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CHEERS: Rihanna & Chris Brown DOWN A FEW After Chris' CONCERT In Berlin...Then Exit The Club Together


Rihanna was spotted tossing a few drinks back in Berlin with her ex Chris Brown at his afterparty yesterday.  See photos of the pair doing everything in their power to NOT be photographed leaving together inside.....


Pop star Rihanna was spotted downing some good German beer at Club Adagio in Berlin after Chris Brown's "Carpe Diem" concert at the O2 arena last night.  The twosome spent Thanksgiving night together...but didn't want anyone to know.  As if cameras wouldn't spot two pop stars in the same club.



RiRi didn't just stick to the beer as she also had a few shots, which probably allowed her to relax after that semi-disaster of a trip of the "777" tour.  


Though the pair was snapped together in the club, they tried to keep all interactions private.


Chris was seen sipping on champagne during the party before he hopped on the mic to get the crowd hype. Though his concert in Berlin went well, Chris was reportedly forced to pull out of a concert in Guyana recently after protests from women's groups over his assault on Rihanna from a few years ago.   But his reps maintain the protests were NOT the reason he cancelled.  Hmm....


And AFTER the afterparty......


Breezy was seen smoking outside of his tour bus while bundled up in a scarf and trench coat.  






Rihanna seen heading to the same awaiting vehicle that Chris was in.  We can only guess what that next stop was...



Watch Chris perform at the afterparty here:

Photos via Sergen Isici/Virtualnights.com/WENN.com/seka /Splash News




Spinning out of control...

Spinning out of control... "we found love in a hopeless place" clearly this is the extended version..
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hooklookping's picture

Chris does not love her and

Chris does not love her and he loves that underage looking corpse (Karraeche). But sadly, crackhead Rihianna looks like a dope head, she is too skinny and hard in the face. Chris doesn't want her dopehead behind. I agree with want someone else wrote: Bobby&Whitney sequel II. Dopey and Dopey love triangle. YOU can tell Chris don't want to fkk her anyone but you tell Rihianna want to fkk him. Sad miserable couple.
Lifeatbest's picture


FIESTY FISTY is LITERALLY two "hits" (from the CRACK PIPE) away from looking like a CORPSE & that RHITARDED ENABLER couldn't care less!
tori's picture

I love these two together.

I love these two together. Ain't nobody's bizness...
Carmen CaBoom's picture

These two are very self

These two are very self destructive. Young love my ass. They have moved over to drug addicts and alcoholics. They look worn out! Both do look dirty!

So true!

So true!
Moni's picture

I didn't know they both

I didn't know they both smoked. I like Chris and Ri together but they use to look so cute and clean. Now they look grimy and tired. Even separately they do now. Ewww.
JJFad's picture

I hate that they smoke!!

I hate that they smoke!!
MarshayH's picture

Do ya see the red lipstick on

Do ya see the red lipstick on Chris Brown's ear?
MarshayH's picture

YES!! I see the lipstick too

YES!! I see the lipstick too
Supermodel01's picture

Young love is a beautiful

Young love is a beautiful thing. Hopefully, they've both grown and learned from past expierences, and able to move forward in a healthy, loving relationship.

the heart wants what the

the heart wants what the heart wants.
shuga's picture

Unfortunately, these two may

Unfortunately, these two may not work out well. They appear to be very self-destructive (Chris brown-cocaine and Rihanna-everything else). I really hope that they eventually get the help that they obviously need before they become another statistic.
Zetagirl's picture

I'm loving that coat on

I'm loving that coat on Chris. Nice. But damn whyyyyy is he so skinnnyyy?
Sincerely WF's picture

Two strung out Turkeys. How

Two strung out Turkeys. How cute. Anywho....... I guess Kerosine is gonna have him for Christmas.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Chris' clothes look pretty

Chris' clothes look pretty dope for a change.
Yas's picture

Isn't that nice.. Ugh but

Isn't that nice.. Ugh but it's good to see CB look clean for a change!!
Like Really's picture

i didn't know Chris smoked

i didn't know Chris smoked cigs...guess i shouldn't be too surprised
diamond2012's picture

Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston

Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston (The Sequel) Let us PRAY they don't crap out kids
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I agree 100%, their

I agree 100%, their "relationship" is not some modern day Romeo and Juliette story...these are two drug addicted, self destructive and troubled people. These 2 need rehab and therapy....what's even more troubling is that people look at them as examples of "young love", WTF? There is NOTHING healthy or romantic about their relationship, SMDH
Moni's picture

Her and the other Tori girl

Her and the other Tori girl must be kids/students or something. There is no way working grown working adults would have so much time to post all day everyday.
JJFad's picture

damn bitch do u have a

damn bitch do u have a fucking job? all this trolling on blogs makes u look stupid
C00kiesNweeD's picture

@C00kies - I have asked the

@C00kies - I have asked the same thing. The bitch can't work. I think she is mental and needs help!


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