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Mel B TAKES Her Family For A STROLL + The Wayans Grab Dinner With Their LITTLE LADIES


International TV personality Mel B was spotted going for a stroll with her family in Australia.  See the photos inside and also see Shawn and Damon Wayans out with their little ladies.



Singer Melanie Brown, who doubles as a judge on Australia's "X Factor" was spotted taking her daughters out for a stroll yesterday. She pushed her youngest, Madison Brown Belafonte, along in a carriage.


And cutie Angel Iris Murphy Brown followed alongside Mama Mel on her bike.  Mel looked a bit more relaxed as she won a victory in court yesterday and got an extension for a restraining order against an aggressive photographer.


Her oldest daughter Phoenix Chi Gulzar and hubby Stephen Belafonte were out for some family fun too.  Loving this dress on Mel B.


And Stephen even did a few tricks on his skateboard.  Always a kid a heart.


And in Hollywood...................



Funnymen Damon Wayans and Damon Jr. (who stars on "Happy Endings") were spotted at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood.



It was definitely a family affair as they were out with their little ladies (grandkids/cousins) of the fam.




After dinner, the family was spotted heading into their cars to head home.   Who's your chick Damon Jr.?


Photos via Grey Wasp/Splash News/FameFlynet Pictures





Damon Wayans Jr. & Sr. are

Damon Wayans Jr. & Sr. are both very handsome. I see Jr. is into the "exotic" women too. *sigh* I love love love Mel B.'s jumper. looks so flowy, happy & comfortable. I used to have that same stroller for my daughter but she's all grown up now (well she's 3..lol!). I miss it but I dam sure dont miss changing pampers!
shuga's picture

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tom101's picture

Mel B daughter with that gay

Mel B daughter with that gay duck Eddie Murphy is a Doll, thank Goodness she don't look like her drag hag sperm donor.
TeaNicole's picture

I Hate The Pix Of Lil Angel

I Hate The Pix Of Lil Angel Riding Her Bike In A Bikini. It Seems So Inappropriate.
Keyths'Girl's picture

That's because it is...can

That's because it is...can you imagine her poo little twat hurting on that seat.
star's picture

All of her kids have

All of her kids have different last names...
tinytexan's picture

I was a little CONFUSED about

I was a little CONFUSED about Mel's daughter riding her bike in a BIKINI but figured maybe they were comin from the beach! Stephen is TOO DAMN BIG & OLD for a skateboard, sum1 get his a$$ a HOVEROUND! Love the Wayans KLAN, pretty kids!
tori's picture

I don’t understand how Eddie

I don’t understand how Eddie Murphy could be so publicly neglectful to his own kid. Whether he wanted to have a child with Mel or not doesn’t change the fact that she’s here. I mean it’s not her fault he went in raw, right? Nevertheless, it’s damn good thing Stephen has stepped up to be a father in her life, now that's a sign of a good man.
Peace Silas's picture

Lil' Angel Iris-Murphy-Brown

Lil' Angel Iris-Murphy-Brown is the cutest little thing ever (almost makes me wanna blast out a kid) I wish the Paparazzi wouldn't take CROTCH SHOTS while she's wearing a STRING BIKINI though. ....smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Is that an Australian thing,

Is that an Australian thing, letting your daughter ride down the street in a bikini.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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