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Alicia Keys PROMOTES "Girl On Fire" At "GMA" + Beyonce ANNOUNCES New "HBO" Documentary


Alicia Keys stopped by "GMA" earlier today to promote her Girl On Fire disc and Beyonce announced a new film project with HBO.  Get the deets on both inside...



Alicia Keys was seen leaving Times Square Studios earlier today after an appearance on "GMA" where she promoted Girl On Fire (in stores tomorrow).  


Earlier, Alicia spoke about the disc on Nightline saying, “This feeling of, kind of finding my own space and my own place to be myself, my own full self. Love it or hate it, whatever the case, here I am and here's me. I'm more excited about this album than I've ever been for any record ever."


And in other television news.....



Earlier today, Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming, announced that they've teamed with Beyoncé for an intimate feature-length documentary film set to air on Feb. 16, 2013. He said,

“Everybody knows Beyoncé’s music, but few know Beyoncé the person. Along with electrifying footage of Beyoncé onstage, this unique special looks beyond the glamour to reveal a vibrant, vulnerable, unforgettable woman.”

Beyonce, who executive produced and directed the film added,

“HBO has a history of pushing every boundary with class and authenticity Some of my favorite shows are on HBO, so I am excited that my film will be part of its bold programming. This film was so personal to me, it had to have the right home."

The film will feature footage (most of it captured by Beyonce) that will provide unprecedented access to her private and professional lives.  One major highlight will be her speaking about the joys of motherhood and how her life has changed since the birth of Blue Ivy.

Hmmm....We wonder if Bey will allow us to see Blue Ivy's face again.

Photos via Roger Wong/INFphoto.com




Great Album!!!

Great Album!!! http://bit.ly/QItldp

Alicia, I am in LOVE with

Alicia, I am in LOVE with "Girl on Fire!" You did your thing, once again :)
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I have a feeling that most

I have a feeling that most will fast forward through to see the 20 seconds of footage on the baby. We don't want to hear you talk about how motherhood has changed your life --- you already did that interview in print several times! We know! We know! We don't want to see any concert footage. We already know that part of you! We don't want to see you flying on a private jet from one country to the next and please erase all yacht footage---saw that all summer long. What else you got? Let me guess, you hanging out with Kelly and Solange. Boring!!!!
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tom101's picture

Another ploy to stay

Another ploy to stay relevant. Big phucking yawn. zzzzz ≈≈
GetUrLife's picture

I will watch Beyonce sit in

I will watch Beyonce sit in the floor and polish her nails. If bey is in it I'm watching. I'm very inspired by her drive and hustle. Her growth is 100% evident in her music. I love that she manages her career and is the damn BOSS of her empire. My only criticism is that she plays it safe a lot, especially her look. The long blonde hair is aging her. She needs a sexy edgy cut and more modern styling. She's too beauty pageant. I only liked one unfit from her revel concert, they were just too ornate and Vegas showgirl for me. But Bey is my inspiration. Btw. Y'all killing me with the "blue lagoon, blue cross blueshield" comments. Lmao
GTFOHWTBS's picture


Classic87's picture

She is the most beautiful,

She is the most beautiful, boring, not so smart person and not throwing shade, but why waste time on showing us a bunch of nothing. No blue, no little brother just her and her picture perfect life, just fake fake fake. I'll pass.
TeaNicole's picture

Beyoncé...you my girl & I

Beyoncé...you my girl & I LIVE 4 your music, but you are about as BORING & BLAND as spaghetti WITHOUT the sauce! Beyoncé is just UNRELATABLE & her FANS understand that! I bet Blue Ivy's face will be blurred out smh!
tori's picture

Trust me if this documentary

Trust me if this documentary was going to be boring it wouldn't be on HBO. This documentary will be far from boring. She is going to be gangsta on this documentary watch.
Lifeatbest's picture

We CLEARLY aren't talking

We CLEARLY aren't talking about the SAME Beyoncé Knowles-Carter!
tori's picture

LOL, I bet that baby will not

LOL, I bet that baby will not be shown at all. They will show a can of blue paint, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Blue Lagoon, everything blue but Blue Ivy.
Capital Cutie's picture



LMAO...& maybe sum Blue

LMAO...& maybe sum Blue cheese, Blue Bell icecream, & Blueberry muffins lol.
tori's picture

I like Alicia's new song with

I like Alicia's new song with Maxwell. I don't know if I will purchase her album; "The Element of Freedom" was a bit disappointing to me, so I hope this album is better.
Capital Cutie's picture

Diabolical, Colossal,

Diabolical, Colossal, Narcissists do stuff like this because they think they are "Misunderstood" ....smh.....................Bey-Z <<------o_O
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Aw...beyonce's #1 fan.....HEY

Aw...beyonce's #1 fan.....HEY GIRL! Let me know when you watch the documentary so you can comment on that too...
Classic87's picture

Right! Lmao

Right! Lmao
lj's picture

GIRL.....she so lame it makes

GIRL.....she so lame it makes no sense lol. In order for her to know what she don't like about Beyonce, she HAS to be paying attention. she loves being a beyonce cheerleader.
Classic87's picture

This is what Beyonce does.

This is what Beyonce does. Just like anybody else wakes up and goes to their 9-5, this is hers. Just because she is wealthy doesn't mean she should sit back and bask in it all day. This is her job. I'm confused at the people who say her music doesn't reflect that she's a grown woman. You must be focusing on the singles only. There are several mature tracks on her albums. I will say though, I will be very upset if this is just a mash-up of the many "behind the scenes" short videos that she has done in the past.

Good points. They claim to be

Good points. They claim to be "so over" Beyonce, but I can't tell! When I'm over something or someone it's so easy to ignore them all together, but that's too much like right. "Four" had some tracks that definitely showed some growth (I Care, I Miss You, Love on Top), and I hope her music continues to trend in that direction. As far as the HBO documentary, I doubt that it will be anything that we have not seen before. I am not one of those consumers that feels like they need to know everything about an artist anyway, so it really doesn't matter to me. I like the day and age of artists like Whitney and Michael who had some mystery about them.
Capital Cutie's picture

People just trying to take

People just trying to take away from Beyonce' success and spotlight. If it wasn't for Beyonce youtube, Rihanna, and the age of blogs, sites like this site wouldn't EVEN exist. She is the reason why TYRA BANKS (can't keep a man) behind is relevant. Beyonce was the tsunami that changed the entertainment game. And all your favorite female actresses and singing artists try to mirror her style. Beyonce' music is mature and empowering. I hate when people talk about her and don't even know her. So you are right....it's confusing when people try to discredit her. I don't even pay them no mind. They are dream snackers. Beyonce is not going anywhere and she will be around for a long time withOUT nude pictures, sex tapes, her degrading other females in the game, without her sleeping around for tracks nor without her looking like clown (Lady Gaga & Nikki M).
Lifeatbest's picture

Don't care for Alicia Keys

Don't care for Alicia Keys music and she is no good in concert. I can't wait to see the HBO special. I am sure it will be hit like Beyonce' Thanksgiving ABC special. Beyonce is ALWAYS ahead of her peers in marketing. Gotcha love this woman's game and business sense.
Lifeatbest's picture

I can't help but wonder if

I can't help but wonder if Beyonce's whole I want to expose more of my personal side (which is a good thing) is her growing and being more vulnerable after having a baby or her wanting to get back into the public's good graces? I just find it odd how someone so private all of a sudden wants to be so open. Whatever! I'm actually excited to see if she will show interactions of her, Jay, and Blue together. I guess we'll see...
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

What are you selling Bey or

What are you selling Bey or are you just so starved for attention and feeling like you're about to lose your spot. That the only time when she "OPENS UP" about her uninteresting life. Of course she produced, directed and filmed it. We don't need to see no more of your dance rehearsals, you sitting down PRETENDING you're writing a song, you sitting down in front of your webcam, crying acting like you're so moved, you randomly riding a bike on a dirt road, you having your finger nails painted BLUE, Baby Blue's shadow on a wall or how she has grown (but not really). (singing) We're so over you, go get looooost, girl who do you think that you arrrrrrre? BEY, PLEASE BE SEATED!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

She's both selling something

She's both selling something and starved for attention that's why it called "selling your soul."
Peace Silas's picture

"Baby Blue's shadow on a

"Baby Blue's shadow on a wall" BWA!
Featherlight's picture

LMAO @you sitting down

LMAO @you sitting down PRETENDING you're writing a song, you sitting down in front of your webcam, crying acting like you're so moved, you randomly riding a bike on a dirt road. I CAN'T!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Oh my and there she goes.. It

Oh my and there she goes.. It wudn't be a surprise for BeDunce to film a documentay about motherhood with a baby no where in dam sight!! I mean hopefully this change and so called growth of hers will finally be heard in the music!! smhlol... Anyhoo dear Alicia I really wish u'd go back in that cage u felt locked in bcuz Im sick of you and that song!! *back to watchin as The Stars Dim...
Like Really's picture

Okay...I love Beyonce's old

Okay...I love Beyonce's old music. It was fun and refreshing. Now, it's just like there's this Beyonce overload. I haven't liked her past 2 albums and I wish her music would reflect the fact that she is a grown woman and mother. That's why I love Monica and Melanie Fiona. No hate towards Beyonce since I feel she is talented; I'm just kinda on the fence about her latest stuff.
holmesa925's picture

Alicia looks cute and her

Alicia looks cute and her album is great.
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