an upcoming biopic.  The film, which will be directed by British filmmaker Julian Temple, will focus on Marvin's late career when he lived in the United Kingdom and struggled with money woes and alcohol addiction.

But just like the upcoming biopics on Nina Simone and Jimi Hendrix, the "family" isn't on board for the film.  The paper reports that Janis Gaye, Marvin's second and last wife, has said she feels “very sceptical” about the project.  So far, Marvin's daughter Nona Gaye (who's also a singer) hasn't spoken out about the project.  





K. Michelle has also landed herself a KING cover for "The Reality Issue".  The month of December has two covers, one featuring K. Michelle and one featuring "BBW LA" star Brooke Bailey.   


  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Looking good ladies!

Photos via KING




what is that scribble

what is that scribble scrabble tattoo on Brooke's shoulder? I think she's gorgeous but somehow these just arent her best pictures but kudos either way. I wanna see Bambi's sexy ass on the cover next time....lol...love her
shuga's picture

Tehe..So These ladies are

Tehe..So These ladies are proud to be on the cover of King huh?? Ugh...Go figure two thirsty AF tasteless rejects!! Smh...
Like Really's picture

Lenny Kravitz with his fine

Lenny Kravitz with his fine ass!
Realist's picture

K.Michelle:but I do feel that

K.Michelle:but I do feel that I am the voice of a lot of women who don't have a voice."___________ Hunny if K.Michelle is the voice for you then you need to see a psychiatrist. What record label would give this lunatic a record contract?! I need to see some receipts!
BEEMA's picture

Who edits these posts? I'm so

Who edits these posts? I'm so tired of the grammar errors and spelling errors. I understand mistakes happen, but geez. Even though this is an urban blog and I expect slang, I don't see how a word like "skeptical" gets misspelled! No offense, but The YBF needs to double check posts before publishing them.

AGREED! I really appreciate

AGREED! I really appreciate and love this blog and would love for the bar to be raised!
Girl's picture

Good for K. Michelle...her

Good for K. Michelle...her voice is tooooooo good to waste.
Atlanta_Entertainment_Watchdog's picture

"There (are) a lot of boys

"There (are) a lot of boys who have been abused and hurt... Most men never saying a word about it, just suffering in silence...." unless the perp is ELMO!
tori's picture

Congrats, K Michelle! I just

Congrats, K Michelle! I just hope she doesn't have to hand over much of her budget advance and royaltymoney to the Wrights. She's looking good these days, hope it all improves for her and works out. I agree with her, she's the misical voice of many women. I like her spunk, reminds me a lot of myself:).
Carmen CaBoom's picture

who is this chick???? never

who is this chick???? never heard of her before. I do not watch the hip hp show or whatever that is she was part of.
sweetpea1989's picture

Simply put...she is a NON

Simply put...she is a NON MUTHATRUCKIN FACTOR!!
tori's picture

she is very ghetto and

she is very ghetto and unpolished. besides hoodrats who is interested in this music. we have a Keisha cole and Mary j already
lola69's picture

EXACTLY, I won't be buying

EXACTLY, I won't be buying anything she's singing on. I wouldn't support that mess. She has nothing but sad stories to tell, singing about this man leaving, he don't love me, all that bull$hit.... No THANK YOU!!!
Didshesaythat's picture

I know the drama surrounding

I know the drama surrounding K.Michelle but she has been blessed with a hellva voice - wish her the best - I hope she does so well the need to be connected to reality t.v. will no longer exist...
lifeisgood's picture

I can't with K. Michelle &

I can't with K. Michelle & her 1994 MJB sunglasses, looking like she just left the COURT ROOM with a NOT GUILTY VERDICT smh! I hope she keep MEMP-IHITZ-WOMEN & Toya's name out her mouth! TP's new flick sounds interesting I hope he SWITCHES UP THE CAST (with ppl that can ACT)! Is 2013 the yr of sh!tting on GREAT MUSICAL LEGENDS IN FILMS b/c that Marvin Gaye flick is only going to focus on his STRUNG OUT YRS & that damn NINA SIMONE debacle is going to be HORRID! I am HOPEFUL that André 3000 will do JIMI HENDRIX justice!
tori's picture

Unlike casting Zoe / Nina

Unlike casting Zoe / Nina Simone - this is an excellent choice - Lenny will do justice to the project!!
lifeisgood's picture

congrats to K. Michelle.

congrats to K. Michelle. cute nail polish too! I can respect Tyler Perry's story and hope that it will show molesters the damage they are causing.
shuga's picture

Yesss Lenny Kravitz!!!!

Yesss Lenny Kravitz!!!!

Congrats to K. Michelle, now

Congrats to K. Michelle, now please don't f**k it up with that mouth. The only time it should be open is to sing.
Peace Silas's picture

skeptical has a K in it.

skeptical has a K in it. c'mon ybf!!
shuga's picture

Oh at first glance I thought

Oh at first glance I thought that was Regina King...Hmm well good for her bcuz for a minute I didn't think anyone wud want to sign her crazy azz! Hehe
Like Really's picture

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