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HERE WE GO AGAIN: Chris Brown's Vulgar Twitter War Makes Him DELETE His Account, Rihanna Says She's SICK


Chris Brown is back in the Twitter hotseat after a vulgar war of words with a follower--who happens to be a known comedic writer.  Deets on their fight and Chris deleting his account again, plus Rihanna popping off about her sickness...


While traveling around Europe on his Carpe Diem tour, somewhere between Poland and Germany, Chris caught a whiff of the ish a writer named Jenny Johnson was talking on Twitter.

The drama all started when Chris wrote last night, "I look old as f***! I'm only 23."  The Jenny person, who we've learned has been going at Chris for a few years now about his past indiscretions, responded, "I know! Being a worthless piece of s*** can really age a person."

Fightin' words!

Chris repsonded, "Take them teeth out when u Sucking my d*** HOE."

Then Jenny said, "It's "HO" not "HOE" you ignorant fu*k."

Then Chris told her to ask Rihanna if she's mad.  Sigh. 

We'll let you take a look at the rest of the exchange....where Jenny, who says she's now getting death threats from team Breezy, tries to bring Chris' mama in it and he fires back with a smartass shart remark:


After this little exchange went down, Chris deleted his Twitter account...for the umpteenth time.  Womp.


Meanwhile, likely thanks to all her country to country hopping and spending days on in with Breezy, Rihanna's only tweet during this time was about how sick she was:

I hate being sick!! I don't wanna do shit or talk to anybody right now!!! Can't even swallow, and that's no bueno!!

Everybody needs to take a damn break...



YUCK...I know that shit is

YUCK...I know that shit is contagious...stay away from me...LOL
star's picture

Big kudos for Chris for doing

Big kudos for Chris for doing exactly what he was SUPPOSED to do to that reckless talking hoe...chin check that skank. Don't come for Chris & Rhianna cause they WILL hand your WHOLE ass and the hole to you...just like me. But why is the hoe following him if she doesn't like him and why won't he block the raggedy cunt?!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

SMH! I'm sure it's hard for

SMH! I'm sure it's hard for celebs to deal with constant attacks, but when you are the celeb, you cannot attack back because guess who will be labeled the bad guy?! You would think that Chris would have learned this by now. What is the point of deleting your Twitter account?! Also, WTH does that "Ask Rihanna if she mad?" comment mean? Comments like that make people think he really has no remorse for the incident. He is dumb enough to get angry and allow people to make a name for themselves. I have never heard of this chick before now. Thanks for giving her 15 minutes!
Capital Cutie's picture

"These HOES be actin up &

"These HOES be actin up & Chris Brown AIN't lettin 'em!" I nearly choked when Chrissy said he should fart while she giving him top..EWW! Of course RHI-DUTTY-WHINE was playin possum when Chris started talkin reckless! Such a CARIBBEAN CUNT, I think she SWALLOWED enough of Chris' poison this weekend & thats why she can't swallow now...NASTY! I bet Chris is with KISS-N-TELL right now & thats why he not on TWITTER!
tori's picture

it just reminds me of when

it just reminds me of when that fat lady on bbwla called Draya "worthless". its pretty low and warrants getting cursed out.
shuga's picture

That woman was wrong

That woman was wrong PERIOD!!! She got what she deserved!
Happy Lady's picture

lol at Tasha for posting the

lol at Tasha for posting the photo of Chris with the bruised woman tattoo. Anywho....... I'm no fan of Chris's at all, but it's only human to get pissed when someone is constantly going out of there way to come at you and calling you a worthless piece of shit. In my opinion she deserved every bit of it. Anywho....... I see Rih Rih is bummed out by not being able to swallow. (side eye)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LOOOOL like we haven't seen

LOOOOL like we haven't seen this before!
Yas's picture

Is it me, or did we

Is it me, or did we completely overlook the fact that this chick went at him, so he went at her. Its not a sign of "oh he clearly doesn't respect women" its a, "this chick went at me so I'm going after her". Would it have been okay if it was a dude who was talking to him this way and he responded the same way?? I'm not a team breezy fan, BUT I do recognize when someone goes at you, you go back just as hard! I don't give a damn who they are! You wanna play with the big boys, let's play!! And it isn't HO you ignorant HOE! lol! Santa says HO, and trust me, Chris is not Santa!!
Nena23's picture

It's not you. They are

It's not you. They are choosing to overlook the fact that not only did she start it but she's been harassing him for over a year now. It's giving them more ammunition to fuel controversy and gain more traffic to their blogs/news sites.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

It's not overlooked (well at

It's not overlooked (well at least not to me it isn't) however he shouldn't have engaged in the back in forth, when she posted the Tweet he could've just ignored it... with a public track record like his he should've just left it alone instead he's playing right into the people that see him as a monster hands... it makes his apologies and recovery seem insincere
Peace Silas's picture

Once again Chris is playing

Once again Chris is playing right into the hater's hands, they are baiting him because they know he still has anger problems and these vile disgusting tweets only proves their point. He is so dam stupid!!! saying those things to another female, the media will have a field day with this, Rihanna is just as stupid as Chris, she follows him around like a dam puppy, did he join her on that 777 tour?? now watch mama Joyce try and make excuses for her idiot son. Chris is not going to ever get back to the level of success he had before the incident, he was hotter than fish grease at one point.
sweetpea1989's picture

Chris isn't "playing" into

Chris isn't "playing" into anyone's hands...he really is a nasty piece of shit! That will always come through, so this behavior will continue till he learns a thing or two, which I doubt will ever happen. Chris will always have these little wars cause violence is his first thought; he's always threatening people...not surprisingly, more women than men.
Coffy's picture

i cant believe chris brown is

i cant believe chris brown is doin what he's doin!! DRAYAUNCUTT.COM


YUP....THIS IS NOT GOING TO END WELL......While the woman maybe on the wrong...the rsponse from Chris shows he does not respect woman...and trust me Rihanna is going to get it....Chris secretly hates Rihanna ...and would use her and dump her....just watch....iof he loves her so much....why is he wasting time to make it official? after all his career would boom ......RiRi is just his fuckbuddy....#thatisall
HAPPY's picture

I wish you would be more

I wish you would be more original and change your name. It's too close to my name and I've been visiting this site for quite some time, well, before you came here. Thanks!!!
Happy Lady's picture

When will people learn??? He

When will people learn??? He could have shut her down by asking calmly, why she chose to call him a "Worthless piece of shit" .. the ball would've been in her court to defend making such a wild accusation and she would've come off looking like the ass! I don't understand these people...
Girl's picture

.....and ALL YOU illiterate

.....and ALL YOU illiterate mouth-breathers who say that "marijuana is not a drug because it comes from the EARTH" .......so does Arsenic Poison, Lead & Opium <---- YOU DUMBASS! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

On a serious note: This shit

On a serious note: This shit is is old now. Nobody said nothng when Mary . Blige accused Kci of whooping her ass. Nobody said nothing when Bobby was claimed to be whoping Whitney's ass. SO many women of celebrity stature have been abused and we dont hardly hear about those cases. So why are we riding ChrisBreezy"s dick? #DAMN let the nigga breath. You too Rihanna, yo the reason why people cant forget cause you always trailing after him. Go back to making music, not excuses #WHACK
Mieshalove's picture

. . . and let's not forget on

. . . and let's not forget on the white side there was the actor Josh Brolin who was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge for beating his wife, Diane Lane's a$$. She chose Not to press charges. That situation was quickly hushed up . . . CB is a first grade a$$hole ~ we know this. Giving this yellow monkey too much light. Moving on . . .
GetUrLife's picture

There could’ve been a slight

There could’ve been a slight possibility that we wouldn’t have known about that incident either, because if you recall Rihanna didn’t call for the police the night the people in that LA neighborhood who heard a woman screaming called. Judging by the way she was quick to be him right after and how she described how her “best friend” was taken from her in the Oprah interview, she would have stayed with him. Hell, they’re practically together now. This is a really sad and sick love story that one way or another is not going to have a happy ending. I like them both musically but personally they got some serious demons to work out (Chris particularly) take a long break from the scene for a while…. On a lighter note, I liked Rihanna with Matt Kemp.
Peace Silas's picture

Matt Kemp did not want

Matt Kemp did not want Rihanna. He was just using her to get endorsements and to get his name out in lights by using Rihanna's name. When Rihanna was away Matt would play and in her house as well. Notice you have not heard nothing from this former DV man Matt Kemp now have you?

No I hadn’t but thank God for

No I hadn’t but thank God for your PR & social media relations to keep us all in the know. -_- Move on sweethe♥rt.
Peace Silas's picture

YOU MUST BE getting your

YOU MUST BE getting your TEETH punched-out on a daily basis....to be making excuses for that Knuckle-Dragging-Ape <---------
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Jenny Johnson whoever the fk

Jenny Johnson whoever the fk she is is just as horrible a person as she is claiming that CB is. Chris was 19 when that happened, both him and Rihanna are over it. wtf is taking her so long? and if she really thinks he is a violent person then why taunt him?? wtf is her old irrelevant ass point?
shuga's picture

Exactly! While I totally

Exactly! While I totally agree that he should've blocked this broad or let her comments slide off his back, she was way out of line...even for a so-called comedic writer. Her actions were clear-cut harassment. Either way, twitter is too impulsive and me no likey!
MrsCPA's picture

SMH at Chris Brown. Why does

SMH at Chris Brown. Why does he even feel a need to respond to foolish comments, and then when he does, why is he so vile and vulgar. Celebrities and Twitter do not mix. I long for the days when celebs were untouchable; wouldn't even give interviews. There was a mystique about them that made their talent seem even greater. These days we get to see them for the LUCKY FOOLS they really are.
The Real Thing's picture

Plain and Simple Chris is

Plain and Simple Chris is just straight up immature, does not know how to take the high road as with a lot of dumb-asses on twitter do these days.
MadStyle's picture

Chris is immature? And you

Chris is immature? And you must be white

Agreed agreed agreed... you

Agreed agreed agreed... you try and give the kid a small benefit of the doubt and that maybe he’s learned something but clearly he hasn’t.
Peace Silas's picture

Ummm... WOW!! He does realize

Ummm... WOW!! He does realize that while he was dissing this chick he dissed Rihanna in the process right? LOL. I CAN'T!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Both of them are Dope sick.

Both of them are Dope sick. Bobby & Whitney (The Sequel) smh
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Their version of Bobbi

Their version of Bobbi Kristina ~ soon to come . . .
GetUrLife's picture

Oh.....Yaaap.....the day she

Oh.....Yaaap.....the day she gets Preggy....is a day to mourn. She CANNOT take care of a child
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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