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SPOTTED: Eve Making Her Rounds In NYC, Dishes On Interracial Relationship


We haven't seen Eve out and about in a while.  But the rapstress was spotted leaving out of the Trump Soho Hotel in NYC yesterday as she headed out to do a few appearances.  And if you're wondering if she's looking a bit thicker than usual, we were wondering the same thing.  Check out the pics, plus our pregnancy suspicions inside...


Eve was spotted around NYC yesterday without her longtime boyfriend Maximillion.  She rocked a cozy down coat and her black & red starred Givenchy bag while leaving her hotel on the way to an interview with Sway on MTV's RapFix, a radio interview with Hot 97, and then to the studio to work on her music.

Photobucket Photobucket

Maybe it's just us, but chick (who is rocking new bangs) seems rounder and thicker than usual...and was mighty adamant about blocking her midsection from the flashing lights of the paparazzi.





Hmmm.  We checked out what she's been up to lately to see if we could get any clues, and recently, she appears to have downed a few martinis at a friend's birthday party:



If she was drinking at all...it very well could have been non-alcoholic.  But who knows.  We'll keep her off of Preggers Watch...for now.

BONUS: Check out Eve's first VIDDY vid she recorded from the studio last night:



And check out Eve on Hot 97 giving up the goods about her relationship with the extremely rich Maximillion Cooper:

“For me, it’s weird that I’m with a white dude. Trust me. I look at him sometimes and I’m like, ‘You are so white.’ I’m the first black girl he’s ever been with, so we are learning. … I don’t let him dance. I tell him, look like a pimp, I will dance around you. He can do a lot of things, but he can’t dance.”


Pics: FAME/Splash/Twitter




I always thought she as dope

I always thought she as dope and I still do! Flyy Girl.

pretty much anyone who wears

pretty much anyone who wears a down coat is gonna look "thick" in the waist. she doesn't look pregnant once the coat is off.
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My fav song by Eve to this

My fav song by Eve to this day is the song that Dr Dre did for her featuring Gwen Stefani I still love the beat in that song I think it's called Blow your mind, I think. Eve is a good rapper but the wig must go. Pronto!
Shay's picture

I love Eve but hate the LOVE

I love Eve but hate the LOVE YOU LONG TIME wig! Kudos to her for stepping out of her comfort zone in finding love, lust or other in Max. I bet she feels like she dodged a RATCHET bullet dumpin RAT FACE!
tori's picture

She looks pregnant and is

She looks pregnant and is trying to hide it underneath that belt. My favorite lady Rapper.
Twila's picture

Apparently proofreading or

Apparently proofreading or spell check is Not a skillset for some YBF staffers. The errors are apparent in 90% of the posts. Step your game up!
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I'm glad someone else

I'm glad someone else commented on their grammatical and spelling errors.
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Eve has a beautiful smile,

Eve has a beautiful smile, and an ugly wig.
The Real Thing's picture

Please come back Eve and show

Please come back Eve and show that Clown that they call Nicki how it's really done.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

If anyone NEEDS Maxillofacial

If anyone NEEDS Maxillofacial Lower Jaw surgery, she does!!
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