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Joseline & Stevie J...BACK ON...Of Course


So...after going on a Twitter rant just a couple weeks ago about how horrible of a person "Steebie" is....Joseline Hernandez is back on his jock.  The "Love & Hip Hop ATL" stars spent the Holiday weekend together partying in NYC with their co-stars and Stevie J.'s kids.  Joseline swore up and down she would never go back to Stevie, but here we are.


Pics and deets inside...

The most dysfunctional couple on reality tv is back on with their oversexed antics. 

Just a couple of weeks ago, Joseline blasted Stevie for being a drug head (and possibly keeping her on them), abusing her and for being on the down low with other men.  And she said she has left him alone for good.  But this weekend, she was singing a whole new tune about her "daddy".

Pictured above, the twosome hosted a party somewhere in NYC last night and Joseline posted pics of the twosome all over each other.  And when her Twitter followers called her out for going back to the man she accused of abusing her, she responded:

You will never be Able to please everybody. So guess what please your Damn self F every1 else. They don't pay your bills. Run tell that


The night before, she posted a pic holding cash saying, "I was good to Daddy last nite!!! Lmao I'm so Rachet."  When her followers asked her if it was from stripping, she said "Yeah for my niggah every night."

When someone called her a dirty ho, she responded, "No I'm a [paid] ho."  Oh...well that clears that up.

And the twosome also partied it up in Brooklyn with co-stars Rasheeda & Kirk Frost Saturday night:



And hooked up with Stevie's kids for some "beautiful family time" as Joseline said.


Pics via Twitter



Stevie's daughter must be

Stevie's daughter must be dark and not that much to look at...umph. His son is handsome, just another mini-me of Stevie's. Joseline...those pants are "interesting". Hot mess all the way around. If they like it, I love it.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Stevie J & José-Lynn are like

Stevie J & José-Lynn are like HERPES....just when u think the coast is clear...they pop up like an OUTBREAK! Jose better put that RENT MONEY up, the 1st will be here b4 u know it smh!
tori's picture

Cute Chanel hat.

Cute Chanel hat.
star's picture

Can't expect much from

Can't expect much from dustbunnies.
GetUrLife's picture

i luv Stevie J N

i luv Stevie J N Joseline!!! DRAYAUNCUTT.COM

So I take it Mimi is

So I take it Mimi is completely out of the picture?
BooLuv's picture

from the ears on Steebie's

from the ears on Steebie's son who looks just like him and the mustache on his daughter to everything about Joseline this whole post is hilarious....lol....i cant be mad at Josie tho. get it how you live it! like Yandy said, "a check is a check"
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Once again, I am trying my

Once again, I am trying my hardest to care, but I just don't! These are reality tv stars and they will do whatever it takes to stay relevant!

What an Ignoramus...why is

What an Ignoramus...why is 'Able' capitalized, LOL??? You can tell when ppl ain't used to having money-they take pix of themselves with it. Stevie J might be a jerk but he does have business-skills. Josephine is just hood-n-happy; uneducated and proud of it. Sad.

this country is at it's first

this country is at it's first stages of hell because people lilke these two are shoved down our throats, no wonder the most of the world hates this country but loves its easy monetary resources, no morals needed infact, non preferred.


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