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Kenya Moore DISHES On SKIN Probs And Drama With Porsha On "WENDY" + Azealia Banks Rocks ASOS' "FASHION UP"



Azealia Banks stars in the new ASOS Christmas campaign and covers their "Fashion Up" January 2013 issue.  See the pics inside and watch tv's newest reality tv diva Kenya Moore (looking stunning in yellow by the way) chat with Wendy Williams about everything we've been wondering about....


Kenya Moore stopped by "WENDY" this morning to dish on her love life, her RHOA fights and about Wendy shading her about her skin.  Last week, Wendy made some comments about Kenya wearing a lot of makeup to cover up her "bad skin," and Kenya admitted to having breakouts sometimes.  But honestly, chick is absolutely gorgeous with a bangin' body so if that's people's only complaint...

When Wendy asked her how she felt about being described as a mean girl, Kenya said "I can say this, I don't play for the cameras. What you see is who I am, but I have to say I think the mean girl reputation is not deserved." Really?  She added that she would never tear another black woman down.  Aside form those "Coochie Crack" screams...

She did reveal her distaste for fellow castmate Porsha Stewart.  And can we blame her?  Kenya threw a few verbal jabs at Porsha about being naive but the big kicker was when she said she felt Porsha was single handedly ruining the legacy of her grandfather, civil rights leader Hosea Williams.  Oh, and that Porsha is playing the 20-something card when she's actually 31.  Womp.

Kenya added that while Porsha is riding the coattails of her husband and her late grandfather, Kenya herself is a girl from Detroit who built herself from the ground up.  "Some people work for a living, and some people twerk for a living."  DOUBLE WOMP.

Wendy also talked about the "possible" storyline of Kenya trying to make a move on Phaedra Parks' husband Apollo.  Of course, Kenya didn't reveal anything, but she did encourage fans to stay tuned and to NOT believe what Phaedra's been saying.

Watch the clip above with Kenya telling Wendy to check her roots to prove she's rocking her real hair.


In other interviews.....


We told you previously about Twitter-beefing rapper Azealia Banks hooking up with ASO,S and now we have the remaining final photos from her "Fashion Up" cover shoot and Christmas campaign for the clothing company (one of our faves). "Fashion Up," an entertainment mag available for download on the iPhone and iPad, caught up with Azealia as she finishes her debut album and talked about her music, her fashion and how she created her image.  Here are the highlights:

On her album:
“I’m taking a lot of risks with this record, but music is so personal. I’m nervous, I’m excited, and there’s this crazy adrenaline. I’m sleeping in the studio, I have knots in my throat and I’m so anxious, I’m a nervous wreck.”

On the fashion industry:
“I feel like it’s created this thing for me to stand on that I didn’t even intend to have as a musician, but when it’s time to make your album, you make your album”

On success:
“Sometimes I feel like I float in an out of different personalities. As a kid, I was a big thinker – I was always daydreaming of being rich. Its kind of weird, I feel like I’ve willed this life. I feel like I’ve done enough work and enough music and now Azealia Banks is a name. I’m not just some up and coming person. I feel I can do anything right now, with concentration, will and hard work.”

On her stage outfits:
“I would say I’m fashionable, but I’m not a fashion queen. I don’t really think about it too much. I have a friend in New York who I’ll give $5,000 and she’ll come back with loads of stuff for me to try on. But the last thing I bought myself were these sparkly Miu Miu shoes that I picked up in Hawaii. Sparkly glitter shoes!”


Photobucket Photobucket

Azealia stars in the ASOS #bestnightever holiday campaign with singer Ellie Goulding and model Charlotte Free.


Photobucket Photobucket

Loves it.




Singers Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo sat down with Wendy Williams for their first interview as a couple yesterday morning.  The adorable pair talked about how they met and revealed it wasn't love at first sight.  Jordin said, "We both did a show in Bahamas last year…and it was awesome but we met each other before but we just saw each other in passing. He invited me to the after party."  And from that moment, sparks began to fly.

Jason revealed that he just bought his huge dream home in Miami and Jordin will def have a place for "her things" there.  Not mad at that.

Jordin also touched on a special moment with Whitney Houston on the set of Sparkle where the legendary diva offer her words of encouragement that made her burst into tears.  Watch the clip above....


Photos via Tyrone Lebon




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hooklookping's picture

Kenya has always been a

Kenya has always been a BEAUTIFUL girl to me, and I always knew she had long beautiful hair every since she won Miss USA I have always liked her. Wendy is such an Ugly Hater she is jealous of anyone that looks better than she does. Ugly women like Wendy W love to find any type of fault in prettier women, that's just her nature. Why is it surprising to folks that Kenya has long beautiful hair she already has beautiful Hazel eyes? People like Maia Campbell,Kenya Moore,Brooke Bailey from BBWLA Kim Porter and Denise Boutte from The first Why Did I get Married Movie, all have darker complexions are not as rare as people would like to believe. I see a lot of women every skin tone w/ long natural hair, it all depends on how often you travel and get around. From Cali to Miami to Trinadad to Ethiopia to Brazil, I have seen it all and nothing surprises me anymore,blacks come in all skin tones and all hair types. People who don't live in a Box know this already. Other Brown ladies like Chilli from TLC,Rasheeda,Ananda Lewis,Tatyana Ali, Melanie Fiona,Liya Kibede and many many more have long natural hair!
Shay's picture

Kenya is GORGEOUS but uber

Kenya is GORGEOUS but uber ANNOYING, especially her laugh! She does know how to work a dress & her hair stay LAYYED! Ugh, I'm so sick of CRUSTY FUGLY Azealia Banks..she is such a DIRTY BUM..YUCK! Such a RIHANNA WANNABE!
tori's picture

So glad Kenya has real

So glad Kenya has real hair...not every black woman has a weave.
Lola's picture

I keep hoping her interviews

I keep hoping her interviews will make me like her more, but the more she runs her mouth, the more I can tell she's a fake Beyotch



Wendy asks questions about:

Wendy asks questions about: bad skin & fake hair b/c she probably cannot fathom a woman being naturally beautiful from head to toe. Wendy has been reconstructed From the Rooter to the Tooter.....and still looks REVOLTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

love Kenya and that idiot

love Kenya and that idiot Porscha needs to get rid of her gay husband cause we all know the rumor about him and kenya should replace Cynthia for good.
lola69's picture

I don't think there is

I don't think there is anything wrong with Wendy asking Kenya about her skin issues. It appears to be a serious struggle for her. And who knows, maybe she can get a Proactive endorsement deal out of it. I bet she wouldn't turn down that money. If A. Keys and Diddy can do it so can she. She just needs to get her brand up first.
Bird's picture

Kenya should have asked her

Kenya should have asked her about her face issues! As, that appears to be a lifelong struggle for Wendy, even after all the plastic! And I agree with LisaRaye, she was HATIN on her hair, Who didn't know that was her hair?

Her hair has always been

Her hair has always been naturally long who doesn't know that Wendy? smh
KENNEDY78's picture

Kenya Moore is a true example

Kenya Moore is a true example that "dark skinned" black chicks can and do have long thick hair that looks like weave. People would have sworn up and down that her hair was fake, hell I thought it was fake until she told Wendy to rub her fingers thru it. Oh and I don't see the skin problems people are talking about, maybe I should sit closer to the television.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

So is Rasheeda, Maia

So is Rasheeda, Maia Campbell, Brooke on BBWLA and many other beautifully dark sistas that I can name.
Bird's picture

Brooke's hair is real? Girl

Brooke's hair is real? Girl STOP lying! LOL No seriously don't you mean Malaysia?
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Brooke Bailey hair is real,

Brooke Bailey hair is real, if you don't know by the layed hair coming from her scalp, go to her Twitter. On her twitter she has a picture of herself when she was a little girl and her hair was long curly and beautiful, the only difference now is that she wears it straighter now. Malaysia's taken out weave hair is typical, Brooke's hair is not. Again it amazes me how people are so limited and narrow minded. Kim Porter is another dark brown lady who had nice beautiful hair from a child. I have cousins who are Kenya's skin tone and have long hair as well and black women are always trying to touch their hair to see if it's real, which is soo insane to me.
Shay's picture

Rasheeda is NOT dark-skinned.

Rasheeda is NOT dark-skinned. Her hair is layed, tho

"Good girls go to heaven, Bad

"Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls go everywhere." ~ True ~ but still no reason to be 40+ with a phucked up attitude ~ and you wonder why you're begging ole greasy face to marry and impregnate you pronto. As for Azealia ~ dig her as an artist, but for some reason ~ looking at her makes me think her pussy stinks.
GetUrLife's picture

Wendy has SOME nerve talking

Wendy has SOME nerve talking about ANYONE's skin or use of makeup. Sheesh. I stopped watching RHOA a few seasons back so I don't how nice Kenya is--or isn't: but Wendall has no room to talk anybody's skin...or anything else.

Kenya is Fabby and a true

Kenya is Fabby and a true YBF'er
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


MsMidwest's picture

when u type in all

when u type in all CAPS...here's what i see...BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.....(i refuse to read it) ....................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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