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CANDIDS: Mary J. Blige CATNAPS At The Lakers Game + Jada, Jaden & Willow Smith At The BEACH + Amber Rose & Her Mom Make A CHEESECAKE Run


Mary J. Blige, Amber Rose and the Smith family were spotted out and about by the paparazzi yesterday.  Find out what they were up to inside.....

Hard working R&B diva Mary J. Blige was spotted at the LA Lakers v Brooklyn Nets game at the Staples Center in LA yesterday.  Though the Lakers went on to beat the Nets (95-90), we're not so sure Mary was awake to see it.



The Queen of Hip Hop Soul has been working on multiple projects including "Betty and Coretta" which she stars in with Angela Bassett.  The Lifetime film focuses on the lives of Coretta Scott King and Dr. Betty Shabazz after the deaths of their husbands. Mary plays the role of Betty while Angela stars as Coretta.


It must be nice to be able to sleep through a game....while sitting courtside!  But the tickets didn't go to waste as Kendu seemed a bit more interested in the game.


Elsewhere in the LA area......


Amber Rose is STILL pregnant...and she's actually still got a few months to go.


The fiancee of Wiz Khalifa was spotted leaving the Cheesecake Factory (obviously her fave spot during this pregnancy as she's been spotted there several times) in Sherman Oaks with her mother.




She tweeted about pending motherhood saying, "Got our 3D ultrasound 2day! Our Baby smiled the whole time! I couldn't believe it! He looks like me & Wiz but def has his Daddy's smile :-)" 


And in Hawaii........


Jada Pinkett Smith was spotted out on the beach with her kids Jaden and Willow.




Jaden was seen hanging ten on his surf board and going for a run on the beach.


His tiny sister Willow joined in the fun in a mismatched animal print & stripes bikini.  Fun times.


Photos via FameFlynet Pictures/Headlinephoto / Splash News / DaGreenTeam




Jada's so cute. I hope I'm

Jada's so cute. I hope I'm as good of a mom as her if I become one.
IAmCoolBreeze's picture

I don't see anything wrong

I don't see anything wrong with the girl's two-piece. Little girls in the real world that are her age where two-pieces all the time.
IAmCoolBreeze's picture

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hooklookping's picture

Mary looks like CURIOUS

Mary looks like CURIOUS GEORGE sneak sleeping in church, Amber WADDLES when she walks & WILLOW is TOO DAMN YOUNG for that swimsuit!!
tori's picture

Willow needs a burger. Maybe

Willow needs a burger. Maybe a double Big Mac.
BigJohn's picture

Nice to see the Smith kids

Nice to see the Smith kids finally acting and LOOKING like kids.
JJFad's picture

Damn Mary!......why is it

Damn Mary!......why is it looking like a hard knock life?
star's picture

Mary looks constipated in

Mary looks constipated in that first pic...Amber Reppin' Caption save a Ho while lookin pleased about the next 18 yrs...Dont know Why Jada dressed in sweat clothes for the beach maybe It is nippy! *shrugs shoulders
Like Really's picture

Sorry, but Willow looks

Sorry, but Willow looks malnourished. I don't care what anyone says, but I think this little girl has some issues.
MsKizzy's picture

Do you not see the muscle

Do you not see the muscle tone in her body? The girl is clearly naturally thin, super active and super healthy. Her issues must consist of an inability to stay home sitting on her ass, trolling blogs, snacking on genetically modified foods reserved for niggas in the hood, getting fat and mistaking unhealthy, road to heart disease expanding waistlines for being attractive. Everyone needs those issues........... ...........Her feet though. Clearly that shoe game is gonna result in some surgery.
Sincerely WF's picture

"His Tiny Sister Willow"

"His Tiny Sister Willow" Really? This site needs to be changed to YoungBlackShade.org. She's built like her mother was. The only difference is that she's taller than Jada. Looks like their having fun and that's what counts the most. Learn to look at the positive side of stuff instead of the negative.
Iridescent One's picture

While it's nice to see the

While it's nice to see the Smith kids doing normal kid activities, I'm still wondering when these children go to school? I know they're home-schooled but how does that happen when they're never home?
DesignDiva's picture

Why should it matter to you?

Why should it matter to you? They have a tutor. PERIOD. Being home schooled allows you the freedom to do different things. It's no different than going to school online. The flexibility. You can also go to Elementary, Middle and High School online now. Look it up.
Iridescent One's picture

Look dear, I don't need to

Look dear, I don't need to look it up. I've been a faculty member at a prestigious university for 5 years so I'm guessing that I probably know a little bit more about education that you do. If you actually took the time to LOOK at the point I made instead of going on some mindless rant, you would have seen that at no point did I criticize the Smith kids being home-schooled. I simply said that considering how much they are photographed out and about, I'm wondering when they actually have time for home schooling. Get a grip and go take your meds!
DesignDiva's picture

@ Iridescent One You are

@ Iridescent One You are right, Eddie Murphy kids were home schooled as well. Kidada Jones and Laila Ali both talked about leaving the private schools because they did not fit in and sometimes being a black child in those Hollywood private schools can be hard. Kidada Jones says she was called racist names mean while her sis Rashida did her best to fit in and pass for white. Kidada said she decided to just go to public school and she was fine. I feel there is nothing wrong w/ home schooling, like you said it gives you freedom to do different things. The Smith kids would probably be treated like Kidada Jones was. In this case Will and Jada was right in their decision to home school and the Murphy's kids seem to be good normal kids as well.
Shay's picture

Well said.

Well said.
Iridescent One's picture

I guess being married is a

I guess being married is a sacrafice because Mary looks like she would love to be home in bed right now. Amber Rose and her mom look like the future Halle and Nahla, this is how Halle will look helping Nahla w/ her first child. Amber looks nice and her size don't look like most pregnant women I see, she's smaller than most unpregnant women I know. Jaden looks so much better than his baby sis. Willow should have been a boy because she looks too much like her Daddy!
Shay's picture

Am I the only one that's

Am I the only one that's uncomfortable with the 11 year old's body been so public on this site??? I understand they are at the beach, but I feel like lines are being crossed in splashing her pic on the site... Just a future mom talking.
BlueCali's picture

BlueCali I would have to

BlueCali I would have to agree with you. And as a mom, I also have issues with an 11 year old wearing such a "small" two piece.
TheMrs's picture

dam Jaden is growing up

dam Jaden is growing up cute!! let me stop looking at that little boy before Jada cuts me but dam! aww Kendu matched his shoes to Mary's. cute. Amber's mom is pretty but Cape Verdeans generally are. congrats again on the WizBud!!
shuga's picture

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