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NeNe Pops Back At The HATERS & Asks Why Blacks Support Kim K. & Not HER + Amel Larrieux Preps A Comeback...With Groove Theory?


NeNe Leakes has some words for the haters...especially those who are quick to support someone like successful-from-a-sex-tape chick Kim Kardashian, but completely critical of NeNe's talents & career.


Check out how she's calling out the black community, plus, how the talented Amel Larrieux is prepping for a comeback...

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star NeNe gave a telling interview to The Daily Beast about the hate she's received after covering the Power Issue of EBONY magazine.  Whether it was the fact she was being recognized as "powerful" or the pic of her in a tub of diamonds some called tacky--everybody had an opinion.

But the reality star let none of it get to her, an actually called folks to task for supporting sex-tape-comeuppance-publicity-hungry star Kim Kardashian....but not NeNe:

“It’s true and I know you’ve heard it a million times, [African Americans] just don’t support one another,” she says. “But it’s OK for you to go pick up a magazine cover with Kim Kardashian. She’s my girl. We are cool. We talk. We do drinks and all of that. But her story ain’t no different than mine. You know what I mean? I might’ve worked at the strip club, but she made a sex tape.”

NeNe also explained that the flack she caught for making EBONY's Power Issue cover, came mostly from the African American community.  But she's not letting the hate stop her one bit:

“I absolutely deserve to be on the cover...This cover is about money, power, and respect. And it’s about a come-up story and I’m the one that had that story this year … Not only did I come out as a reality star that was very boisterous and vivacious and outspoken and all those things. I flipped that into money and respect. And a lot of people can’t do that.

“But listen to me, definitely all of the negative feedback definitely came from my own; African Americans were the ones that were the most negative,” she continues, adding, “And it’s so funny to me because I would call [the editor] over at Ebony and she would say ‘Girl please, glass houses. That’s all it is. They don’t want to see you on the cover, they don’t really understand the reason why you’re on the cover, they don’t know your story.’”

We must say, chick has a few great points.  With her stints on hit tv shows "Glee" and "The New Normal," it's clear she does have actual talent as an actress.  And at some point, folks will possibly respect that and will not call her a famous for nothing chick with no talent--like some other people we know.

Check out The Daily Beast for the full interview.



And speaking of chicks with actual talent, Amel Larrieux is prepping for a comeback.  To push her current series of intimate concerts at NY's Blue Note Jazz Club (snapped above performing last night), Ms. Larrieux chatted up HuffPost's Black Voices about what she's been up to.  And if we can expect another Bryce Wilson hook-up for a Groove Theory reunion.

Is there a firm date set for the release of [your new solo album] “Ice Cream Everyday”?

Well, we almost regret when we give a release date, because one of the nice things about being independent is having the luxury of not really having deadlines. We make our own deadlines and then we break them all the time, because in the end, the finished product has to be something that we can really get behind. This time around, it’s just been a lot of editing and changing our minds and things like that. We didn’t want to have a disjointed product. So I won’t give a date anymore. I won’t ever do that again. [Laughs]

What are your thoughts on today’s crop of R&B singers?

I probably don’t listen to what you would consider “straight R&B.” It’s really weird because I feel like those lines have blurred a lot. I remember when Usher was “R&B,” but now he’s considered “Pop,” but that’s only because of what “popular” is, so I don’t know. For me, R&B is about Rhythm & Blues, so that would be a soul kind of singer. Though she is not commercially successful, I think Georgia Anne Muldrow is the best thing that has happened in the last decade. Her voice is R&B to me. But I don’t necessarily run into what would be considered mainstream R&B, but I don’t run away from it. When Drake sings to me he’s R&B, and I like Drake.

Do you feel that’s one of the challenges in releasing a new Groove Theory album?

The only reason we haven’t done anything is because we would like to be offered a good situation. So far, the offers that we’ve had aren’t what we’re looking for, because we both have other careers and stuff. For me, I’ll always write what I’ll write, but I would be interested in letting someone else write something for me [for a Groove Theory album], and I’m sure Bryce would let someone else produce something if the label thought it would be beneficial for us.

That has been the luxury of having my own independent career independent from the group. Where it’s like, I can do all of my things on my own and then go back to Groove Theory ... If someone is giving us a chunk of money then yes, they do have a say over how you should do things, which is the reason why I left a major label, I wanted to make my own decisions. But yes, I would be open to doing something more radio-friendly. And if I don’t like something, I’ll be the same girl who argued with her label before. [Laughs]

Have you and Bryce recorded any new material?

No, not Groove Theory wise. Almost two years ago Bryce and I did five nights in Tokyo, and this past summer we performed at the Blue Note Jazz Festival at Summer Stage. So we’ve done live stuff, but we’re not recording. He moves around a lot because he’s still pursuing his film career, so we’re not always in the same place. But it’s been nice to have the opportunity to go out and do live stuff. It’s a great way to have a second life.

Loves her.  We would love a Part 2 of "Tell Me" any day now.  Just sayin'....

Check out the full interview HERE.




I agree with you NeNe I does

I agree with you NeNe I does seem as I we are not as supportive of each other as we used to be! Even when it come to our children people talk about them as if their adults(willow)! it did not use to be that way,especially when it came to our kids! It's like everyone is just trying to get the most likes on fb or these blogs or their just jumping on the bandwagon! and say the most ignorant mess, as if you actually know these people, you don't!

I'm not mad at NeNe at all. I

I'm not mad at NeNe at all. I respect her hustle she could have done reality tv and faded but instead she used it to her advantage and I like that about her. Nene is a go getter and has said that from the very beginning of Real Housewives and shes staying true to her mantra.
keqi's picture

NeNe made some great points,

NeNe made some great points, but I have yet to see her do or give back ANYTHING to the black community. She got her little coins from RHOA, Celebrity Apprentice and Glee, but her appeal will fade, as do all reality stars. I'm knocking her hustle because I admire the way she flipped her money and maximized her success, but when a door has been opened for you, don't shut it behind you. Keep that door open and reach a hand out for someone else to make it. She is arrogant and doesn't give back to the community, so I will have to say THAT is why many in the black community don't support. Side note: wasn't NeNe the same one that called BS on Sheree during their fight at the restaurant when she said the exact same thing about black women not supporting each other? Oh, ok.

Nene has a valid point. Alot

Nene has a valid point. Alot of times, African Americans are less hesitant to support their own but at the same time, that is not the entire race. There are large numbers of African Americans who recognize the need to support their own and do so....I didnt agree with NeNe being on the cover of the mag but not because Im a "hater". I didnt agree because I feel like there were better choices for the cover of the power issue, like Ambassador Susan Rice, Rosalind Brewer, and countless others. Im not saying NeNe didnt deserve to be on the list but I dont think she deserved the cover. Im all for Black women making a come-up but the way you do it makes a difference. I think Black women dont idolize or support NeNe in the way she desires because they dont like the stereotypes she perpetuated to now be on the power list. I do wish her the best in her acting career though.

why do she care. she rich

why do she care. she rich bitches. Nene is a joke and I would not support her. She is negative to other black women so why should we be loyal to her. I wish she get rid of those Horse teeth.
lola69's picture

This moose & that Ho could

This moose & that Ho could fall off the face of the earth and no one I know would miss them.
Realist's picture

i really used to like

i really used to like nene...then her attitude got worse...idk!!! DRAYAUNCUTT.COM

Who says black people support

Who says black people support Kim? I don't. Nene, go back and check again. Then I again I dont support loud mouth celebrities either
Tren's picture

NeNe is so sad licking up

NeNe is so sad licking up behind that Racist Donald Trump calling him MASSA TRUMP getting on Inside Edition or E News saying she don't always agree w/ what DT says but he's DT. What an FUCKING IDIOT she is, Stupid Bitch that man demanded to see our President's birth certificate! How can you as a black women expect to be respected going along w/ someone like that? A fool and his money will soon part. Nene has got ahead of herself and needs a REAL Reality check! Not being Humble and being a ghetto monkey bitch won't get you too far. What goes up will come down, in NeNe case she has not even got her feet off the ground before she started letting thing go to her head. You are no A list celeb, you are an ex stripper that got lucky on a reality show! By the way dumb MORON no one is even checking for Kim K either.
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hooklookping's picture

Have to agree blacks do like

Have to agree blacks do like to throw their support behind bullshit. And lets not pretend that most every Black* blog is basically a KimK shrine, Natasha is guilty of this as well. I always see black women defending KimK releasing her own sex tape. Some* blacks are still very inferior to whites and will praise whatever they do right or wrong. Now, we have Charlie Sheen a convicted woman beater and serial philanderer was kicked off his show for abusing drugs, had so much support from the white community that he's now an even bigger star than before. Thats what they do for each other. Not us smh....
KENNEDY78's picture

Shit, all black folks dont

Shit, all black folks dont support that fake ass broad kim kartrashian. She has no talent and physically was carved from a plastic surgeons scalpel. Plastic bitch from the cheeks on her face to her butt cheeks. Keep doin u, nene and dont ever compare urself to a worthless fraud like her.
sianna1's picture



kudos to u nene that u got

kudos to u nene that u got some money to fix ur teeth n nose n support ur sons n grandaughter but u aint rich bitch n u only try to rephrase that statement bc u know it aint true u aint hollywood rich yet n if u do u will be the first one to look down at the ones that was just like u .. when kandi had her event n (what was a brilliant marketing idea) to invite the public. given that will be most of her clientele . this chick acted like she was above the rest bc she was n is a jealous catty bitch.. so now she could afford a louboutin n a birkin she think ppl hatin bitch plz kim kunt is a fame whore n will pose with anyone n if u really want blacks to support u kim kunt is not a good ally u were the under dog on rhoa but ur still a dog bitch ps lil brikequesha or wtf ever her name is hopefully will grow up to appreciate her broad nose n scattered teeth n not feel the need to become the loud mouthed baboon they made u into
chakacan's picture

I just came from the Amel

I just came from the Amel Larrieux show and it was incredible as always. Amel is such a beautiful and talented artist with amazing range and a wonderful personality. Her new album is called "Ice Cream Everyday" and it comes out soon.
Taj's picture

I agree with Nene, but I

I agree with Nene, but I don't think she should have threw Kim, her friend, under the bus.
Dee35's picture

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tom101's picture

I like Nene's New Surgically

I like Nene's New Surgically Altered Face....They do have some of the Best Plastic Surgeons in L.A.
star's picture



Nene is ridiculous,

Nene is ridiculous, everything she says is ridiculous, and her total lack of self awareness just kills me. Also, is she aware that black ppl really don't support Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian is trashed by everyone whites and blacks alike so what is she is talking about.

She suffers from: Histrionic

She suffers from: Histrionic Personality Disorder
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I have a problem with Nene

I have a problem with Nene for something she did on RHOA. When Kandi had her event for her intimate toy line, she invited her Twitter followers and regular friends/fam. Nene came to that event, turned up her nose and said "oh this is a Twitter crowd and I don't do Twitter people". I was stunned at her arrogance because this woman is nothing but a loud mouth, ghetto former stripper. She is not a trained thespian, a woman of education and class so for her to think she is above anyone was a joke. Since her nasty comment I have vowed to never support her. I may respect her hustle but she will not get an ounce of my support until I see her humble herself as God intends for all of us to do. She is a bit delusional but life has a way to bring you right on down from that high horse.
JJFad's picture

I refuse to support anyone

I refuse to support anyone that SUPPORTED CRAZY TRUMP....can't respect NeNee or Kim K. It's the company that you surround yourself around then sitting silent when Trump was making outlandish comments about the POTUS period..........

Exactly...Trump <-- is

Exactly...Trump <-- is BlackListed in my book (and anyone who associates with him)
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Wow. I think Nene hates her

Wow. I think Nene hates her physical appearance and wishes she were born a white woman. Just look at the facts: Blonde hair, nose job, and foundation too light for her skin complexion.
CLS1986's picture

NeNe sounds RIDICULOUS, the

NeNe sounds RIDICULOUS, the only thing she said that was TRUE, IMO, was that Blacks tend to have a "crabs in a barrel" mentality & don't support e/o! People don't support NeNe banshee a$$ becuz she is NOT humble, goin around sayin "I'M RICH B!TCH" when you have 2 SUPPORTING roles on hit shows! When she lands a LEADING role in a sitcom, I might applaud her! NeNe's come up and TEARING other WOMEN down in the process, is why she doesn't get any love smh!
tori's picture

Okay so Nene just lumps all

Okay so Nene just lumps all black folk together and wants us to give two cents about her. Some will like her, some won't. I'm supposed to admire and support you just because you're a black celebrity and because I'm black. GTFOH. Nonsense. Set a good example as a black woman instead of acting like a classless baboon on tv and showing your a$$. Then perhaps you'd have more fans.
The Real Thing's picture

NeNe just do you and hush.

NeNe just do you and hush. Please. Anyway, I would LOVE to cop anything new from Amel. I loved her in Groove Theory. Bring back some good music, chica!!!
MrsCPA's picture

I support you NeNe!! I refuse

I support you NeNe!! I refuse to tear down any woman especially black women...we need to all show love towards each other even Kim K.
Lola's picture

While I recognize she has has

While I recognize she has has come up from RHOA, IMO she needs to accomplish a whole lot more to be worthy of being on the cover of Ebony magazine. Not that Ebony is what it used to be (and this proves it). She is not worthy of gracing the cover that President Obama and the First Lady were on just one month previous. Since the editor and her are such friends, I guess she (editor) won't mind losing long time subscribers. Me for one! I'm sure I won't be alone. Rather buy People magazine. I refuse to give my money to a pubication that HAD so much historical value but is now willing to showcase someone like her. Just because she's making money. Why don't they put a pimp,streetwalker or drug dealer on cover. Maybe when Ebony is being threatened with going out of business, SHE will come to the rescue. After all, SHE"S RICH!!
LBA1's picture

No more comebacks!! you came

No more comebacks!! you came already now get the hell on.
shuga's picture

I dont know why she think Kim

I dont know why she think Kim K gets love from the black folk and she doesn't. Here's a note NeNe, most blacks are not hating on your success, they hate on your loudness and rudeness. I think you are a surprisingly good actress, your role on New Normal proved that, especially the one where you were acting the part of your mom and dad at the thanksgiving dinner table (see? I watch you) I just don't like when you bring out the bully part in you. There are times when you should just be quiet and you don't know when those opportunities arise because you too busy running your mouth. Much success to you sista.

Thank you she has an

Thank you she has an organization for stopping violence against women but will be the first to jump up and fight another woman. That baffles me.
LaFord's picture

Well said. NeNe has toned it

Well said. NeNe has toned it down a lot but is still uniquely her. I've always like her though. Much success to her.
JewelryLover's picture

Amen. Amen. Amen--I totally

Amen. Amen. Amen--I totally agree!! And I don't begrudge Nene her Ebony cover: I dislike the fact that she was in a tub covered in diamonds (?), promoting materialistic NONSENSE. I happen to like Nene and think she has a future in TV, but as you stated being loud and obnoxious, and belittling others in the process is NOT worthy of my support. Kim K gets alot of exposure because of mainstream media. But don't get it twisted: (most) black women do not support her. I know I don't.

AND.... perhaps if she wasn't

AND.... perhaps if she wasn't such a MAJOR BIATCH, people would like her personality more.
Yas's picture

Blacks support Kim K? Since

Blacks support Kim K? Since when? If she said "shallow people support Kim K" then I would have agreed, but I'm sorry NeNe, not ALL blacks "support" that female. SMH.
Yas's picture

NeNe chile...shut your loud

NeNe chile...shut your loud mouth and you may get respect. Nene is right about black people supporting nasty, rashy infected Kim K. I don't support the Kardashians no matter what black man they sucking and fucking. Look at KANYE "Captain Save A Hoe" West.

Girl STFU!!! Black people

Girl STFU!!! Black people stay trashing Kim, so what the f--k are you talking about. Maybe if you were not such a LOUD MOUTHED, MEAN SPIRITED, BIG FOOTED HORSE OF A BITCH, then maybe just maaaaybe people wouldn't go in on you as much, don't you think? Girl Bye..............
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Gold star for you: got me

Gold star for you: got me LMAO @ 'BIG FOOTED HORSE OF A BITCH'...Heheheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

NeNe <----- SMH...she should

NeNe <----- SMH...she should get on her knees & pray every 5 seconds and be THANKFUL that she's successful AT ALL!!!!!! Thanksgiving was last week and she's already being UNGRATEFUL.................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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