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Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Reach An AGREEMENT, Halle PAYING For Gabe's MEDICAL And LEGAL Bills


Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry seems to be moving forward for Nahla's sake as deets from their "amicable settlement" in court have leaked.  Find out what they worked out inside.....

The fallout from the Thanksgiving Day brawl between Halle Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry has been settled as deets from the former couple's agreement have been leaked.  

A source told Radar that Gabe will not press charges against Olivier.

 "Gabe has agreed to drop legal proceedings for the temporary restraining order against Olivier to be made permanent. Gabe suffered horrific injuries from the fight, but as part of the settlement he reached with Halle on Thursday he agreed to drop the bid for the permanent restraining order. Gabe feels that there are enough layers of protection in the settlement agreement that will protect him and Nahla in the future."  

Also, Gabe doesn't have to worry about running into Oliver during drop offs anymore as that issue has also been taken care of.  Olivier won't be around.

It's also been reported that Halle and Oliver will pay for Gabriel's medical and legal bills.  The source said, 'Without admitting ANY guilt, Olivier agreed to pay for Gabe's medical bills because he suffered the brunt of the injuries from the fight.'  

It seems as if Halle and Gabe are moving in a positive direction.  Her protective order against Gabe expired on Thursday, and he was reunited with Nahla on Friday.  Whew.




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Kcny's picture

People talk so much about

People talk so much about Halle's sanity, but never ask where it all stemmed from. When she was married to that baseball player back in the day and things were going south she contemplated suicide but decided not to at the very last minute. This woman like many women has been in many bad relationships with bad men and it's taken a toll on her mentally. And why wouldn't it? She's human. People deal with their issues and pain in different ways, in Halle's case she snapped! I was really hoping Halle would come out on top in this one but like someone mentioned Gabe is better at playing the game and working the law in his favor, like all con artists. Not permitting Halle to move to Paris has nothing to do with him wanting to be in his child's life, it is CONTROL and nothing else! It doesn't matter that he "seems like a good father" to his daughter. Using your child as a pawn and partly for a paycheck is a bad father in my book.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Eu odeio ela tem que pagar

Eu odeio ela tem que pagar este saco de douche!!!!
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tom100's picture

Well Gabriel made 1-2 million

Well Gabriel made 1-2 million dollars last year of his own money. He still makes money as a model. Also Olivier should NOT have been there for the drop off. According to the custody agreement, Gabriel was suppose to have Nahla, not Halle. But because he was cool, he drops off their daughter to her mother and he ends up in a fight. This was all Halle's fault and she is paying his bills, like she should. Hopefully she will allow this man to be in his daughters' life especially since she didn't have a father in her life.

TMZ reports that Halle is

TMZ reports that Halle is putting her home on the market for $15million dollars. I know Halle made a mistake w/ getting with Gab, but I hate to see people's hard earned money go to people like Gab, all he wants to do is collect money from her. He's a weak dead beat dad who see's his child as a Cash Cow! He's still bitter Halle moved on from him. To all you males and females taking pity on him because you find him attractive. Remember this unless you look like her, and have her type of money this Male GoldDigger would never even look your way! He does not even do any modeling anymore because he's living THE GOOD LIFE off Halle's money!
Shay's picture

Totally agree!!!! Gabe is a

Totally agree!!!! Gabe is a LOSER! Half these people defending him don't have common sense to realize that he is the crazy one in this situation not Halle! He's the aggressive abuser and is flipping the script on Halle extra hard just like in the lifetime movies! He is the ultimate con artist and manipulator. Halle Berry has been with many men but just happened to get pregnant with his child? NO! Con artists like him have a way of making things like that happen and fall into their lap. He knew he could play off of the "Halle is unstable accusations" just like K- Fed did to Britney. These men are worse than these women! He saw a vulnerable older woman that wanted love and a family and thought DOLLAR SIGN$$. You can tell by his entire demeanor that he's an evil self righteous white man. I honestly believe he thinks Halle is his property (slave). It makes me sick! He doesn't even want his daughter to acknowledge her black side, if that's not proof of his mentality I don't know what is!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

@Crazy Sexy Cool Thank-You!

@Crazy Sexy Cool Thank-You! Finally someone that see's the truth. Remember when they first got together, when she helped him open that restaurant? It was a FAIL! Halle tried w/ Gab, it just did not work and his greedy ass still wants to live the way he did when they were together. He still wants the perks of being w/ an Oscar winning A lister! That's her money she's worked work in the Buss of 20 something years for. He does not deserve to just live off her money. Some of these people are just going in on her just because she is Rich and Beautiful. Do you remember on Inside Edition they interviewed an ex-girl friend of Gab's? The ex even said he only cares about money, he wants to take from you and cheat on you w/ latin women. This women said he prefer's latin women. He never cared for Halle, he just saw and Golden Opportunity and took it. If his preference of women are latin women. That's fine but, stop using Halle for money and start making his own money. He claims to love his daughter some much! Prove it and work hard like her mother has! As for people trying to defend him, because ,#1 Have their own father or baby daddy issues. #2 Dislike her! #3 Just want a white dude,#4 Find him attractive. Gab is a loser that see's his daughter as a winning lottery ticket. He's not even all that to me. He's no Brad Pitt or (Eric) from True Blood I forgot his name. Yes, I'll admit Halle does have issues, but don't we all? Any one in her shoes who has picked as many loser's as she has, would have issues too! Gab is a weak pathetic loser who's only focus is money! He's bitter she does not want him and has moved on. So now he wants to make her pay w/ taking her money! On another subject that is Brook Bailey's hair from BBWLA! Her hair is layed, I went to her twitter and saw a pic of her when she was a little girl, it was long and curly. I can't believe you can't see her beautiful hair coming from her scalp and her edges are straight too. Brooke B and Maia Campbell both have curly hair and they just straighten it out.
Shay's picture

Gabe is definitely a gold

Gabe is definitely a gold digger, con artist, manipulator, opportunist, and all of the above! His daughter is a daddy's girl now, but will soon grow up to resent her dad when she realizes how he did her mother. Gabe is milking every dime he can get from Halle and they aren't even married! I can only imagine the amount of money she would have to pay him in alimony if they got married and a divorce. Men are supposed to be the main providers and should be able to hold their own regardless! Any man that can hold his head high and ask a woman for a handout or to support him is NOT A REAL MAN! Oh and about Brooke Bailey, I seriously didn't know she had nice hair. I didn't doubt it because she was dark skinned because like I've said on many posts dark skinned black women have very long nice thick hair (ex: Maia Campbell, Chilli, Tatyana Ali, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Gabrielle Union, Beverly Johnson, etc). I just assumed she didn't because 1) she's not a cute woman to me [but for some reason she thinks she's the sh**] 2) she's ghetto and I automatically view all ghetto chicks wearing weave Lol.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

That dude, Gabe, STAY winning

That dude, Gabe, STAY winning against Halle. They both keep playing the same vindictive games, but Gabe is the one who's more clever at winning at the games...lol. He's great at playing the "victim" card and, conveniently, let's the media in on everything after the fact...pics are worth millions of dollars. Speaking of vindictive, "Diary of a Vindictive Closet Freak: Love, Loss, Lust & Lies" would make an excellant stocking stuffer for any naughty adult on your list this season or to add to your own erotic book collection. You can order this great book today at www.authorhouse.com, or any book retailer.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

If the sperm donor swung

If the sperm donor swung first, why are Ms. Berry and Mr. Martinez pay for Aubrey's medical and legal bills? As has been said, Berry would have been better off with an anonymous donor, as would have been the route I would have taken if I were in her financial position.
PR22's picture

Sometimes you have to look at

Sometimes you have to look at the common denominator. Every relationship Halle has had has involved some form of violence and cheating. Damm being arm candy, Olivier needs to keep it moving like all the other men did.
Lisa's picture

Halle you are 46 damn yrs

Halle you are 46 damn yrs old, YOU TOO OLD for this BS! The "paparazzi" isn't goin to f*ck up Nahla's mental, yo crazy a$$ is!
tori's picture

That's cuz Olivier and HALLE

That's cuz Olivier and HALLE know Olivier was wrong for what happened. He had no business coming up to Gabriel's car and saying anything to Gabriel. Everybody know that if your old man and your new man don't get along then they stay away from each other.
SadieJade's picture

You spoke the words I was

You spoke the words I was thinking. While everyone took Oliver's side, I didn't because he was wrong to be be involved in the first place. I believe it was a set up and Halle was at the helm. I sure do.
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Allbeautythings0's picture

ha! we can clearly see who

ha! we can clearly see who was in the wrong here. that's right. pay his damn bills
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

That's right! I also think

That's right! I also think Halle & Gabe were married on the d.l. That's why she HAS to pay so much $ to him from a legal standpoint. I bet this 'agreement' came about cuz Halle's security tapes probably show Oliver starting the fight & acting a fool.

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