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BACK TO SCHOOL: Halle Berry DROPS Nahla Off At School, Olivier Martinez LEAVES Hospital With A SPLINT + Were Gabe And Halle SECRETLY Married?


Halle Berry was seen taking her daughter Nahla to school yesterday in LA.  See the photos inside and find out how Olivier Martinez is doing following his showdown with Gabriel Aubry.  Also, get the deets on Gabe referring to Halle as his "ex-wife" in court docs inside.....



Following the messy brawl between her ex-boyfriend and fiance (and a slew of restraining orders), Halle Berry was seen helping daughter Nahla (shown at the top) out of a van at her school yesterday.



After dropping Nahla off, Halle was seen walking back to her own vehicle with the headphones Nahla had been wearing.  She likely used the headphones to block out the outside noise of photographers shouting things at them.


And in other developments, more details have emerged about the brawl (through Gabriel's description of what happened in the court docs he recently filed).  According to Extra, Gabe mysteriously refers to Olivier saying “Respondent is the fiancé of my ex-wife, Halle Berry.”  WAIT!  Was there a secret wedding that we missed!

You'll recall that Janet Jackson was married many for years and we only found out AFTER her ex-husband Rene Elizondo got pissed and starting spilling their business.   Could this be a similar situation?  

In the remainder of the documents, Gabe says that Olivier swung first, told him to move to France it he wanted to see Nahla AND threatened to kill him.



UPDATE:  TMZ reports that Gabe simply made an error when filling out  his court docs.  He have NEVER been married to Halle Berry.   

And over at the hospital....


Olivier Martinez was seen walking out of a hospital in LA with a splint on his hand.  When asked by reporters how he felt following his brawl with Gabriel Aubry he said, "Fine."



Photos via INFPhoto




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I just hope Nahla didn't see

I just hope Nahla didn't see her father and Oliver fighting like animals, smh.....
Naomi's picture

Hmmmmm, so if they were

Hmmmmm, so if they were married, could the money he receives from Halle, that so many people seem to be mad about, as if gabe is "mooching" off of Halle, really be plain and simple ALIMONY?!?! Makes sense, though she really does need to slow down with the marriages. Dave,Eric, gabe,engaged to Olivier. Just be alone already.

Daaaammmn. He broke his hand

Daaaammmn. He broke his hand on Gabriel's face. Geez. I wouldn't be surprised if Halle secretly married that guy. She was swearing up and down she'd never get married again but look how quickly she got engage to Olivier.
Sincerely WF's picture

okay now the plot

okay now the plot thickens....now we understand where all these high emotions are coming from....the chick was secretly married (which is totally her choice) but then you get in front of the camera and lie your ass off which now makes you look very suspect....all of this damn drama surrounding the "Most Beautiful Girl In the World"....would not want to be in her shoes for anything and I mean anything...when you do not have peace of mind, you have nothing....
lifeisgood's picture

Gabriel tried it and Olivier

Gabriel tried it and Olivier finished it. Ghetto antics of the rich and famous. Messy.
GetUrLife's picture

I wouldn't be surprised if

I wouldn't be surprised if she was secretly married. She kind of backed her self into corner when she declared that she was never getting married again after that Eric Benet fiasco. So I can see her taking a page from Janet Jackson's relationship playbook and getting married secretly.
lucky80's picture

The price of fame...

The price of fame...
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Please leave this child

Please leave this child alone. Commenting on a innocent child is pathetic. These paps need a side hustle or a JOB.
TeaNicole's picture

Damn paparazzi! How many pics

Damn paparazzi! How many pics we need f Halle taking her daughter to school. Its really ridiculous!!!
Jersey here's picture

IKR? leave thee kid alone.

IKR? leave thee kid alone.
Gabbie's picture

Nahla already looks like an

Nahla already looks like an angry, out of control mental case......smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Like you, only without the

Like you, only without the money & celebrity! Lol
lj's picture


LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Well you would too if you had that cray BITCH 4 a Mother!!!!!!! She's enough to mess even Chucky up!!! That mental case should have never been allowed to reproduce!!!!! She is a MESS she has fucked every1 up in her path now this kid is next!!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture

All Leo women are cray

All Leo women are cray drama-filled Bitches......lol
star's picture

how can you call a child you

how can you call a child you dont know a mental case?? leave the kids out of it!!

She is an expert on mental

She is an expert on mental cases! LOL, can't you tell by her posts?! It wouldn't surprise me if Halle and Gabe were married. I am sure she wanted to keep that private. I bet Gabe and his lawyer, oh I mean "sources," will be spilling all sorts of messy tidbits about Halle now.
Capital Cutie's picture

that kid is ALREADY a

that kid is ALREADY a disturbed Psychopath!!!!!!!!!! You can see it in EVERY PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

DRAMA too much drama around

DRAMA too much drama around Halle.
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