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FAMILY FACTOR: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian ROLL To "X-Factor" To Support Khloe


It was a family affair as sisters Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner arrived at an 'X-Factor' taping with Kim's boo Kanye West. See their pre-Thanksgiving fun inside.....



Kanye West was spotted heading into an "X-Factor" taping yesterday with his girlfriend Kim K. in Los Angeles.  The leather-riden couple was spending time with the K's before the Thanksgiving fstivities we're sure Kanye will be spending with that fam too.



Kim's younger sisters Kendall and Kylie also attended the taping and they looked like one big happy family....dressed in black.

Though Kanye seemed comfortable on camera when he filmed with family for their "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" show this season,  Life and Style Weekly reports that he wants Kim to leave reality tv.  With Kim's contract with E! ending next year, insiders say Kanye is really pushing Kim to focus on acting and ditch reality tv.  Dudes always want you to leave the game that you were in when they met you don't they?

Hmmm....we don't see that happening though.  Kim loves the constant attention being followed around gives her.  And frankly, her job is to live out her life on camera.  What ever would she do with her time if she didn't?  



Kim also posted a pic on Instagram of her and Kanye while giving a shout out to one of his songs "#flashinglights".


Photos via FameFlynet Pictures/Instagram




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hooklookping's picture

Khole is so horrible on

Khole is so horrible on ExFactor. She asked the contestants the dumbest questions and Mario keeps saving her unprofessional behind.
Lifeatbest's picture

Can't a speeding bus just hit

Can't a speeding bus just hit this plastic ho? She's such a trash bag.
sianna1's picture

South Beach Miami kicked

South Beach Miami kicked their ass out! They had to move to the Northside in the hood. Her momma, Kris, PAID for them to get the key to the city. She wanted these HOES to feel special. LMAO!!!!!

Im still lmao@North Miami for

Im still lmao@North Miami for presenting the "Keys to the City" to these fools.
Realist's picture

The skin rash on Kim is

The skin rash on Kim is Karma...ratchet ass hoe.
Lola's picture

What is that shit on Kim's

What is that shit on Kim's legs. Pants heffa...wear some pants until that mess passes.
SassyFace11's picture

Kim has a Herpes breakout due

Kim has a Herpes breakout due to stress. Nasty ass rashes and she needs to wear pants.

She has psoriasis(skin

She has psoriasis(skin condition) which causes redness and irritation. Most people with psoriasis have thick, red skin with flaky, silver-white patches called scales.
MarshayH's picture



Kylie and Kendall are not

Kylie and Kendall are not attractive at all.
PacificGirl's picture

DISAGREE! One is gorgeous.

DISAGREE! One is gorgeous. The other . . . mmmm, not so much.

Those nasty rashes are taking

Those nasty rashes are taking over Kim's legs and who knows what else. Yuck! Watch out Kanye! LMAO.

Kanye, you are failing dude.

Kanye, you are failing dude. Where is GOOD Music? Are you producing anymore? The Kardashians are career killers!

LMAO.....He looks like he is

LMAO.....He looks like he is sick of they azzzes......And why aint Kanye never shown hanging out with his real family, cousins, friends, etc... :(
Naomi's picture

woooo one of the younger

woooo one of the younger sisters has legs for days!! get it lil mama. thats the one to watch for, she's gonna be a killer.
shuga's picture

I don't believe that rumor.

I don't believe that rumor. Kim & her fam signed a contract this year that'll guarantee the show will air for 3 more season. I'm glad Kanye is happy, he fits right in.
saHTC12's picture

Lmao!!! Oh my gosh, that will

Lmao!!! Oh my gosh, that will spell the end of her public career if she tries to get into "serious acting" doesn't Yeezy know that? Or is that what his possessive ass wants? Veeery few reality "stars" make it out of the reality bubble to do big things in the entertainment world. Nene wanted to be an actress BEFORE RHOA! Kim has tried outside public ventures like music...huge flop (and then she later claimed it was for charity)...I doubt anybody wants to see her on the big or small screen unless she's butt naked lol. No doubt she will do well selling products because the Kardashian brand means something, but she will NEVER be taken seriously in any other media-related forum besides reality TV.
Girl's picture

ok I started visiting this

ok I started visiting this blog cos it is call the young black and fabulous.. Now the only thing u post has to do with the kardashians,, yes u get views, but can u just respect the name of the blog and ur readers and stop posting about them?? It is getting really tired,, we get she is dating Kanye and so u have to post about her,, but damn must u post sumthing about the whole family???? Like is not bad enough we see dem everywhere already..
lucysprung's picture

BaHa more like Kimye

BaHa more like Kimye Kartrashian...smhlol!!
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