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Halle Berry has beefed up security around her and daughter Nahla since her fiance Olivier Martinez and Nahla's father Gabriel Aubry came to blows on Thanksgiving. See photos of Gabe's bruised face and Halle and Nahla inside....



Halle Berry has beefed up her security detail (which included being driven in a black SUV flanked by four police on motorcycles) and a bodyguard after a fight at her home between her fiance Olivier Martinez and ex-boyfriend/baby's daddy Gabriel Aubry.

But it didn't stop the two ladies from having some Post Thanksgiving fun:




She and Nahla were escorted to the Nokia Theatre to watch a Yo Gabba Gabba! show.


Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Gabe Aubry was spotted in LA yesterday sporting a nasty bruise of the left side of his face.  And until December 3rd, he's prohibited from going anywhere near Halle, Olivier, or Nahla due to an emergency protective order put in place by the judge this weekend.


We wonder if Gabe knew that Olivier's father was a professional boxer?  Dude clearly picked up some of his Dad's moves.

Photos via Peter/NPG/Splash/TMZ




Can NOT stand Halle BUT I can

Can NOT stand Halle BUT I can see Olivier wanting to make his woman happy. I'm sure she's done nothing but cry n complain since she was told she can't go to France,BUT I also know all four of them were out the day b4 Thanksgiving-Gabe Included-so I don't know what happened to irk Gabe,BUT at the same time-my son's father sometimes tells his wife to S T F U when it comes to our son. She says she's just "trying to help", but there are times when what's going on should only involve the PARENTS. I'm team Gabe, BUT since I saw pics of everyone together the day b4 the fight, AND all we know Olivier said is "We need to stop this", I think Gabe could have overreacted. Hopefully the TRUTH will prevail.

My hope is parents can raise

My hope is parents can raise above their own squabbles avoid violence and stay out of the way of their children's relationship with either parent! Love is expanding Possession is isolating! I love Halle I hope she can handle these emotions with grace and gratitude of her daughter's right to both parents LOVE...and Gabe better watch his Mouth dealing with FrenchY Egad

I've lost respect for Halle.

I've lost respect for Halle. I'm a parent and in my marriage, was a step-parent. One of the things you learn is to stay the fuck up out the business. If I was Gabe, with all of the shenanigans she's been doing in trying to replace Gabe with Olivier, I would snap too. There's a fine line between being a blended family, and just all out drama. This chick is all out drama!!
Michelle K's picture

Black women never support

Black women never support each other. Trashing Halle Berry isn't going to make this white dude want you. He isn't checking for any of you EVER! I guess any black woman that's been in multiple failed relationships is a crazy vindictive loser? Some of you'll should take stock in your OWN lives then hold up a mirror.

Halle is a manipulative Drama

Halle is a manipulative Drama Queen. First she never let's Nahla visit Gabe's side of the family in Canada. Second, she makes him travel with her while she's filming her horrible movies instead of letting the child spend quality time with her Dad. Third, she tries to take Nahla and move to another country. Fourth she makes him drop Nahla off on Thanksgiving morning to spend time with her and her new man. I would fking snap too! WTF? I'm starting to believe the rumors that she's a crazy heffa.
PacificGirl's picture

couldn't have said it better

couldn't have said it better
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Shit happens!!!

Shit happens!!!
RO's picture

There go Halle with that BIG

There go Halle with that BIG A$$ SINISTER GRIN on her face! She looks VERY pleased with herself! I see why MEN be dropping her like a had habit...DRAMA!
tori's picture

this is truly sad. that child

this is truly sad. that child will grow up thinking drama is the norm. two parents who are using the child to control each other. She is trying to force Gabriel out of that child's life when many are looking for involved father's. Losing respect for Halle every time news story about this hits.

She must've read some of the

She must've read some of the scathing, hateful comments on here. 'Friday' type daaaaaaaaaaaaaam@Aubry's face.
Realist's picture

what type of person Halle may

what type of person Halle may be I can't speak on so I'll reserve my judgement! But I do know that situation isn't good for the child.
Dee's picture

Damn Gabe!!!...Oliver beat

Damn Gabe!!!...Oliver beat the breaks off you...you should have been bobbing and weaving...got you looking like the elephant man.
Lola's picture

Halle needs to get her shit

Halle needs to get her shit in order. It's a shame that this child has to be subjected to this foolishness. All of the adults in this child's life are acting like idiots. If she had any sense, she would cool things off with Oliver until she and Gabriel can figure out things out because Oliver is doing too much and is only throwing gas on a fire that is already out of control.
MsKizzy's picture

There are plenty of grieving

There are plenty of grieving family's that have lost their love ones due to domestic violence! just because she has the means acquire extra protection shouldn't condemn! she is a mother and we do anything to protect our kids(some of us!) and when a person show you who they are, you better believe it!

Well DAAAAAMN!!! Oliver tore

Well DAAAAAMN!!! Oliver tore his ass all the way up! I bet Gabe won't try that sh** again! Halle's man ain't no punk! Oh and Halle I see that evil grin girrrrl!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

LoL..he got the bizzness, the

LoL..he got the bizzness, the point, and the beat down for confirmation!! Smhlol...
Like Really's picture

Gabe should have broke

Gabe should have broke Oliver's neck. Halle is a hawt mess. Just look at the smirk on her face. I hope the judge take Nahla away from her crazy behind. See a black man didn't put up with her crazy azz. They got rid of her with quickness. But these white men are dumb over her. SAD.
Lifeatbest's picture


LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Halle reminds me of Rihanna... both attention hungry women that are obsessed with drama.
Yas's picture

Oh snap! They weren't kidding

Oh snap! They weren't kidding around, check homeboy's eye! That's really unfortunate; I hope they can settle their differences civically for the sake of their daughter.
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Beef up security? Yeah, I

Beef up security? Yeah, I get that Gabe has a temper, but I doubt that he will start to stalk them and perform so random act of violence. I hope the EXTRA secuirty is due to the paps and the crazy public. If iits JUST for Gabe, that's just some exaggerated foolishness
rant's picture

Looks like Gabe got his @ss

Looks like Gabe got his @ss handed to him! LOL
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I like Halle, but how is she

I like Halle, but how is she entitled to have 4 police officers on motorcycles following her as if she's the first lady. I get that you're trying to play the scared to death card, but get your own personal security. Get yo life Halle!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Ummm I don't know how they do

Ummm I don't know how they do things in your city, but everywhere else in the world, you PAY for police officer/sheriff deputy security....it's not free. They're better to have than private security b/c they have the power to arrest and/or shoot on the spot.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

That is White Trash Holiday

That is White Trash Holiday Shenanigans right there.....smh (i found 2 whole Candied Yams in the toilet. i guess my brother really did "inhale" the food) ..................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Candied Yams in the toilet?!

Candied Yams in the toilet?! Wtf are you talkin about now Lisa? LOL.
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