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Reginae Carter Turns 14 With A SKATE PARTY--Toya, Lil Wayne, Lauren London, Kandi, Nivea, OMG Girlz & More CELEBRATE!


After a big Cinderella style 13th birthday party, Toya Carter threw her cutie of a 14-year-old, Reginae, a classic skate party in Atlanta.  And all her friends and fam, including her papa Lil Wayne, Lauren London & Nivea and their kids, the OMG Girlz, Rasheeda, Kandi and plenty more, came out to celebrate.


Pics inside...

It was another big family affair for Reginae Carter's 14th birthday yesterday.  Lil Wayne's ex-wife and baby mamas seem to have become good friends over the years, so it was nothing new for Toya Wright, Lauren London & Nivea to hang out like old times at Nae's skate party last night.



But it was Nae's daddy Weezy who showed up to make her night, of course.  Cute Saints themed cake.



Toya's girls Sheneka Adams, Danielle and more posed it up with the birthday girl.


Reality stars Rasheeda & Kandi were there of course.



Rasheeda brought Kirk and the whole fam, and Kandi brought daughter Riley.




Nae's besties Zonnique, Lo and the OMG Girlz were all there to have some fun.  Cute gals.


Weezy brought YMCMB rapper Lil Chuckee to the party.


And Nae's stepdad Memphitz was spotted skating it up.  And sent her a sweet tweet yesterday morning:

I know you're not gonna see this until on the way to school in the am but here goes! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAE!!!!!!!!!! The Big 14 Today!! I know you'll Live it Wisely! Love You Kidd!! > Proud StepDadGram!!


   Photobucket    Photobucket

Sarah's (not pictured) son Baby Tunie was at the party skating around with Toya.


And Weezy's mom Ms. Cita was spotted skating with one of her grandsons Neal.



And if a big celeb filled skate party wasn't enough, Reginae copped a brand new cute pup for another birthday gift as well.  Happy B-day!

Pics: Instagram






How do u show up to a kids

How do u show up to a kids bday party wearing a shirts w weed n cocaine on it...smdh!!
ldh34l's picture

yeah thats pretty ignorant

yeah thats pretty ignorant but lil wayne is the daddy so im sure coke is nothing new to Reginae......or anybody else's kids at that party. the girl wearing it is cute tho!
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Nivea is one ugly muh fucca.

Nivea is one ugly muh fucca. Her wide azz nose just bothers me. Eewwww.
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hooklookping's picture

Gotta give it up to Lil Wayne

Gotta give it up to Lil Wayne and The Baby Mamas for getting their grown folk on. The children should always come first before the other nonsense.
GetUrLife's picture

I absolutely love Kandi

I absolutely love Kandi Buress Though...may try one of her toys sooner or later...wait a minute that was a bit TMI...Sorry lol. xxxmote.com

No, TMI is your damn avatar

No, TMI is your damn avatar pic! What the hell is that about? #noshade
tori's picture

Wayne looks just like his

Wayne looks just like his moma though. She's a cute little lady lol. xxxmote.com

Awwww....how cute. All the

Awwww....how cute. All the lil wayne baby mamas at once....that a lot of child support. xxxmote.com


RATCHET...RATCHET...RATCHET!! Why Rasheeda fam look like they came to BUSS SUM HEADS??
tori's picture

People look at the wrong

People look at the wrong things sometimes...the point is no matter how many baby mama's he has they have learned to get along and co-exist plus he is taking care of his responsibilties which is more than I can say for many people we all know and some who are on this site right now! Thats being an adult!!
Money First's picture

Please! They all get along

Please! They all get along becuz Wayne isn't with ANY OF THEM & he stay current with his child support payments so they feel obligated to get along!
tori's picture


Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Just curious, has anyone seen

Just curious, has anyone seen pics of Lauren and Wayne's son?? I wonder why he is never pictured.
DCchica's picture

Gorgeous people. Wish their

Gorgeous people. Wish their minds were right.
Sincerely WF's picture

I commend all of Weezy's baby

I commend all of Weezy's baby mamas for trying to keep their kids in touch with each other, especially his ex wife Toya, but I'm sorry this scene is all types of RATCHET! It's like their annual "Baby Mama Reunion." Lil Wayne should be ashamed! He has a kid from at least 4 different women and two of those women *cough* (Nivea and Lauren london) got pregnant at the same time. Not a good look at all! No child in the hood or in riches should be exposed to such a messed up environment! None of them in that situation except maybe Toya are good role models for their children.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Hehe I know that's right...

Hehe I know that's right... *Baby Mama Reunion.. Sounds like another dam Tyler Perry script!! Lol
Like Really's picture

Thank You! One big happy

Thank You! One big happy family my ass, that's straight ratchetness right there.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Nice to see

Nice to see parents/step-parents being civil. Take notes, Halle B.!!!
holmesa925's picture

I know you should be civil

I know you should be civil for the sake of the kids and I know people make jokes about Halle's sanity, but if I were Halle I would have lost it with Gabe a looooong time ago! Preferably during the time the court ruled she should pay him child support when Gabe doesn't even have Nahla primarily.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Nahla is used as a pawn by

Nahla is used as a pawn by her parents, as are a lot of other kids when their parents are fighting for custody. This is on a whole other level though. There's just something kinda off-putting about Halle though. Her crazy radar reads off the CHARTS!!!!! I like homegirl and feel bad that she has to go through all this, but I don't know. She seems a little off her rocker. And I mean that in all seriousness.
holmesa925's picture

yep. Gabe earned that ass

yep. Gabe earned that ass whoopin and Halle got the receipts to prove it.
shuga's picture

It's nice they all can get

It's nice they all can get along!
BooLuv's picture

cool party! kids today are

cool party! kids today are so fortunate.
shuga's picture

Awwww.....the puppy in the

Awwww.....the puppy in the last shot is so cuuuuutttee.
Ethel Mertz's picture

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