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Matt Barnes & Gloria Govan TAKE The TWINS Out SHOPPING + Ron Artest And Shin Shin WINE AND DINE In Hollywood


LA Clippers star Matt Barnes was seen out with his reality star wife Gloria Govan and their sons in LA yesterday. See the family flicks inside and see Ron Artest out on a date with his girlfriend in Hollywood.


"BBW LA" star Gloria Govan and husband Matt Barnes were spotted doing some holiday shopping with their twin boys at The Grove in LA yesterday.  Glo rocked a Naomi Campbell tee, a snakeskin blazer and wedged sneakers for a comfy look.



While we await the "BBW LA" reunion, Gloria is currently making waves as the character "V" in the Clean Ops web series.  And by making waves, we mean laughable ones.  She still has not confirmed that she's not returning for next season, but we hear only Jackie Christie & Draya will be back for more action.

And over in Hollywood.... 


Another NBA couple, Lakers star Ron Artest aka 'Metta World Peace' was seen out on a date with his  girlfriend Shin Shin in Hollywood last night.



Ron and Shin Shin had just finished dining at BOA Steakhouse.  


In addition to moonlighting as a comedian, Ron is really boosting his acting skills and will soon star in a Lifetime movie with Jennie Garth based on a Nancy Grace novel.  That ought to be interesting...


Photos via Zodiac /PacificCoastNews.com/SPW/Splash




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I wonder if RON ARREST picked

I wonder if RON ARREST picked Shin Shin outta the same CATALOG that The Dream, Dave Chappell, Wayne Brady, & Wesley Snipes used to select their "partners"???
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ResponsibleAdult's picture

God don't let him father

God don't let him father children by this Shin Shi+....The cheekbones alone would crack her pelvis!

BWAHHHAAHAAHA!! That sh!t is

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Gloria always looks mad at

Gloria always looks mad at the damn world. The corners of her mouth are always in a downward turned position like she just hates life even when she smiles she’s somehow still frowning. I’m not saying that to be mean or malicious because she is a relatively attractive girl but her negative disposition shows ….. now her sister on the other hand. I won’t even go there because in that case I would be being mean and malicious but everyone sees how she is and it’ll come around to her in one form or another…
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those kids aren't cute.

those kids aren't cute.
lola69's picture

I wonder if Naomi approved of

I wonder if Naomi approved of the sales of that tshirt. you know how she gets....lol.
shuga's picture

Gloria's outfit is cute....

Gloria's outfit is cute.... but her body is so god-awful she makes it looks like run of the mill old Navy shit. She needs to work out.
Sincerely WF's picture

Wow....that looks like a New

Wow....that looks like a New Money DoucheBag-Elitist-Couple (can u IMAGINE how much of a pain in the ass they are at a restaurant.......then leave NO TIP) smh
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