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Rihanna Tweets Shirtless Sleeping Pic Of Chris Brown...Right Before The Two Part Ways


It may be "Nobody's Business" and all...but Rihanna's intent on making it our business anyway.  Thanks to her non-subtle tweets.  Last night, the "Diamonds" diva gave fans a peek into the hotel life of her & her ex Chris Brown...after she jetted to Germany to support him on his Carpe Diem tour.


Check out Breezy shirtless and sleeping in bed inside...

Well isn't this special.  Rih took to her twitter to post the above pic of Chris Brown sleeping in bed...half dressed...surrounded by his fave character Bart Simpson.  She said:

Dis nigga....#BartObsessed


And since any Breezy fan knows he's indeed Bart obsessed, especially since he posted this pic of himself in a Bart jacket just hours before, we all know exactly who that is laying in the bed.  Dude got put to sleep...and we doubt it was just because he was tired. Just sayin'.

As for what Chris' ex Karrueche thinks about all this Twitter PDA between those two...no one knows for sure.  But she conveniently Tweeted one word right after these pics went up, "Ugh!"  Could be coincidence...but maybe not.


Today, the two parted ways as Rihanna headed to London to perform on "X-Factor" (pictured above leaving her hotel room on the way to rehearsals at Fountain Studio).  Meanwhile, Chris jets to Katowice, Poland to hit the stage at Spodek Arena.  We're sure these two will hook back up extra soon...

Pics: Twitter/SPLASH




This girl trying to make

This girl trying to make karreuche jelious or what?!!! anyway the dude was tired after a good night fuck :)

DICKmatized times 2!!!!

DICKmatized times 2!!!! Somebody keep Jilly off dat thang!!!!!!!!



They need help mentally and

They need help mentally and for abuse. They are not well. They do better apart. Chris shut his twitter down. Where is her damn clothes? Trashy and Crazy! "Shine bright like a Ritard!"

Where would Rihanna be

Where would Rihanna be without the controversy? She should thank Chris Brown for keeping her relevant between all the trendy haircuts, tattoo's, drinking/smoking binges and killer stylists. I see she's gunning for a # 1 album with all these PR attempts. Before she releases an album Chris Brown is somehow always conjured up wether it's in an interview or in her bed.
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tom101's picture

I love their relationship.

I love their relationship. they are such a good sexy couple. I wish he was my man not the loser I gota deal with now.
Supermodel01's picture

What is RHITARD tryin to

What is RHITARD tryin to prove? Ain't "NOBODY" checking for CRACKHEAD CHRIS but KICKBACK & she will have him on X-MAS & New Year's! WOMP!
tori's picture

lol... kickback? Hilarious!!!

lol... kickback? Hilarious!!!
RO's picture


Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Your turn Kerosine!

Your turn Kerosine!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Thats post on twitter from

Thats post on twitter from Rihanna was I fukked Chris Brown when in Germany. These two are a hawt mess.
Lifeatbest's picture

Good For them Chris having

Good For them Chris having his way and eating her cake cake cake cake cake too! Lol www.fridaypays.com get paid every Friday working from home!
Kingbreez's picture

While I do not support this

While I do not support this union, hook-up, "relationship" or whatever they call it. These two Obviously don't give a flying phuck what Anyone thinks. If two people can be separated for 5 years ~ mandated to no physical or verbal contact do to the ultimate of dire circumstances and Still have love for each other and want to be together ~ I say let 'em be. In another year or two ~ the public will be obsessing over some other famous person's relationship stupidity. As for karoake or whatever the name is ~ get a job! and stop tweeting!!
GetUrLife's picture

A bunch of big ass kids

A bunch of big ass kids ......smh
LetsGetIt's picture

@LisaRaye's Subconsciousness

@LisaRaye's Subconsciousness Yes, in that picture she does
MarshayH's picture

Karrueche has a video of her

Karrueche has a video of her making fun of Rihanna loving Chris but why did Chris dump you to be "just friends" with Rihanna? Have several seats Karrueche because obviously Rihanna is the only girl in CHRIS BROWNS WORLD..
MarshayH's picture

naw sweetie, Chris didn't

naw sweetie, Chris didn't dump Karrueche. Rihanna and Karrueche are both fools here. Rihanna was the one kissing and sucking on him one night and the next day and night he is spending it Karrueche. I am 100% sure Rihanna and Chris are fukking but he like fukking Karrueche freaky azz as well. All of them are losers in this relationship.
Lifeatbest's picture

This triangle though. LOL!

This triangle though. LOL! Watch another female get in the mix soon!
Yas's picture

Okay...Now this whole thing

Okay...Now this whole thing is just annoying. Because she releases songs like "Nobody's Bidness" or HOWEVER it's spelled, but then tweets and posts about it every two seconds, knowing full-well people will be confused. If it's nobody's business keep it that way! And it really seems to be one directional -- I don't ever see Chris tweeting pictures of him and Rihanna -- what is she trying to prove? It's awkward and weird at this point!
Girl's picture

Couldn't have said it better

Couldn't have said it better myself!
QueenSafira's picture

Yes ma'am, you hit the nail

Yes ma'am, you hit the nail right on the head! Celebrities are always screaming about privacy and yet they are the first ones to put their business on front street. 9 times out of 10 it's not the paparazzi putting Rih Rih on blast. She puts herself on blast with Twitter and Facebook. And like you said, you don't see Chris Brown doing ANY of this foolishness with these women (Rih or Karruche). You got two women who could have any man they wanted and they're fighting over dick...and dick that doesn't give two shits about either one of them. It's ri-damn-DICK-ulous!
DesignDiva's picture

OMG...,she actually looks

OMG...,she actually looks like Bart Simpson!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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